Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Range Dog Chews

Healthy Chews From Healthy Cattle
Humanely Raised: Allowed to roam freely, Fed by nature, Never put in feedlots, Less stressful lifestyle, No need for antibiotics, No hard to digest corn, No high stomach acidity, Not given steroids

Eco Friendly: No pesticides used, Processed fresh, Less fossil fuel use, Old fashioned crop rotation, Powered by sun and rain, Low carbon footprint, Environment sustained, No rainforest use
Nutritious: Higher in protein, Lower in fat, Higher in CLA, Lower in calories, More vitamin A, B & E, Higher in calcium, More beta carotene, Extra omega 3's

Benefits are apparent in every product made, from odor-free bully sticks to natural treats with only 1 to 2 ingredients from beef, chicken, duck, fish, pork, lamb and rabbit.Debbie Claypool, vice president of Marketing with Free Range Dog Chews, based in Monroe, MI states,
"The stop for dog treats has become a hunt for those that were as close to nature as possible, with the shortest list of ingredients and preferably ones that the average person could pronounce. Our recent move to Argentina for the high quality Angus beef has allowed us to go to the next level by being even more conscious of the environment."
(Pet Product News, Julie Washburn, June 2010, Pg. 44)

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