Monday, June 6, 2011

Made in USA dog toys

Find great durable made in USA dog toys at Mickey's Pet Supplies.
Let your dog share a little love with the soft, yet durable plush from Doggie Styles like the adorable Moo Choo, Mr. Moose, Pretty Kitty, Bubba and luxurious Babette.
West Paw design has crazy soft, yet durable plush toys. There are the Salsa- crazy and shakeable, Floppy Frog, Teddy, S-Stretch Snake and more. We also have the Hurley and Bumi in their Zogoflex guaranteed tough toys. Planet Dog toys are made for agressive chewers and rated on their tough chompers scale. Choose from many styles- some even glow in the dark.  All their balls and Zoom flyers float too.  The favorite part of a Planet Dog toy is the minty fresh smell.  No more doggy breath!

Canine Genuis Mike and Leo dog toys are made of the toughest rubber- very durable and long lasting in the treat dispensing dog toy lineup. 

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