Monday, November 30, 2009

CYBER MONDAY DEALS- Mickey's Pet Supplies

Mickey's Pet Supplies has great Cyber Monday Deals on discount pet supplies for Cats and Dogs.
Free Shipping on all orders of $75 and 25% all Planet Dog toys.
Deal of the Day!!-- Squeaker Squiggler Reindeer $8.95
Great durable dog toy with sturdy nylon and squeakers in legs.
Perfect gifts for the Holidays at great prices.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Planet Dog Toys 25% off

Mickey's Pet Supplies has all Planet Dog Toys for 25% off now until December 3rd.
Enter Code PDOG18 at checkout to receive discount.
You will find Planet Dog Orbee, Planet Dog Recycle bone, Planet dog Cosmos, Planet Dog Soccer Balls, Planet Dog Woof and Fetch Balls, Planet Dog Snowballs, Planet Dog Zoom flyers and more.
Planet Dog is known for their minty tough and durable dog toys.
Dog trainers recommend the Orbee Tuff Balls with the rope for fetch and retrieval dog training.
Also, the Planet Dog Food and Water Travel bags are on sale!

Shop early! These won't last long.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Toys at Mickey's Pet Supplies

The Nina Ottosson dog puzzle toys are here at Mickey's Pet Supplies.
These dog puzzle toys are very much appreciated and are used by dogs and other animals and their owners in many countries.
Theses interactive dog toys are also recommended by dog psychologists, veterinaries, dog-trainers and other dog-owners. Nina Ottosson has worked with the development and design of dog-activating toys/games that will mentally stimulate the dog, i.e. “brain exercises” in a fun and creative way. The toys are also easy to get out and use indoors and are specially developed to match the dog’s natural movements and instincts.
Activating – Problem Solving The dog puzzle toys are meant for the dog to work with problem solving in different ways, by finding hidden dog snacks, e.g. to lift blocks, push pieces, turn discs, push blocks, put blocks inside something etc.
All dogs need to use their head sometimes in order to keep healthy. Some dogs need more brain activity than others. If dogs are not provided with an outlet for its energy in the form of different types of activity or other stimulation, they can sometimes find their own “activity” which we as dog-owners often do not appreciate, like for instance chewing things to pieces, becoming aggressive or just generally over-active. The activity toys are also very good to use when the dog for various reasons can not move about freely, e.g. when injured or limping etc. Activating a dog can be anything from letting the dog do tracking in the woods, teaching it different tricks, obedience training or hiding a snacks in a room and let the dog find it. In the summer when the weather is good and it is not raining, the dogs normally get more stimulation, it is easier and more fun to be out and play and think of activities with your dog. In the autumn and winter it can be boring to be out when it is raining, snowing and windy. At the same time it is often hard to vary the activities indoors and think of fun activities that are entertaining, simple and stimulating. Hence, Nina Ottosson developed a wonderful line of dog-activating or interactive dog toys.
The Nina Ottosson puzzle toys/games for dogs are easy to get out, and fun to use both for the dog and the dog-owner. While the games are being used the dog and the dog-owner will get a chance to have more contact with each other. Check out the Dog Spinny, Dog Tornado, Dog Brick and Dog Magic puzzle toys and stimulate your dog's mind.
Find all your great dog puzzle toys, interactive dog toys and more at discount prices at

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Dog Toys are here!

Mickey's Pet Supplies is an online discount pet supplies store that carries the highest quality supplies for cats and dogs. They carry eco-friendly, recycled, organic, holistic and all natural
pet products that are unique.
They have geared up for the Holidays with a great selection of very reasonably priced holiday dog and cat toys, gifts and accessories.
Some of the hottest and coolest toys include the Kyjen Tuff Ones Gingerbread Man, Tuff Ones Candy Cane, Canine Genius Christmas Tree Plush Puzzle Toy, Plaid bow ties, Kyjen squeaker squiggler reindeer an the squeaker squiggler santa dog toys, Reindeer antlers for dogs, Christmas themed dog bowls, Kyjen water bottle buddies Santa, Kyjen soft and shiny Santa tug ring, soft and shiny plush Santa, Puppia Santa Dog Coats, Pawsitively Gourmet iced dog cookies in candy canes, santas, Holiday stockings & Hanukkah dreidels and menorahs dog cookies.
They have brought in earth-friendly dog clothes. Check out the Chilly Dog dog sweaters and the Earth Friendly chic 100% organic merino wool dog sweaters. These are of the finest quality.
They also just brought in the Jax and Bones natural rope toys. Each one of the Jax and Bones natural rope toys support the Rescue Train organization by donating a portion of the sales to help this non-profit animal rescue organization.