Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bully Junior Sticks- In stock

Free Range MOO dog chews has a new name Free Range Eco Naturals with new packaging.
The junior bully sticks are now packaged in 12 oz. bags. 
They are available in 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch sizes.  The 6 and 9 inch bully sticks have approximately 24-26 sticks per bag and the 12 inch have 12-14 sticks.
These junior bully sticks are the perfect thickness for an everyday treat for any size dog, but great for small dogs.  A lot of dogs prefer the texture of these chews versus a regular thick bully stick. 

The junior bullys come from the lush, green pastures of the Pampas region of Argentina where their cattle are raised on family ranches in an ecologically sustainable environment.  These cows are grazing on the fertile land and are not given hormones, antibiotics, steroids or pesticides.  They are naturally dried for an odor-free bully stick.

Free Range/Eco Naturals dog chews are a very healthy, 100% natural muscle chew- only one ingredient.

Mickey's Pet Supplies- Natural pet supplies for cats and dogs- dog chews, made in USA rawhides from Wholesome Hide, tough and durable dog toys, dog puzzle toys, cat toys, ceramic lead-free pet bowls, dog training supplies, collars, leashes, harnesses, herbals, multi-vitamins and supplements, only the healthiest made in USA dog treats and more. 
We are a family owned business online pet store that truly cares about what your pet eats and plays with. Everything is carefully chosen from only the best companies.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cat Wands- On Sale

Mickey's Pet Supplies has all the great cat wands by Go Cat- Michigan based company.
We have a great selection, low prices and low shipping rates. These wands will ship for only $3.49.
These cat wands and cat toys are made specifically by cat people for cat owners.
We all know there are some lazy cats out there.  Give them the exercise and mental stimulation they need with the Go Cat wands. Try the Da Bird and vary the excitement by changing the lures to the sparkler or Kitty Puff.
The Cat Catcher toy is by far, our best selling cat toy. This cat toy features a durable 12" wand, 34" steel string, and a lively, rug-textured mouse lure attached at the end to tease and taunt your cat. Recommended by veterinarians as an interactive exercise toy for cats. Replacement Mouse available to keep the fun going year-round.  Click here to watch a video of our kitten Mattie with the Cat Catcher.
Choose from the Go Cat Peacock Sparkler Wand, Go Cat Sparkler Teaser Wand, Go Cat Wild Thing Teaser Wand, Go Cat Tail Teaser Wand, Go Cat Sparkling Tickler teaser wand, Go Cat Kitty Broom teaser wand,  or th Go Cat Sparkling Kitty Duster.
Take an additional 15% your purchase of cat toys from Mickey's Pet Supplies with coupon code KITTY15
at checkout. Expires May 31, 2011
Mickey's Pet Supplies is your source for natural pet supplies.  Our online pet store has low prices with personal service and lightning fast shipping.  We personally pack and ship all our orders and are available at our toll free number 877-863-5431 anytime for questions.  Please feel free to call us.  We have over 40 years experience with cats and dogs. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Range Dog Chews-Free Shipping

Free Range dog chews has a new logo and packaging.  They are now Free Range EcoNaturals.
Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection of the Free Range dog chews with low prices and
FREE shipping on your order of $75. 
Choose from all sizes of bully sticks- select, supreme and monster. We will now have the new 9 inch bully sticks( new size available in single sticks). 
The junior bully sticks will be available in economical 12 oz. bags in the 6, 9 and 12 inch sizes.

Moo taffy will also be back in stock.  Some products will be discontinued such as the one pound bag sizes in the 9,10 and 12 inch bully sticks, but we have made sure to have a huge back stock of them for you.
The Chicken breast wraps will be arriving in late May. 
Mickey's Pet Supplies is your source for natural pet supplies, organic dog treats, toys for dogs, toys for cats, ceramic pet bowls, dog training supplies, dog grooming supplies and the highest quality products available for your pet.  Take a look at our Made In USA pet supplies.  All of our treats are made in the USA, with the exception of the Free Range wraps.
Please feel free to call us anytime 877-863-5431 with any questions.  We are happy to give recommendations for your pets.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mickey's Pet Supplies: Free Range Dog Chews-Free Shipping

Mickey's Pet Supplies: Free Range Dog Chews-Free Shipping

Free Range Dog Chews-Free Shipping

Mickey's Pet Supplies carries the largest selection and lowest prices on the Free Range products.
You will find Odor Free Bully sticks, Bully Sticks in one pound value packs in all sizes, Angus steer sticks, Tripe Springs and Tripe Twists, Lamb trachea, Lamb weasand twists, Leg of Lamb, Lamb ears, Bully Juniors, , Bully springs, Tendons and bones.

Free Range Dog Chews is undergoing changes and they will have new packaging and a new name- Free Range EcoNaturals.
In January 2010- Free Range dog chews company moved their production facility from Brazil to Argentina and along with the move- they will now have new packaging.

