Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Made in USA Rawhides- Wholesome Hide

Super Thick Retriever Rolls 10 pack
On Sale $64.95

Wholesome Hide rawhide bones are 100% made in USA certified.
Their bones are fresh, unlike other rawhides you will find at pet stores.
They come straight from the meat packing plants in Illinois, are shipped in refrigerated trucks immediately, cut, dried and sent to us. Much of the product labeled as "made in USA" is actually coming from Mexico. They may be processed here in the US but the hides may be coming from overseas.
Why is made in the USA so important?
Hides that are imported from other countries are sometimes sitting around for several weeks in piles on rural farms- unrefrigerated.  They require a great deal of chemical procesing to whiten and stabilize the deteriorating hide. At Wholesome Hide. the hides arrive quickly from the meat packing plants in refrigerated trucks, are rinsed in fresh water, cut, tied and put in drying ovens.

Wholesome Hide is the only rawhide company that is USA-certified. 
What does USA certification mean? It means that audits are actually done all along the supply chain to make sure all the rawhides are USA sourced and USA made.

Wholesome Hide does not cut corners. You will not find their bones stuffed full of rawhide scraps or starch to add weight.  They only use first quality USA rawhide.

Fresh rawhides mean more flavorful chews. Wholesome Hide is the only rawhide company that keeps the tasty collagen layer intact. The composition of their rawhides is tougher than hides that have been chemically processed. Their bones are less brittle and longer lasting.

Wholesome Hide is the only company that makes a Super Thick Retriever Roll.  These are the biggest of any retriever roll you will find.  It is double the thickness. Customers just love these for their aggressive chewers. We have the 10 pack of Super Thick Retriever Rolls on sale this month for only $64.95.

A true test of a quality rawhide is to soak it in water for a short time.  See if the bone softens.
If it doesn't, that means it has been overprocessed and dried. That is not a high quality product.

Rawhide is high in protein, low in fat, and has fewer calories per ounce than a typical dog biscuit.
Give your dog a rawhide bone from Wholesome Hide.  It is only natural for your dog to enjoy chewing. Give him something that is healthy and a high quality chew.

Mickey's Pet Supplies is one of the largest companies carrying Wholesome Hide.
We are very choosy about what pet products we carry. You will only find the highest quality, all natural products for your dogs and cats. 

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