Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wholesome Hide Rawhides

FREE SHIPPING on your $75 order--Wholesome Hide rawhides are the only MADE IN USA rawhide.
They are made from USA cows and processed in their Chicago facility.  These flavorful USA beef hide bones are great for your dogs' teeth.  Rawhide bones, chips, rolls and twists all help improve dental health by scraping away plaque and controlling tartar buildup.  This help maintain your dog's gum health.  The action of chewing on rawhides help reduce bad breath, keep teeth whiter and prevent gum disease. Using beefhide chews is a great supplement to daily brushing. 
Chewing is a relaxing action for your dog.  By giving your dog a rawhide to chew on while you are watching a movie or reading a book it gives them a non-destructive outlet to release their energy to do what they naturally love to do--Chew!
What makes Wholesome Hide rawhides so different than all the others is the way that they are processed.  Wholesome Hide uses only FRESH cowhides that are transported to their processing plant in Chicago in refrigerated trucks.  There the hide is cleaned and cut and formed into the many shapes.  They are dried over several days in their climate-controlled drying rooms. 
Compare the rawhides that come from foreign countries that sit in unrefrigerated warehouses and then processed with unknown chemicals and then preserved for the long trip to the USA. 
Wholesome Hide uses only the best in USA beefhide from corn fed cows that have been raised for human consumption.  Their beefhide is typically thicker, longer lasting and unlike the imported hides, it is fresher and much tastier for your dog.
Try the SUPER THICK retriever rolls.  They are made for very aggressive chewers.
Order our special 10 pack.
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