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Dog Supplies USA- Made in USA

We love supporting our US manufacturers at Mickey's Pet Supplies.
Look at our great selection of made in USA pet supplies, including Made in USA dog treats, dog toys, dog grooming products and USA made pet bowls.
We really do have the largest selection of made in USA pet supplies of any store.
Look at our long list of made in USA pet supplies. Call 877-863-5431 to place your order.
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Here are the list of the brands we carry:
Arctic Paws- Yummy Chummies wild Alaskan Salmon dog treats and oil

Bully Sticks- Our own brand of made in USA bully sticks at low prices and bulk deals

Ark Naturals- Made in USA dental and health products formulated by a Holistic Vet

Augres Wool- All natural wool balls and mice from Augres, Michigan

Bravo- Only the best made in USA dog treats- recognized by raw feeders for years

Charlee Bear- Great made in USA dog treats, perfect for treat dispensers

Cloud Star- Made in USA dog treats and great smelling Buddy Wash and Spritzers

Cocotherapy- Made in USA coconut products

Doggie Styles- Fantastic selection of excellent construction-made in USA plush dog toys & cat toys

Elk USA- Free Range elk anters from the Rocky Mountains- Very thick sized

Etta Says- Mouth watering chicken treats and duck jerky

Evanger's - Delicious Buffalo and fruit jerky, chicken jerky, beef lungs, beef hearts, beef liver and tripe

Fiesta Petware- Bright colored, restaraunt quality, oven safe, dishwasher safe fine pet bowls.

Fiesta Petware pet bowls- Made in USA

Fruitables- Skinny Mini Fruit chewy dog treats

Go Cat- Da Bird, Cat Catcher and many other cat teaser wands and fur toys & of course catnip

Grizzly Salmon Oil

Grizzly- Salmon oil and treats

Grandma Lucy's- Dog treats that come in scrumptious flavors- Pumpkin & Blueberry and are Certified Organic- Taste so good, you will snack on them!

Happy Tails- All natural formulas of shampoo, tear stain remover pads & flea spray

Imperial Cat- Recyclable, corrugated made in USA cat scratchers,catnip and oat grass

Isle of Dogs- Luxurious grooming products and condition specific dog treats

John Paul Pet Products- Made in USA grooming products (great pop up dispenser of wipes asst.)

Jolly Pets- Almost indestructible balls called Push N Play

Jones Natural Chews- This company has been in the meat industry for many years, great choices of cow ears, bully springs (flossies) and bones.

K9 Granola Factory- Home baked goodness in their famous Coconut crunchers, dried vegetable treats, grain free treats and Coconut oil and flakes

Kona's Chips- Their chicken jerky, beef jerky and turkey jerky treats are loved by dogs & cats.

Lupine dog collars & leashes- Made in USA and Lifetime guarantee no matter what!

Mutts and Mittens- Fine plush dog toys made of all USA materials in Florida (Canada Goose pictured above)

Nothern Biscuit- Grain free Bison and Duck treats

Overby Farms- Cherry hip bones and Hip Flex dog treats

Planet Dog- Made in USA durable dog toys- best known for their Orbees and Holiday bulbs and Mints

Sam's Yams- Veggie rawhide chews made from sweet potatoes and delicious dog cookies

Smokehouse- All made in USA dog chews- ears, hooves,bones and Pepperoni stix

Sojos- Sojourner Farms- delicious dog treats and tiny bone shaped treats made special for small dogs

Tomlyn Sno Sho- Fantastic whitening and brightening shampoo for dogs

Tropiclean- Great fresh breath treats and water additives to keep your pets breath smelling fresh

Tyson True Chews- made in USA dog chews

West Paw Design- All made in USA dog toys and cat toys-The Cane Deer, Snowman and Merry Bones make great holiday gifts.

Whole Life Pet- Freeze dried treats that have the best appeal to cats and dogs alike.

Wholesome Hide- The only USA certified made in USA rawhide- Treat your heavy duty chewer to the Super thick retriever roll- Bulk priced 10 pack.
We are the largest supplier with the greatest selection.

