Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whole Life Pet Treats

Whole Life pet treats are made in the USA freeze-dried meat treats.  Their wholesome and healthy treats for cats and dogs are made from USDA approved meats, made without preservatives, chemicals or additives.  Their healthy, all natural treats are produced in the same facilities that human grade meats are produced, so the are subject to the same standards and USDA inspection.
All their production and packaging is produced in the western Massachusetts facility.
These treats are the perfect training reward or as an anytime high protein treat or snack for your cats and dogs.

The testimonials from customers tell it all:
"My cat Sadie, cannot get enough of the Whole Life Cod and Chicken treats. When her treats came in the mail, she basically smelled them through the bag.  When I opened the bag and gave her a piece, she wouldn't leave me along until I gave her another.  I don't keep these treats where she can get to them.  I think she would chew through the bag."  Sara B., New York, NY

"Ann sent a sample of the Beef Liver pet treats with my order and Bijoux went nuts over them. We definitely will be ordering them."

Our customers call and tell us all the time how their cat or dog absolutely love the treats.
We have Chicken, Chicken Liver, Beef, Beef Liver, Cod and Turkey Whole Life pet treats.
With only one single ingredient we feel that these treats are the healthiest available for your cats and dogs.
At Mickey's Pet Supplies we are dedicated to our customers and their pets.  We carry the best available treats, toys, bowls, bones and chews for your pets.  We offer low prices and Free Shipping on orders of $75 and over.  Call us at 877-863-5431 with any questions.  We are happy to talk.