In celebration of the new name and packaging Mickey's Pet Supplies is offering $5 off $50 orders
Coupon Code AGR135
and FREE shipping on $75 order.
Today only take advantage of the flat shipping rate of $7.95 on all orders of $50 or less
Mickey's Pet Supplies is an online pet store with natural pet supplies for dogs and cats.
You will find holistic health and wellness supplements from Animals Apawthecary/Animals Essentials, Natural grooming products from Happy Tails, Canine Earth, Cloudstar and more, Interactive dog toys from many manufacturers, including made in USA dog toys, Lupine dog collars and leashes and dog training supplies.
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aikiou Dog Bowl

Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeder -is a treat dispensing toy or slow feed dog bowl will keep your dog busy during meal times or for special treat times.
The Aikiou bowls are the ideal solution to help your overweight pet.  These dog bowls work as puzzle toys and are highly recommended by dog trainers and the ASPCA.
Dogs instinctively love to hunt and seek food.  The Aikiou has your dog work to seek and find his food by moving the sliders or spinning the center wheel to access their treats or kibble. 
We have talked about the problems that occur when your dog is not using his brain.  He needs to have mental stimulation every day. Dog boredom can cause destructive and unwanted behavior. 
These bowls are dishwasher safe and can hold up to 3 1/2 cups of food
Available in Pink or Blue
Mickey's Pet Supplies has the Aikiou bowls on sale for $21.95
Free shipping on your $75 order
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mickey's Pet Supplies: Sojos Dog Food

Mickey's Pet Supplies: Sojos Dog Food

Sojos Dog Food

Like most pet parents we love to give our dog the best in high quality dog food. When we started researching the best diet for our Labrador Retriever everything pointed to a raw diet. Since we don't have the time to prepare a balanced and complete raw diet with meats, vegetables and fruits everyday we did our research for a dehydrated raw dog food that contained the highest quality ingredients. This led us to Sojos dog food.

This dog food is so easy to prepare and it really smells and looks good. The original grain free formula is turkey based, but now we vary between the turkey and new beef complete mix.

Sojos- Sojourner Farms is a California based company that has been making homemade dog food and dog treats since 1985. When the dog food recall of 2007 happened their sales definitely increased when pet owners feared that the food they had been feeding their pet was in question.

Sojos does not cook, process or extrude their dog food mixes so you can literally see what each ingredient is in their food. Their food is also manufactured in their own facility and all of their suppliers must maintain human grade quality. That means that they must do testing protocols to ensure that each ingredient is safe and healthy, free of contamination. Sojourner Farms does not use any ingredient that is feed-grade, a by product or contains chemicals. All of their grains come from growers in the mid-west United States. All of their products are wheat and gluten-free. Their list of ingredients include simple foods like rolled oats, barley, ground pecans, kelp and parsley. Everything on the bag on the list of ingredients you can actually pronouce!

There are a few options available from Sojos. You can buy their dog food as the Complete or Dog Food Mix. The complete has everything you will need, just add the water and let it set for awhile. The dog food mix is for adding your own meat- cooked or raw. The dog food mix list of ingredients are: sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, whole egg, tricalcium phosphate, flax meal, parsley leaf, carob powder, dried kelp, alfalfa, ginger root, garlic, vitamin D3 The dog food mix is also a great supplementation to other dog foods you may be feeding.

The 2 pound bag of Sojos Complete dog food will make 10 lbs. of food. The 8 pound bag makes 40 pounds. We prepare about 2 days worth of food and store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Give the Sojos food a try and you will see for yourself how wonderful this food smells and looks.

Remember their food contains no preservatives, chemicals or anything artificial. You are getting superior nutrition that occurs from nature- naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes from only the freshest of ingredients. Their dog food is also grain-free, so perfect for dogs with allergies to wheat or gluten.

Sojos dog food and treats are available at Mickey's Pet Supplies- Online pet store for natural pet supplies

