Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wholesome Hide Rawhide- The only USA rawhide for your dog

Wholesome Hide rawhide is the only rawhide that it is made in USA certified . That means that their facility, their suppliers and their products have been inspected to make sure that they are sourced in the USA and fully produced in the USA.  
Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection and low prices on Wholesome Hide made in USA rawhide.
You will find the greatest selection of all the Wholesome Hide product line.

Why choose Wholesome Hide?
Wholesome Hide rawhide is sourced fresh from USA cattle.  This company uses only the highest quality hides that are shipped by refrigerated trucks to their Chicago facility.  There the hides are thicker, tastier and made without those pieces and scraps that you find in the imported rawhides. These made in USA rawhides are the safest and best choice for your dogs because they are the only company that has fully sourced and produced rawhide chews.

The Wholesome Hide difference:
These rawhide bones are fresher, thicker, long lasting and safer for your dogs than the imports.
The tasty collagen layer is left intact due to minimal processing, which means a more flavorful chew that your dog will surely enjoy. Because the hides are fresh and made to order, they are easier to "wet down" and tear off into smaller pieces than the dry and brittle rawhide you find in the big box stores. Wholesome Hide rawhides are Whole Dog Journal tested and recommended. Once you try Wholesome Hide rawhide you will see the difference immediately!

Our customer reviews say it all:
"Like it that these are made in the USA.   Dog loves them.  Thick, quality treat.  Better than any others I have tried."
"My little Staffy is a heavy chewer. Ordering these Wholesome Hide SUPER THICK Retriever Roll 10" pack of 10  in bulk saves me a lot of money. Very fast service and some nice personal touches in the shipping process."
"On Mickies Pet Supplies: I have ordered several times now. Their service is accurate and fast and I continue to appreciate their service and products. I check pricing and again their prices are a little better than their competition.
These rawhide rolls are the only safe and long lasting chew I have found for my very aggressive chewer.  Not only does this give him something to occupy his time, these chews help immensely in keeping his teeth clean. For safety I do take the rawhide roll away when it becomes small and could be a choking hazard.  Expect to find these treats hidden in your sofa! No problem - no stains - not dyed or coated. For my dog these are the best."

Our customers are treated like our family.  We love to talk with you and are happy to recommend the right size Wholesome Hide made in USA rawhide for your dog.  Give us a call at 877-863-5431. 
We are a small business and truly cater to our customers.  We inspect all our products individually to assure that you receive only the best.  We care about your pets!
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