Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mike and Leo Dog Toys on Sale

We just love the Canine Genius Mike and Leo dog toys and we are sure your dog will too.

The Mike is named after Michelangelo, it is truly a masterpiece of art, beauty and engineering that will challenge your dog's problem-solving skills working to remove the treats you put inside.
The Mike toy is perfect for keeping your dog entertained and for fetching, tug-of-war, and water sports. These toys float!

These interactive treat dispensing toys are made of durable, hollow-core construction, with two cross-cut holes that allow it to be stuffed with dog treats or food. The material is non-toxic, high-tech, irresistibly chewy material, is made in the USA and is dishwasher safe.

They also work great to slow down "gulpers". Simply put your dog's food inside and slow down their eating.

These mini mike and mini leo toys work for cats too. Just put your cat's treats inside and watch them roll them to get the treats out.

They come in sizes for small to large dogs.

We have had questions about how these toys work:

Q: My dog becomes anxious and stressed out. Are these toys good for my dog's alone time?

A: The Mike and Leo dog toys are great even when empty, to help calm an anxious or nervous dog.

Q: My dog needs more challenge with his toys- What can you recommend?

A: Add a Mike or Mini Mike to the mix and increase his or her mental exercise. Mikes connects to Leos and the puzzle configurations are endless.

Q: Is my dog too tough for Leo?

A: Try Mike! The neck-less design and slightly larger cross-cut openings are perfect for your harder chewer.

Q: Can Mike and Leo be used together?

A: Absolutely, Mike and Leo connect so small treats can travel from toy to toy, increasing the challenge. Mike toys are also great used on their own!

Q: I don't know for sure which size to purchase?

A: The Mike and Leo come in two sizes: Mike for dogs 10-200 pounds, Mini Mike for toy breeds under 15 lbs. Jack Russell, and Boston Terriers, Dachshunds and other hard chewing small dogs, please size up to Mike.

We are stocking up on all the Mike and Leo, Mini-Mike and Mini-Leo dog toys this week and will have the IQ treats as well. The IQ treats are absolutely the most wonderful grain-free dog treats. They are made from 100% wild caught Norwegian salmon. These bite-sized cookies are extra healthy and fit perfectly inside the Mike and Leo dog toys. Our IQ Treats will be here in a about a week.

Check out our great line-up of interactive dog toys-We test all our toys on our own dog and we can tell you, she loves her Mike. We fill it with the Canine Genius IQ treats or the Zuke's Mini Bakes. Any treat that is a little bit bigger fits nicely in the Canine Genius Mike.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Wholesome Hide Made in USA Rawhides on SALE

Mickey's Pet Supplies carries a huge selection of the Wholesome Hide Rawhides
Including the Super Thick Retriever Roll- available in 10 pack for only $59.95
Wholesome Hide rawhides are the only rawhide dog chew recommended by Whole Dog Journal.
They are made in Chicago- USA- from the highest quality USA cattle hides.
Made to maintain the most flavor for your dogs.
All of our Wholesome Hide rawhides are on sale this week starting at only $1.29
Call 877-863-5431 to order.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to make kitty condos

Environment Enhancement for your cats---
In the wild, cats experience random events all the time. A street cat that walks down a street one day may find that he cannot do this the next day, and he accepts this as a normal course of events. But our indoor cats cannot experience this at all.
Setting up interesting environments for cats and playing certain music or videos will help simulate this spontaneity, keeping your cat entertained while you're away or calming it down if it's distressed.
Here are some of suggestions from Martha Stewart's January 11th show for top life-enhancement ideas for cats:
Stack a few cardboard boxes in your living room, changing the arrangement from day to day to simulate randomness for the cat.
These are so easy to make--Just take some boxes- square or rectangle and get a paper plate as a template. Trace around the plate onto the box and use a box cutter to make holes for your cats to enter the box. If the boxes are not taped shut, tape them down. You can find a big refrigerator box and make a different menagerie of boxes and sizes to make a custom and moveable kitty condo arrangement. If you really want to get decorative, cover the boxes with beautiful contact paper and then cut your openings.

