Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Range Bully Juniors

Just arrived! The Bully junior sticks in the 6 inch and 12 inch length are in stock and going fast!

These have been backordered from Free Range Moo dog chews since March.

We have very limited stock.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whole Life Pet Treats

We have a great story about Whole Life Pet Treats.
Our Ocicat, Cody was our convincing factor on our decision to stock the Whole Life pet treats.
At the recommendation of one of our customers, we asked for some samples from the folks at Whole Life. A nice big envelope arrived and I left it on my kitchen counter while I went outside.
When I came back in the manilla envelope had been chewed open and I found my beautiful Cody sitting on the floor of my dining room happily crunching away on a sample bag of the cod treats.
That is not the end of my Cody's love for these freeze dried raw meat treats. I had a photographer here and all the Whole Life variety of treats were neatly displayed and we had the large bags and smaller sizes arranged. I turned around and saw Mr. Cody chewing at the large bag of Beef Liver treats.
What is it about the Whole Life pet treats that make them so irresistible?
They manufacturer their meats in a human grade facility in Massachusetts. All their meats used in their products come from the USA, except for their beef. It comes from South American Argentinian Free Range cattle. Of course, the best beef comes from those Angus cows that can free range and are only grass fed- no hormones, no antibiotics, no force fed feed lots.
They test each batch of their products and they are submitted for micro testing prior to being used in production. If a batch fails it never makes it to our production facility and is disposed of. They test for:Yeast,Mold, Salmonella,E. Coli,Coliforms (harmful bacteria) and Staphylococcus aureus.
The Whole Life pet treats are a single source pet treat- no artificial ingredients- only the best meats that are literally human grade quality and simply processed. Whole Life has simple recognizable ingredients, simple formulations and minimal processing to maintain the purity and integrity of every ingredient used.
For those of you that have not tried these tasty morsels of meaty delight for cats and dogs- We would like to offer great savings. The 2 - 4 oz. chicken, beef and cod pet treats are all 10% off through this weekend- coupon code- WLIFE10
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Range Dog Chews on SALE

We have all the newest Free Range Dog Chew products and they are all on sale.

This is our Christmas in July celebration.

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We just received our shipment of the Angus Steer Sticks in the 3.75 oz. packages. These are the finest quality genuine Free Range MOO brand Angust steer sticks straight from Argentina.
What's the difference between a Steer Stick and a Bully Stick? A Steer Stick is made from a bull penis that has been neutered. The neutering inhibits full growth of the Pizzle; so that a Steer Stick is essentially a Bully Stick, but just smaller in size and diameter. Steer Sticks offer about 10-20 minutes of chewing pacification. Like the Bully Stick, a Steer Stick is easy to digest, safely cleans teeth and gums and is an all-natural alternative to rawhide and a nice, gentle alternative for pups and seniors.

These are great bully sticks that are thin- comparable to the Bully Junior Sticks packages that have been backordered since March.

They come in 3-5", 7", 9" and 12" lengths packaged in a 3.75 oz. bag.

The 3-5" sticks have 8-12 sticks per package.

The 7" sticks have 10-13 sticks per package.

The 9" sticks have 8-10 bully sticks per package.

The 12" sticks have 6-8 sticks per pack.

These are $10.50 per pack

The Achille's tendons wishbones in stock and the new one pound bag of 1-3" ODOR FREE bully tips (bites) are brand new. We have the Buly 1 lb. bags of the 9-10", 11-12" bully sticks, tripe springs, tripe twists, bully springs and the hard to keep in stock Chicken and Sweet Potato wraps, Rabbit and Sweet Potato, Duck and Sweet Potato and a very limited amount of Chicken & Apple wraps- so hurry.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Special Recipe for Dogs

This is a wonderful recipe for your dog. If you like to give your dog a little variety in their diet, you should give this a try. It is super simple to make.

Laci’s Meatloaf
In a large bowl, mix:
1 ½ lbs. lean ground beef , chicken, turkey or a mixture
1 cup skim milk powder
1/2 cup cooked rice (or rolled oats in 3/4 cup water or chicken broth)
1/2 cup wheat germ
2 eggs
1 cup frozen veggies (like peas and carrots)
Put into 1 loaf pan, cook at 350° for 50 – 60 minutes. Drain fat off, let cool, then cut in slices, wrap and freeze.

