Sunday, November 23, 2014

Recommendations for The Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Tuffy Dog Toys
 Recommendations for indestructible dog toys for those of you with dogs that love to destroy plush toys doesn't come easy.
But, we do have a group of some of our favorites here at Mickey's Pet Supplies that we will recommend.
Feel free to give us a call at 877-863-5431 and we will talk with you to see what toy will be the best fit for your dog.

West Paw Tux
The West Paw Zogoflex dog toys are all guaranteed to be super tough.  That means if your dog chews it up, we will replace or refund the toy. Their Zogoflex material feels more like a really tough rubber and their toys made of this really are tough!
They make the Hurley bone shaped toy, Tux treat dispenser, Toppl treat dispenser, Zisc frisbee, Tizzi bendable treat dispenser and Bumi stretchable toy. The great thing is that the Hurley's come in three different sizes to fit every size dog from the tiny ones to the big ones and they are made in USA dog toys!

Planet Dog Orbees have been tested and recommended for years by all the top dog trainers for their longevity in the tough toy category. They make their famous Planet Dog Orbee that has the world map on it, The Woof and Fetch Balls, Cosmos Luna and Sol, Diamond Plate Orbees and the Snowball ( which is very popular come Winter). Made in USA Dog Toys

The Megalast toys from JW Pet come in ball shapes and bones and these are all made in USA from non-toxic rubber. They are tough, colorful and have just the right amount of flexibility, meaning they are not too hard on the teeth and gums.
Made in USA Dog Toys

For Plush dog toys, we have found the Tuffy Dog Toys with their reinforced seams and 7 layers of stitching hold up nicely for a stuffed toy. Another great manufacturer is the Go Dog Toys.
Go Dog Toys- Penguins
They have toys that have a special tough layer underneath to help protect and save the squeaker.  Their squeakers are some of the best! They have a really great sound- strong and loud.

Kong durable rubber and plastic toys are fantastic.  We love the Extreme Kongs for those dogs that just love to gnaw. We carry the Extreme Kong in all sizes. Their Wobbler treat dispenser toy works great to keep any dog occupied. Just unscrew the bottom and fill with a tasty small size treat like Zuke's Mini Naturals or use as a Kibble Dispenser to slow down eating.

For dogs that love big balls, check out the Jolly Pets line. They make the Bounce and Play balls, Tug and Toss, and the Teaser Balls.

The Busy Buddy line of toys have been around for years and we first discovered them when they sent a Pogo Plush Ball.  It's really not a ball, but more like a flattened ball. Their Pogo Plush line have a bouncy, tough rubber frame
Busy Buddy Pogo Plush Inner Frame
buried beneath the fabric with the squeaker inside that.
We have had the Pogo Plush Ball for 4 years with our Lab, Nia and it has withstood the test of tugging, chewing and even machine washing! They make the Slap Happy with strands of faux wool for flapping around, a Beaver, Bunny and Ladybug- all with the same durability and even the Frizzle- a more furry version of the Pogo Plush Ball.
The Kibble Nibble, Tug-A-Jug and Magic Mushroom are treat dispensers that challenge and entertain. These also last almost forever because of the really heavy duty plastic they are made of.

Firehose dog toys are great for fetching and retrieving.  They stand up pretty well, unless you just leave the toy and let your dog chew forever on them. The Kyjen Hardcore Firehose Squeak and Fetch consists of a rubber lining underneath the firehose material. Katie's Bumpers has a made in USA line of firehose dog toys from Trainers to Double Tugs.  They have a huge following with the fetch and retrieval trainers because her toys are just the right weight, yet durable and very easy to spot.  They wash great and float!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tasman's Buffalo (Bison) Rawhide

Tasman's Buffalo Rawhide

Do you have a dog that is allergic to beef, but loves to chew?
We have the answer with Tasman's buffalo (Bison) rawhides.
They are 100% natural rawhide, sourced from grass-fed USA Bison without the added hormones or antibiotics.

They are safe, without any pieces like other rawhides.

Tasman's processes their rawhides in Mexico and ships back to the United States for processing. The plant is owned and supervised by the owner. Tasman's is a small, family owned company that has been in the Bison leather industry since 1947. 

Tasman's takes possession of their raw Bison Hides immediately after harvesting at USDA or State Inspected facilities in the United States, and maintains custody of the hides until they become the best rawhide chews available today.  Unlike most rawhide chews, theirs are made with only Bison hides and they know EXACTLY where they came from and when they were harvested. Unlike most, if not all rawhide chew companies that rely on the second layer of the skin, Tasman's often uses the entire Bison Hide, including the top (full grain) layer in their chews.  They then work with a sheltered workshop in their Loiusville, KY home to do their packaging and casing.

Visit Mickey's Pet Supplies or call 877-863-5431 to order by phone.
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Coupon expires 12-31-14

The 3 pack of 6-7 inch retriever rolls are the perfect size for a medium size dog. Most dogs love the taste of these natural rawhides.

