Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whole Life Pet Treats

We have a great story about Whole Life Pet Treats.
Our Ocicat, Cody was our convincing factor on our decision to stock the Whole Life pet treats.
At the recommendation of one of our customers, we asked for some samples from the folks at Whole Life. A nice big envelope arrived and I left it on my kitchen counter while I went outside.
When I came back in the manilla envelope had been chewed open and I found my beautiful Cody sitting on the floor of my dining room happily crunching away on a sample bag of the cod treats.
That is not the end of my Cody's love for these freeze dried raw meat treats. I had a photographer here and all the Whole Life variety of treats were neatly displayed and we had the large bags and smaller sizes arranged. I turned around and saw Mr. Cody chewing at the large bag of Beef Liver treats.
What is it about the Whole Life pet treats that make them so irresistible?
They manufacturer their meats in a human grade facility in Massachusetts. All their meats used in their products come from the USA, except for their beef. It comes from South American Argentinian Free Range cattle. Of course, the best beef comes from those Angus cows that can free range and are only grass fed- no hormones, no antibiotics, no force fed feed lots.
They test each batch of their products and they are submitted for micro testing prior to being used in production. If a batch fails it never makes it to our production facility and is disposed of. They test for:Yeast,Mold, Salmonella,E. Coli,Coliforms (harmful bacteria) and Staphylococcus aureus.
The Whole Life pet treats are a single source pet treat- no artificial ingredients- only the best meats that are literally human grade quality and simply processed. Whole Life has simple recognizable ingredients, simple formulations and minimal processing to maintain the purity and integrity of every ingredient used.
For those of you that have not tried these tasty morsels of meaty delight for cats and dogs- We would like to offer great savings. The 2 - 4 oz. chicken, beef and cod pet treats are all 10% off through this weekend- coupon code- WLIFE10
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