Call 877-863-5431 or e-mail: for your free sample

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dog Toys for Smart Dogs

In the times long ago, wild dogs used to hunt and seek out their food. They spent hours every day hunting and foraging for meat, grasses and berries. Dogs are direct descendants of the grey wolf-Canis Lupus. As hunters thousands of years ago, early man domesticated wolf pups and used them as great assets for their keen sense of sight and smell for their small hunting groups. These traits have not disappeared from our now very domesticated dogs. Those innate senses are still there. Providing a comfy home for your dog with all the plush toys, dog chews and luxurious life-style does not give your dog the mental stimulation they so desire. Many animal behaviorists have researched what a dog's mind needs to be stimulated. One pioneer in the dog puzzle toys is Nina Ottosson. Nina Ottosson has worked with the development and design of dog-activating toys/games that will mentally stimulate the dog, i.e. brain exercises in a fun and creative way. The toys are also easy to get out and use indoors and are specially developed to match the dog's natural movements and instincts. Nina Ottosson dog puzzle toys are meant for the dog to work with problem solving in different ways, by finding hidden dog snacks, i.e. to lift blocks, push pieces, turn discs, push blocks, put blocks inside something etc. All dogs need to use their head sometimes in order to keep healthy. Some dogs need more brain activity than others. If dogs are not provided with an outlet for their energy in the form of different types of activity or other stimulation, they can sometimes find their own activity which we as dog-owners often do not appreciate, like for instance chewing things to pieces, becoming aggressive or just generally over-active. Her toys are rated for your dog's ability from basic to expert. The Dog Magic and Dog Spinny are considered starter or basic level dog puzzle toys, Dog Brick and Dog Tornado are mid-level, Dog Casino and Dog Twister are for expert level. Dog pyramid is a plastic treat dispensing toy that is weighted at the bottom. Place treats in the one inch hole and watch your dog push the pyramid. No matter what, the pyramid will right itself to the vertical right angle. All the toys are dishwasher safe- so don't worry about slobbery pieces. Kyjen dog games are pretty new in the dog puzzle games marketplace. Kyjen dog toys are known for their very well-made dog toys and their new Paw Hide, Star Spinner and Treat Wheel are no exception. The Paw Hide has 7 treat or food chambers that challenge your dog to lift each cup in order to reveal its prize. Perfect for teaching the basics of eat-on-command obedience and problem-solving. The Star Spinner has 10 treat or food chambers that challenge your dog to spin levels in either direction revealing the opening. With a nudge of the dog's nose, each level will reveal 5 hidden compartments. The Treat Wheel has 8 treat or food chambers combining the difficulties of Star Spinner and Paw Hide. The dog must use its mouth to lift each cup then spin the top to reveal more treats. Zoos have been doing animal enrichment programs for years, trying to keep their animals engaged, occupied and mentally stimulated. The pet industry has followed suit and manufacturers are inventing new and exciting ways to challenge your pet. Some other great interactive and treat dispensing toys are the Kibble Nibble, Tug-A-Jug and Premier Funkitty Egg-Cersizer. These toys all randomly dispense kibble and treats. The Egg-cersizer is a perfect way to say "good-bye" to free feeding and hello to fun engaging mealtimes. The innovative design allows for a variety of play levels from easy to challenging. This treat toy is a fun, simple way to keep your cat or small dog stimulated and active. JW Pet Amaze-A-Ball and Our Pet's Atomic Treat Ball are great hard rubber treat dispensing toys. Canine Genius Leo and Mike dog toys are very hard rubber treat dispensers that connect to form multiple puzzle versions. These toys are also made in the USA. Anytime you can make your pet work a little to receive treats is better for their mind. Mickey's Pet Supplies-Online pet store- Mickey's Pet Supplies specializes in All Natural, Organic, Holistic, Eco-Friendly pet supplies for cats and dogs A family owned store where their customer and their pets needs are their number one priority. This online discount pet supplies store only carries the highest quality products from top names. Most of their products are made in the USA. They believe that your pet is a part of your family and they deserve the best. Article Source:

Go Cat Go Play N Treat Balls-Great treat dispensing toy for cats

Cats have an innate sense of prey drive in their genetic makeup. Keep your cats mentally stimulated with the Go Cat Play N Treat Balls.

Fill these balls with treats, food or catnip and have your cat chase the balls and get some exercise and mental stimulation.

We fill these with some high value treats like the Whole Life Beef Liver treats and our cats go nuts over them!

The combination of the mental and physical stimulation is great for your cats!

Mickey's Pet Supplies is an online pet store with natural pet supplies for cats and dogs.

Low shipping rates and Free shipping on your $75 order

Check out our great selection of cat toys, cat wands, treats and treat dispensing toys

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mickey's Pet Supplies: Dog Toys Made in USA- Sale

Mickey's Pet Supplies: Dog Toys Made in USA- Sale

Dog Toys Made in USA- Sale

Mickey's Pet Supplies is proud to carry Made in USA dog toys.

Planet Dog, West Paw Design, Doggie Styles are all made in the USA.

You will find frisbees, balls, bone shaped toys and plush dog toys.

Planet Dog Orbee tuff balls, zoom flyers and sport balls are all highly rated as very tough and durable toys.

West Paw Design Zogoflex toys are made of a very tough but extremely pliable material and they offer a one time replacement guarantee on their products. The Bumi, Zisc and Hurley toys are pretty much indestructible.

All of the West Paw dog toys and Planet dog toys float also. These toys are dishwasher safe and non-toxic.

Take 10% off your Made in USA dog toys order- coupon code USA10

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Coupon code expires April 30th, 2011

Mickey's Pet Supplies - 877-863-5431 Free shipping on $75 order