Mickey's Pet Supplies has a nice selection of Bison rawhides for small to large dogs.

You can choose from the 10 pack of the Small Buffalo Rawhide Twisters if you have a small dog or choose the Large Buffalo Rawhide Rolls 9-10 inch (2 pack) for your big dog. 

Our customers love that these are fresh, a continuous roll and safe for their dogs.
"My dogs care about NO ONE when they are chewing on these. No digestion issues. Good Product" Amy M.
"These are great for cleaning teeth and last a long time. They are well made with no slivers or risk of choking" Sandra N. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New From West Paw Design - Toppl!

This puzzle treat dispensing dog toy pretty much does it all! 
It tips and rolls all around to challenge your pooch to try and get the treats out. You can get the Large Toppl and the Small Toppl (sold separately) and link them together (as seen in picture) to make a whole new challenge!

It features a "peek" whole to allow you to put in chew sticks such as jerky, bully sticks, or wholesome hide rawhides! The "teeth" on the inside trap treats so they don't easily fall out.

In other words, this toy will keep your pooch very busy! Pack in peanut butter for extra fun!

Worried about the toy getting to messy with treats? No worries! Toppl is dishwasher safe! And just like all of West Paw's Zogoflex toys, Toppl is BPA and phthalate free, FDA compliant (which means its safe to eat off of), recyclable, and guaranteed!

All of West Paw Design's toys are made in Bozeman, Montana, USA. Their Zogoflex material was designed and created by them and made with a molding press right in their shop! West Paw does not compromise when it comes to creating great USA made toys that our safe for our furry family members!

Find this and other made in USA pet supplies at Mickey's Pet Supplies!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wholesome Hide Rawhide- The only USA rawhide for your dog

Wholesome Hide rawhide is the only rawhide that it is made in USA certified . That means that their facility, their suppliers and their products have been inspected to make sure that they are sourced in the USA and fully produced in the USA.  
Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection and low prices on Wholesome Hide made in USA rawhide.
You will find the greatest selection of all the Wholesome Hide product line.

Why choose Wholesome Hide?
Wholesome Hide rawhide is sourced fresh from USA cattle.  This company uses only the highest quality hides that are shipped by refrigerated trucks to their Chicago facility.  There the hides are thicker, tastier and made without those pieces and scraps that you find in the imported rawhides. These made in USA rawhides are the safest and best choice for your dogs because they are the only company that has fully sourced and produced rawhide chews.

The Wholesome Hide difference:
These rawhide bones are fresher, thicker, long lasting and safer for your dogs than the imports.
The tasty collagen layer is left intact due to minimal processing, which means a more flavorful chew that your dog will surely enjoy. Because the hides are fresh and made to order, they are easier to "wet down" and tear off into smaller pieces than the dry and brittle rawhide you find in the big box stores. Wholesome Hide rawhides are Whole Dog Journal tested and recommended. Once you try Wholesome Hide rawhide you will see the difference immediately!

Our customer reviews say it all:
"Like it that these are made in the USA.   Dog loves them.  Thick, quality treat.  Better than any others I have tried."
"My little Staffy is a heavy chewer. Ordering these Wholesome Hide SUPER THICK Retriever Roll 10" pack of 10  in bulk saves me a lot of money. Very fast service and some nice personal touches in the shipping process."
"On Mickies Pet Supplies: I have ordered several times now. Their service is accurate and fast and I continue to appreciate their service and products. I check pricing and again their prices are a little better than their competition.
These rawhide rolls are the only safe and long lasting chew I have found for my very aggressive chewer.  Not only does this give him something to occupy his time, these chews help immensely in keeping his teeth clean. For safety I do take the rawhide roll away when it becomes small and could be a choking hazard.  Expect to find these treats hidden in your sofa! No problem - no stains - not dyed or coated. For my dog these are the best."

Our customers are treated like our family.  We love to talk with you and are happy to recommend the right size Wholesome Hide made in USA rawhide for your dog.  Give us a call at 877-863-5431. 
We are a small business and truly cater to our customers.  We inspect all our products individually to assure that you receive only the best.  We care about your pets!
Visit us at Mickey's Pet Supplies and take $3 off your first order- Coupon Code WH3
Expires August 31st, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

All Natural Bully Sticks For Dogs -USA Bully Sticks Sale

Bully sticks are not all the same.  There are many different methods of preparing bull pizzle as a chew for dogs.
At Mickey's Pet Supplies we only carry all natural, no chemicals added bully sticks.
Our bully sticks come from USA cattle that has been grass fed and allowed to freely range in green pastures.
These cows are pasture raised and pasture finished.
Unlike any other company we only carry bully sticks that have not been bleached or chemically treated.
They are washed and vertically dried and then baked so 95% of the tell tale odor is removed.
We would love to call our bully sticks completely odor free, but because this is a bull pizzle and a body part there will be some residual odor especially when wet.