Hang a birdfeeder outside your window. Watching for birds will become your cat's new favorite activity.

Play videos for your cat that bring the outdoors in, which is especially suitable for apartment-bound cats that can't see nature through the windows. Cat sitter DVDs are a great choice.

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Go Cat Toys Da Bird, Cat Catcher

If you watched the Martha Stewart show in January, you saw the Go Cat toys highlighted as some of the best interactive toys for your cats.

They featured the GoCat DaBird wand which is a PVC rod that has a wire with a feather accessory that can be interchanged. Da Bird consists of a 36" fiberglass rod, 50 lb. test braided nylon string and aerodynamically configured feathers that mimic the action and of a REAL bird in flight. You won't want to miss this very fun toy! If you have not witnessed first hand a cat's reaction to Da Bird, then you have no idea what you are in for!

Go Cat Cat Catcher is a super-popular interactive cat toy that features a durable 12" wand, 34" steel string, and a lively, rug-textured mouse lure attached at the end to tease and taunt your cat. Recommended by veterinarians as an interactive exercise toy for cats. Replacement Mouse is available to keep the fun going year-round.

All of the Cat Teaser wands by Go Cat have different features:

The Wild Thing has pheasant tail feathers and natural, un-dyed hackle feathers attached to an 18" PVC rod.

Go Cat Kitty Broom Teaser Wand features colored feathers surround Peacock Herl attached to an 18" PVC rod.

Go Cat Teaser Wands are available in several different colorful styles that your cat will love

If you are looking for really great catnip toys, check out the Cat Fish Organic Catnip pillow.

This is an adorable cat face toy stuffed with Organic Catnip.

The Go Cat Organic Catnip is only $1.25 per bag.

The Go Cat Fur Mouse with a rattle is a very realistic 3" mouse toy that will be sure to bring out your cat's natural hunting instinct.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

10% off All Dog Treats

Take 10% off all dog treats: Coupon Code TREATSMAR at checkout
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We have the Bully Jr. Sticks in the 12" and also the knotted bones and 5" braid in the 3 packs.
Check out the new Sojo's dog treats in the Grain Free, Chicken and Veggie, Bacon and Cheddar and Peanut Butter and Honey flavors.
All of our dog biscuits are made here in the USA and made with Human Grade Ingredients.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Wholesome Hide Rawhides

Mickey's Pet Supplies has Wholesome Hide rawhides on sale this weekend.
The SuperThick Retriever Roll 10 Pack is $59.95- A $10 saving on 10 rolls
You'll find small bones to large bones for any size dog.
The 4-5" retriever rolls are only $1.29
Wholesome Hide rawhides are made in USA- The only rawhides recommended by Whole Dog Journal. Wholesome Hide uses only the best hides from cows here in the U.S. and processes leaving the collagen flavor intact. This means more flavor for your dog.
Check out our prices. We ship for FREE on $75 order within 48 lower states.
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whale Served at Santa Monica Restaurant

We watched the Academy Awards and the documentary "The Cove". The producers, as activists
launched a sting operation, pulling law enforcement into their efforts to stop the unlawful sale of dolphin and whale meat.
The Hump restaurant in Santa Monica openly admitted to serving an endangered species whale- the sei, ne of the largest baleen whales {after the blue and the fin}in the oceans.
The owner is facing a $200,000 fine. We can't imagine why a fancy California restaurant would need or want to serve whale sushi. We support the efforts of all activists trying to save whales and dolphins and other endangered species throughout the world.
Read the entire story at:
If you haven't watched "The Cove", be prepared to be shocked as to what is being done towards our very intelligent friends.
I personally, have swam with the dolphins and interacted with these wonderful mammals and do not understand people that have no regard for these creatures.
Animal Planet will launch a new series entitled "Dolphin Warriors" as a follow-up to the documentary.