Sunday, May 13, 2012

The benefits of a dog chew- How to choose the right dog chew

Dogs love to chew and we all know that.  Sometimes they find things that they shouldn't sink their teeth into.  So many pet parents wonder why their pup wants to chew on everything.

Dogs have an innate desire to exercise their jaws.  This is part of nature that really stems from their origins.  Thousands of years ago man domesticated wild dogs by introducing them into his pack of hunters. Man and beast worked together to find game for food.  In order to tear apart the meat and bones of the kill, dogs needed to keep their teeth sharp. That desire still remains from their previous descendants.
There are just so many benefits of giving the right dog chew.  It promotes healthy teeth and gums naturally.  Chewing on the right chew will help keep tartar and calculus off your pet's teeth and saving you hundreds of dollars in tooth extractions and dental bills. 

How do you find the right chew for your dog?  There are so many options now compared with 20 years ago, but you need to give a safe, healthy and natural chew.

You should choose your dog's chew by the size of their jaw.  You do not want to give a bone, rawhide chew, tendon or bully stick that is just too big.

For teacup breeds we recommend Free Range Eco Naturals bully junior sticks.  They are thin and easy for dogs weighing 12 pounds and under to get their jaws and teeth into. Also, the 6 inch Free Range Eco Naturals Select size bully sticks are a good size. For rawhides, we recommend the Wholesome Hide twists.  They are available in a 10 pack.  
Dogs weighing 12-25 pounds can handle the Free Range Eco Naturals select bully sticks in the 9 to 12 inch size, the 6 or 9 inch braided bully sticks and the Wholesome Hide double twists, mini rolls or the 4-5 inch retriever roll or 4-5 inch and 6-7 inch knotted rawhide bones.
For dogs that weigh 25-50 pounds, the 8 inch Wholesome Hide retriever roll,  8-9 inch flat knot rawhide, the 10 inch retriever roll and the bacon in a blanket retriever rolls and in the bully sticks- we like the 12 inch supreme size and 12 inch braided.

For the larger breeds that are above 60 pounds, we love the Wholesome Hide Super Thick retriever roll.
It is double the thickness of your normal size roll and they are the only company that produces this made in USA rawhide.
Mickey's Pet Supplies is a natural pet store that specializes in dog chews.
You will find only the highest quality, natural dog chews.  We have done our research to give you only the best choices for your pets.
We will be happy to help with your choices to give a healthy and safe dog chew.
Call us at 877-863-5431.  We are always available to our customers.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Animal Warriors fundraiser in Wilmington

People dressed up in all sorts of costumes for Free Comic Book Day.

Hundreds get free comic books in Wilmington

Fundraiser for

Posted: May 05, 2012 7:04 PM EDT Updated: May 05, 2012 10:41 PM EDT
People dressed up in all sorts of costumes for Free Comic Book Day.
People could choose from several free comic books.
WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – People got up early to get their hands on some free comic books and free prizes. It was all part of Free Comic Book Day at Fanboy Comics in Wilmington.
The store had about 10,000 free comics to give away as part of the national celebration of comic books.
"Definitely fandom of all kinds types are welcome here. The Star Trek guys, the Star Wars guys, the Doctor Who ‘Whovians' everybody and we cater to all of them," said Fanboy Comics owner Thomas Gilbert.
There were door prizes, a costume contest and even a wedding.
"That was a first for free comic book day. I've already had two people come up to me and say they want to get married next year for free comic book day," Gilbert said. "So maybe we'll have a big mass wedding next year."
And comic books weren't the only thing people got to see at Free Comic Book Day -- they also got to help out some animals.
Animal Warriors, an organization that's hoping to build a facility in Wilmington in the near future, set up a table at the event.
Animal Planet Hero of the Year Scott Lope greeted folks, along with comic book artist Phil Iimenez.
Lope says currently, there are not that many places for animals to go, which is why they hope to open up a facility in the Port City.

Mickey's Pet Supplies - a natural pet supplies store, has teamed up with Animal Warriors and will be donating 5% of their sales to help their efforts to build a wildlife sanctuary in Wilmington, N.C. 

Mickey's Pet Supplies owner/founder, Ann Shevin loves animals and wants to help raise money for Animal Warriors, a non-profit organization based in Wilmington.