The bully stick is meaty, long-lasting, high protein digestible dog chew.  We have the 6 inch size for small dogs and 9-10 inch sticks for medium size dogs and 11-12 inch bully sticks for larger breeds.
We have the regular size bully stick, the thick size and the Monster thick bully sticks in our USA bully sticks.
We weigh all our bully sticks to assure a dense and long lasting chew. Our bully sticks are graded by weight.
Visit us and take 10% off your USA bully stick order with coupon code BULLY. Expires September 15th, 2014
We love supporting American workers and are the largest online retailer of made in USA pet supplies.
Call 877-863-5431 to order by phone.

Nia, our Labrador Retriever with her USA Bully stick

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Indestructible Dog Toys

For all of you with dogs that are tough on their toys we have toys that are guaranteed and built tough to last.
A few of our recommendations are Tuffy Dog Toys, West Paw Design Zogoflex Dog Toys and Jolly Pets 

Each Tuffy Dog toy is washable (air dry) and it floats!

Tuffy tough dog toys are made with 2 layers of industrial grade luggage material and 1 layer of soft fleece on the outside. All of the layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of linear stitching. After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams. The squeakers are sewn into pouches as an added layer of safety.
Tuffy dog toys are designed to be play toys NOT chew toys.  Please make sure to supervise your dog at all times.

Check out Captain Kurklops that is rated an 8 out of 10 on the Tuffness scale.

He is great for big dogs and an alien green with a monster mouth as an added bonus to hold treats. 
Tuffy Lil Oscar is a purple octopus with 8 legs and is the perfect size for medium to large dogs. 
Tuffy Lizzy Lizard is a great size for medium dogs. Built to withstand hard play and rated a 7 out of 10 on the tuffness scale.
Larry the Lobster is another tough one for medium to large size dogs, measuring 15 x 10 x 3 inches and rated 8 out of 10 in toughness. 
Tuffy Phineas the Frog is made for small to medium size dogs with a tuff scale rating of 8. 
Tuffy Sea Creature Tiger Shark is for medium to large size dogs and rated 7 on tough scale. 

Phineas the Frog

We also love the Zogoflex dog toys from West Paw Design. These made in Montana dog toys are guaranteed.  That means if your dog destroys them we will replace or refund for you.
Here are some great choices such as the Bumi, Hurley, Tizzi, Tux and Zisc:

Bumi- West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi is a toy that your dog will not want to put down. Bumi is the active dogs dream come true, charged with energetic fun. Bumi is so much more than a tug toy - pull, flex, throw, float, and repeat. Guaranteed to last, even against those destructive dogs we love or replaced. Since Bumi is 100 percent recyclable, this dog toy will never need to be thrown away... except during a game of fetch. Available in Small and Large size. 
West Paw Bumi

West Paw Design Hurley dog toy is made to give your dog hours of chewing fun.. Toss it, float it, chew it, love it. Introducing Hurley - Guaranteed strong These dog toys are designed to be recyclable and to create virtually no waste during our manufacturing process. Hurley dog toys are all the fun of a ball and a bone in one durable toy. The Hurley large size dog toy is made for medium to large dogs. Dogs just love to exercise their teeth and this dog toy is perfect for a dogs needs. West Paws dog toys are made from extremely pliable, one-of-a-kind material, Zogoflex. This versatile dog toy is bound to give your favorite dog chomper hours of enjoyment - Guaranteed. West paw design guarantees to replace your dog toy Hurley if it cannot withstand your dogs chewing, one time only. And, for those four legged water lovers, this toy even floats! 
Available in Mini, Regular and Large size 

The Tizzi dog toy spirals through the air giving the time-honored game of fetch a dynamic new spin. Twist the handles together for maximum flight or untwist to hide dog treats inside. Whether doggie playtime is on land or in the water, this floatable dog toy is ready for takeoff. Tizzi doubles as a treat toy with a hollow spot for hiding pets favorite goodies. You can feel good about dispensing treats with the non-toxic toy that is BPA-free, phthalate-free and designed with dogs health and safety in mind. Like all of the dog toys in ther top-selling Zogoflex dog toy line, Twiz is guaranteed against dog damage or replaced, 100% recyclable, non-toxic, buoyant and dishwasher safe. Available in Mini or Large size. 

Jolly Pets makes some great tough toys for dogs.  The Bounce and Play and Tug and Toss are virtually impossible to destroy. Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy is a unique ball-within-a-ball. This colorful toy rolls erratically and can hold any dog's attention. The Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy even floats for summertime fun! Extra durable dog toy. Small size measures 4.5 inches. Large measures  6 inches.

Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection of indestructible dog toys and also made in USA dog toys. 

Check us out and take $3 off your $25 order with coupon code BLOG3
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