Courtesy of Helen Fazio- Travel Dog Blogger:

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another coyote attack in New York

Here is another article about the rise in coyote attacks. This time, it is young children that are being attacked.
Do not feed wild animals! Coyotes are becoming fearless of humans and are becoming bolder.
Our previous post is about small dogs and cats in California.

RYE, N.Y. — The wary but tolerant relationship between humans and coyotes is changing in a New York City suburb, where two attacks on little girls have police officers shooting at the animals and parents keeping their kids inside on summer evenings at the urging of authorities.
Years of easy living in the suburbs may have dampened coyotes' fear of humans and prompted the unusual behavior, experts said. But in the short term, "This is a threat to public safety, and we are treating it as such," said William Connors, police chief in Rye, about 25 miles northeast of midtown Manhattan.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation has given Rye permission to shoot coyotes on sight and to kill any that are trapped, said Kevin Clarke, wildlife biologist for the department. Three shots have been fired since Friday, Connors said, but no coyotes have been brought down.
He advised residents not to allow small children to play outdoors, and to stay within an arm's length of children who do.
The police chief said there was no sign the coyotes were rabid, although he believed both girls were being treated for rabies as a precaution.
The latest attack was Tuesday night, when a 3-year-old girl playing in her backyard — which borders the heavily wooded Rye Nature Center — was jumped from behind by a coyote.
Her playmate, 4-year-old Stephanie Ellis, said Wednesday, "I saw the coyote attack her. ... She was lying on the ground and the coyote was on top of her. I was kind of scared so I ran." Stephanie cried out for her mother, and she and the victim's father chased off the animal.
The girl was bitten on her neck and torso, Connors said.
On Friday night, a 6-year-old was mauled by two coyotes and suffered bites or scratches on her thigh, shoulder, neck, ear and back before her mother could scatter the animals, Connors said.
Since 1970, coyotes have been moving steadily south from sparsely populated areas of upstate New York into the suburbs of the nation's largest city, but they normally avoid human interaction.
"This is very unusual behavior," Connors said. "Wildlife experts tell us that the danger with wild animals like this is when they lose their fear of humans."
Coyotes are a permanent feature of many suburbs and should be tolerated, Clarke said, but "we should not necessarily tolerate their presence in our backyards and around our children."
Dan Bogan, a doctoral candidate at Cornell University's Department of Natural Resources, studied coyotes in Westchester, a posh suburb, for several years and said, "Probably one of the best ways to keep people safe is to instill some kind of healthy respect in coyotes."
Connors said he hoped shooting and trapping the animals would "rekindle that fear of human interaction."
News media reported only 142 coyote attacks on people in the U.S. and Canada between 1960 and 2006, according to a study published last year by Ohio State University researchers. In 2008 and 2009, four Denver-area residents were bitten over four months. The only known fatal coyote attack in the nation killed a California toddler in the 1980s.
In rural areas, where coyotes are often hunted, the animals realize their numbers are culled when they interact with humans, Connors said.
But in suburbia, they have their natural prey including rabbits and birds and rodents, "but they also have some easy sources of food: garbage, people leave pet food out, some people even feed them," Connors said.
One coyote necropsy showed that the animal had eaten pork chops, he said.
"Put together easy sources of food and humans that don't harm them, and ... it emboldens them and they lose their natural fear," he said.
Michelle Dutra, a nanny in Rye, had a 22-month-old boy named Baker in a stroller near the scene of Tuesday's attack, a well-to-do neighborhood. "I'll keep him in the stroller," she said. "No walking. And I'll have him inside before dark."
Another neighbor, 85-year-old Paul Verille, said he has seen coyotes for years while playing golf.
"I see them all the time on the course, at a distance, and they would take off," he said. "Now they're more brazen." He said his eight grandchildren come over often to play on a backyard trampoline, and "I'll keep a close watch. That's all you can do."
Clarke said he worried about "the species as a whole being implicated, and a whole witch hunt" being carried out.
"Not all individuals are dangerous," he said.
But Connors said that after a coyote attack, "You can't really establish which animal is involved and which is not. ... We are presuming at this point that all coyotes are dangerous animals that may harm our children, and we will treat them as such."
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Coyote Attacks are on the rise

We found this article very interesting and a definite wake up call for people that think coyotes attack at night or that their backyard is safe from coyotes.

