Monday, November 15, 2010

Resvantage Canine - Longevity Supplement

Supplement Shown To Extend Life In Animal Studies
Written by Alan Gionet
CBS News Denver

Resveratrol has been a sleeper to a lot of people, but positive data just seems to keep coming. Resveratrol seems to turn on an enzyme called, sirtuin 1 that can slow down the aging process. Studies showing whether human life is actually lengthened would take decades, but in every living being tested so far, it does. Many experts are already taking it, noting that resveratrol is well tolerated. "There's no doubt, if you feed an animal this stuff, they're going to get less cancer," says Dr. Robert Sclafani, Chair of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department at CU Denver. "What resveratrol does, as we found in our studies, it activates a system that's present in cells but only activates it in cancer cells, not in normal cells ... What it does is it fools the cell into thinking that its DNA is being damaged," says Sclafani, "And then it turns on a response mechanism that now the cell does not divide anymore."
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