Saturday, October 29, 2011

Odor Free Bully Sticks

Mickey's Pet Supplies has a great selection of odor free/odorless bully sticks for your dog.
All of our bully sticks are odor free. Choose from 6 and 12 inch sticks from Free Range, grass fed Brazilian cattle from Top Dog. These are a nice thick bull stick with no additives, hormones, preservatives.

We have the largest selection of Free Range Moo dog chews- now Free Range Eco Naturals dog chews.
Their sizes range from junior, select and supreme size.  Junior bully sticks are the thinnest and are available in convenient 12 oz. packages, packs of 4 and packs of 6.
The newest 9 inch size seems to be the perfect size for most dogs.
Free Range Eco Naturals has been known as the premier dog chew as their products come from the lush Pampas region of Argentina and the well-known Angus cattle.  Each of their products is sealed in a biodegradable package. Dogs love their bully sticks.  Their cattle are humanely raised and allowed to graze in lush pastures.  There are no additional preservatives or additives- only the highest quality dog chews available.
Take $4 off your $40 order with coupon code HALLOW at checkout- valid through November 2, 2011
Mickey's Pet Supplies-Natural pet store with the largest selection of Free Range Moo dog chews and odor free bully sticks.
Call 877-863-5431 anytime to order by phone. We are always available to answer any questions about which chew is right for your dog. We are all about our customers and personal service.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bite O' Blue Blueberry dog treats

Mickey's Pet Supplies is excited to announce that they now carry Bite O' Blue blueberry dog treats.
These blueberry treats are as natural as you can get. The chewy treats contain only blueberries and apples and the crunchy are blueberry and potato.  Peaked Mountain farms in Maine grows blueberries on low bush plants yielding only the best blueberries- highest in anti oxidants. 
Did you know that blueberries contain the highest level of anti oxidants of all fruits and vegetables?

These treats are so natural and sustainable, that you can actually plant a treat and have a blueberry plant grow? Mickey's Pet Supplies is a natural pet store with only the finest in cat and dog products.
You receive products that have been hand chosen and personally sorted to make sure that you receive only the best for your pet.  Unlike other stores, we treat every customer like family.
 We offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more.