This story tells it all:

Standing strong against coyotes
A Thousand Oaks woman lost a dog to the ever-bolder predators. Now she's telling her neighbors how to keep their pets safe. Three yipping Pomeranian dogs at her feet, Renee Merrill grabs a 7-iron and steps into her backyard, ready for battle.
A year ago, she had a fourth Pomeranian, a tiny fluff of brown and white fur named Zeus. But as Merrill attended to business inside her home, a coyote hopped her 6-foot fence and dragged Zeus off. Her sobbing children later found his battered body.
"This was at 9:15 in the morning," Merrill said. "I've lived here 19 years and it never crossed my mind that coyotes would attack in broad daylight."
That realization has changed Merrill's life in a major way. Today, the 53-year-old single mother is waging a personal crusade to warn her neighbors in the Newbury Park area of Thousand Oaks about the shaggy predators' increasingly aggressive behavior. Coyotes' growing boldness, experts say, is fueled by human complacency, and Merrill is determined to change her neighbors' behavior.
She's posted signs warning of daytime attacks. She's educated herself about the best ways to keep coyotes from coming around. She stockpiles articles about coyote behavior, coyote trapping methods and anti-coyote fencing, forwarding them to people who ask for help.
She even plans to form a wildlife watch program — similar to the crime-preventing Neighborhood Watch — and wage her campaign block by block.
The petite brunette admits it's an odd avocation for someone who devotes much of her free time to rescuing shelter dogs and cats, but she says the problem cannot be ignored.
Coyote sightings in Southern California's hillside neighborhoods have become commonplace, as the animals are drawn by the promise of an easy meal, said Kevin Brennan, a wildlife biologist with the state Fish and Game Department.
They go for garbage, pet food in outdoor bowls and fruit dropped from trees. If they get comfortable and the opportunity arises, they will attack small pets too, Brennan said. The problem arises when people become so used to having coyotes around that they make no effort to scare them away, he said.
Across the state, people are increasingly reporting coyotes staring them down or snatching small dogs from yards right in front of them, Brennan said.
His advice: Never let a coyote become comfortable around homes.
"If coyotes are behaving boldly during the day, you've already lost the battle,'' he said. "If that happens, you're beyond the point where nonlethal measures will be effective."
After Zeus' death, Merrill carried a golf club every time she took her dogs out for a few minutes' romp in the backyard. She installed rollers — horizontal plastic tubes that spin freely —- on her fence to make it difficult for coyotes to scale the barriers, and she carries an empty soda can filled with small batteries to make noise.
Other hazing techniques she recommends include spraying them with a garden hose, raising your arms and shouting loudly or shooting them with a paintball gun. It's illegal to shoot the animals with an actual firearm within the city limits.
On a recent walk, Merrill pointed out the homes of pet owners who had also experienced coyote attacks. One neighbor lost a dachshund, another a sheltie.
Malisa Auster, who lives a couple of streets away from Merrill, said that she had just let her dachshund mix into her yard in August when a coyote jumped over a low wall and dragged him down the cul-de-sac. Coyotes still cruise by on the hillside above her house almost every day, she said. She recently snapped a photo of one that stood staring her down in her backyard.
"I don't let my dogs out at all unless I'm with them,'' she said. "I sit on the wall and watch."
Sylvia Prentis, who has lived in the neighborhood 46 years, said the animals have definitely grown more aggressive. "They are walking down the street in broad daylight," she said. "Our lives have changed and we have to do something about it."
Greg Smith, a Thousand Oaks environmental planner, said the city doesn't take action unless a coyote threatens or attacks a human, and that hasn't happened. If it did, the city would hire a trapper to find the animal and euthanize it, he said.
He commends Merrill's efforts to educate residents about how to keep their domesticated pets safe.
"Some people actually feed them," Smith said. "We have to change behaviors to keep them away."
Merrill said she and other neighbors have considering hiring a trapper. But the cost, about $3,000, has held them back, she said.
For now, she keeps posting brightly colored signs. She's received a lot of calls thanking her for her work, but Merrill says that she still sees cats and small dogs wandering unattended during the day.
She keeps a small picture of Zeus on a laminated pendant on a chain around her neck to remind her why she shouldn't drop her mission, Merrill said.
"My goal is to keep cats and dogs inside during the day,'' she said, "It's the only solution to keep them alive."
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