Saturday, February 13, 2010

List of Poisnonous Plants & Flowers

We thought we would share the list of poisonous plants and flowers. We had an incident a few years ago and we almost lost our cat, Cody. He got into some English Ivy and he spent days at the emergency center trying to recover from chewing on the stems. He recovered and is perfectly fine now, but it sure gave us a scare and made us aware when we did research on what plants and flowers were toxic. I know some of you probably didn't know how extensive the list is.
We are all thinking Spring right now and just want to remind all of you what flowers are considered toxic to your dogs and cats. Also, as it gets warmer outside, please be aware of the daffodils, crocus, tulip and primrose. Also, all the Lily family are poisonous. Be sure to not bring in the Easter Lillies. They are on the list. We just cut down our black walnut tree because the nuts are so toxic.
Aconite, Aloe, amaryllis, American Holly, American Nighshade, Angel's Trumpet, Apple seeds, Apple of Peru, Apple of Sodom, Apricot pits, Azalea, Barbados pride, Bird of Paradise, Birdseye Primrose, Bittersweet, Bitter almond, Black Walnuts, Blue Cardinal Flower, Buckeye, Bull Nettles, Buttercup, Cala Lilly, Cardinal Flower, Carolina allspice, Carolina Horse Nettle, Castor Bean, Castor Oil Plant, Cherry pits, Choke Cherry, Chrysanthemum, Climbing Lily, Crab-eyes, Crocus, Crowfoot, Daffodil, Daisy, Dumbcane, Dwarf Poinciana, Elderberry, elephant's Ear, english Holly, English Ivy, English walnutss, European Mistletoe, Feverfew, Field Garlic, Flag, Purple Foxglove, Garlic, German Primrose, Gloriosa Lily, Glory Lily, Hedge plant, Holly, Horse chestnuts, Hydrangea, Indian tobacco, Iris, Jameson Weed, Jonquil, Kidney bean tree, Ligusrum, Lily of the valley, Love Apple, Lupine, Manchineel, Marguerite, Marijuana, mescal, Mistletoe, Monkshood, Mountain Laurel, Mushrooms, Naked Lady, Nettle spurge, Nightshade, Nipplefruit, Oleander, Onion, Palma Christi, Peach ts, Peyote, Philodendron, Plum pits, Poinsettia, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Poke, Pokeweed, Potato(green spots), pothos, Precatory Bean, Primula, Privet, Rhodendron, Rosary Pea, sloe, Star Potato Vine, Stinging Nettle, Thornapple, Tobacco, Trumpet Vine, tulip, Wisteria, Wolfsbane, Yaupon, Yew, Easter Lily, Tiger Lily.
Bulbs: Jack in the Pulpit, Autumn Crocus, Meadow Saffron, Lily of the Valley, Crocus Saffron, Snowdrop, Gladiola, Glory Lilly, Hyacinth, Iris, Grape Hyacinth, Daffodil, Jonquil, Narcissus, and Tulip.