Saturday, September 29, 2012

Made in USA dog treats

More Americans are looking for only Made in USA dog treats.
Our pets are members of our family and we only want the best, all natural treats that are made right here in the USA.

We support our companies that make their wholesome and all natural treats here in America.
All of our treats that we carry have been "Lab" approved by our Labrador Retriever, Nia.
They must meet all our criteria in order for us to carry them at our online pet store and we are very fussy about what should and should not be in a dog treat.  

Kona's Chips Chicken Jerky treats
Almost everyone is aware of the made in China chicken jerky problem.  We have the finest made in USA Chicken, Beef and Turkey jerky from Kona's Chips. The founders of this company started making their own chicken jerky after their dog fell ill after eating imported chicken jerky treats back in 2007.  Their jerky treats and chicken crunch treats are loved by dogs and cats too. They are made strictly of USDA certified meats with only salt added to their jerky. 

We carry Zuke's dog treats- Great company started by a man in Colorado that loves his dogs and wanted to create a line of all natural, healthy dog treats for his dogs. Almost everyone that has a dog is familiar with his Mini Naturals training treats.  

Sojos dog treats was created by two women originally baking their own original dog treat recipes from their kitchen.  They are known for great tasting baked dog treats such as their Lamb and Sweet Potato and Duck and Cherry grain free treats and of course their treats made specifically for small size dogs.

Sam's Yams sweet potato treats were created by a chef, named David that made a delicious sweet potato jerky treat with ridges. All of his treats are made from USA grown orange fleshed, sweet potatoes (yams).  

Evanger's Buffalo jerky dog treats
Evanger's dog food has a great line of freeze-dried dog treats and their Nothing but Natural Chicken or Buffalo jerky.  This family owned company has been making great dog food since 1935. 

Isle of Dog products have always been recognized in the show dog world as having the best grooming products.  Their new condition specific treats are so unique and full of only the best organic ingredients.
Skin, Vital, Weight, Smile, Breath, Joint and Chill Out are heart shaped baked dog treats that actually help with specific issues your dog may have.  

Mickey's Pet Supplies is dedicated to bringing pet parents only the finest made in USA dog treats and pet products.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Made in USA- Wholesome Hide Rawhide

Wholesome Hide rawhides are Made in USA certified.
They are unlike any other rawhide bone that is available.
Their bones are ALL Natural- meaning that they are a natural color and fresh.
They are the only rawhide that Whole Dog Journal has ever recommended.

If you are tired of spending money on the pearly white bones available from the "big box" stores that break off into very brittle and sharp pieces then try a Wholesome Hide rawhide.

A good test is to take one of the bones from another store and a wholesome hide in a pan of warm water.  Now see if the other bone becomes soft and mushy.
The Wholesome Hide bone will become very soft.  Imagine that when your dog is chewing and wetting down the bone, this is what happens before your dog is swallowing.

There are a number of choices for all sizes of dogs available.

For very small dogs, we recommend the twists- available in 10 packs or the double twists in 5 pack size.
For small dogs, the mini rolls, pretzels, donuts and the 4 inch retriever rolls.
Medium size dogs do well with the 8 inch, 10 inch retriever rolls, 6-7 inch knots, 8-9 inch knots and the pretzels or donuts.
For larger dogs we recommend the 10-11 inch retriever rolls, 10-11 inch knots and the super thick retriever roll.

The super thick retriever roll is about 1 1/2 times the thickness of a regular roll.
It is very big and great for the aggressive chewers- Our #1 selling product!
We have a special priced pack of 10 for $64.95.

Please take $5 off your $35 order of Wholesome Hide rawhides.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Made in USA Dog Treats

We know how much your love your dog.  If you are like us, your pets are your family.
Finding the right all natural, healthy made in USA dog treats is not hard.

Mickey's Pet Supplies carries the finest made in USA chicken jerky treats, beef jerky treats and a great variety of only the best soft & chewy and baked made in USA treats for dogs and cats too.
Take $3 off your $30 order- enter coupon code BTR3 at checkout.

We are committed to researching every company to know that they are actually making their treats here and that their ingredients contain only the most basic of ingredients without adding anything artificial.

Here are our brands:

Wet Noses- Baked, Certified organic dog treats
Grandma Lucy's-  Certified organic dog treats

Arctic Paws- Great wild Alaskan salmon dog treats
Bravo- Duck feet & New training treats including nitrate free hot dogs (secret tool of trainers)
Cloud Star- All natural, healthy baked and chewy treats. Makers of the most popular Tricky trainers liver treats.
Fruitables-  Skinny minis Pumpkin & Mango and Yamberry are full of antioxidant rich pumpkin and sweet potato in a mini size chewy treat.
Isle of Dogs- Fantastic line of condition specific treats- Breath, Joint, Skin, Smile, Vital, Weight(Senior)

Kona's Chips- Made in USA chicken, turkey and beef jerky treats- Only USDA certified meat
A guaranteed meat only treat your dog will love.

K9 Granola Factory- Bakery oven baked crunchy treats. They have everything from Coconut and Banana crunchers to their soft bakes and new carrot chips (coming soon)
Overby Farms- Cherry dog treats available in junior and regular size-including their wonderful Hip Flex chews 

Plato- Made in USA chicken and duck jerky strips

Sam's Yams- All natural sliced sweet potato treats made in Wisconsin. They also have a great calming yam bone with chamomile that is wonderful to help calm your dog.

Sojos- (Sojourner Farms) Great selection of healthy treats including two completely grain free treats-Lamb and Sweet Potato & Duck and Cherry, plus great small dog treats from their Good Dog line.

Zuke's- As always, Zuke's out of Colorado has been dedicated to giving us healthy all natural treats.
Newest to their line up is the Super Berry soft treats, ZUKES Super Betas dog treats 6 oz. and the Lil Links Chicken and Apple and Pork and Apple treats. 

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