Zuke's- Formulated by a dog lover for his dog- based in Colorado.  Their treat line up is the best.
The mini naturals are great training treats.

We know that you will love our amazing level of personal service, low prices, lightning fast shipping and high quality products.
Visit us at Mickey's Pet Supplies or call 877-863-5431.
We are as compasionate about pets as you are!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can my Dog Catch the Flu?

Repost of information by Mickey's Pet Supplies By Discovery Oct 5th 2012 and the
With the flu season ready to hit its usual peak in November, health experts are growing increasingly concerned about people passing illnesses on to their pets.
The deadly H1N1 virus of recent years is of particular concern, with humans more likely to be the carriers and our pets the victim.
The journal Veterinary Pathology, for example, documented how an Oregon woman became severely ill with the flu and had to be hospitalized. While she was still in the hospital, her cat -- an indoor cat with no exposure to other sick people, homes, or wildlife -- died of pneumonia caused by an H1N1 infection.
Since then, researchers have identified a total of 13 cats and one dog with pandemic H1N1 infection in 2011 and 2012 that appeared to have come from humans. Pet ferrets have also been shown to be infected, and some died. All of the animals' symptoms were similar to that of humans - they rapidly develop severe respiratory disease, stop eating and some die. Serological studies suggest there is far more exposure to flu virus in cats and dogs than previously known. (As reported in an Oregon State University press release)
We worry a lot about zoonoses, the transmission of diseases from animals to people," Christiane Loehr, an associate professor in the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine, said in the release. "But most people don't realize that humans can also pass diseases to animals, and this raises questions and concerns about mutations, new viral forms and evolving diseases that may potentially be zoonotic. And, of course, there is concern about the health of the animals."
"It's reasonable to assume there are many more cases of this than we know about, and we want to learn more," Loehr added. "Any time you have infection of a virus into a new species, it's a concern, a black box of uncertainty. We don't know for sure what the implications might be, but we do think this deserves more attention."
The phenomenon is called revers zoonoses. About 80-100 million households in the United States have a cat or dog, so the situation could turn into a disaster should viruses mutate to infect another species. Human influenza viruses are frequently isolated from birds and pigs. That could be because these animals, often raised for food, are tested more.
"All viruses can mutate, but the influenza virus raises special concern because it can change whole segments of its viral sequence fairly easily," Loehr said. "In terms of hosts and mutations, who's to say that the cat couldn't be the new pig? We'd just like to know more about this."
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Canine Flu

Our experts at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center answer the most commonly asked questions about canine influenza virus.
What is the Canine Flu? Canine influenza is a contagious viral infection of dogs, caused by Influenza Virus A subtype H3N8.
Did this virus come from the Bird Flu? No—the canine influenza virus is not a mutation of avian influenza, commonly known as Bird Flu. The avian flu virus of worldwide concern is a different subtype (H5N1). While both are in the same broad, general family of viruses (Orthomyxoviridae) that cause the flu in people, pigs and birds, they are not the same strain. Canine influenza is actually more closely related to the horse or equine influenza virus, and likely mutated from this strain.

What does the Canine Flu do to dogs? The canine influenza virus can cause mild to severe illness. Mild effects include a soft, moist cough with or without a low grade fever that lasts 10 to 30 days despite treatment, along with yellow/green nasal discharge if a secondary bacterial infection occurs. More severe illness can result in high grade fever as well as rapid/difficult breathing, which is usually caused by secondary pneumonia.
Is Canine Flu fatal? Typically, most infected dogs develop mild to moderate signs that resolve within 10 to 30 days without problems. As with other flu viruses, fatalities can potentially occur, but are not common and are generally due to secondary complications such as bacterial pneumonia.
Is the virus just in a few states, or is it all over? Canine Flu is currently considered to be an endemic virus, meaning that outbreaks have occurred sporadically in certain areas.  Currently, outbreaks at dog race tracks have been reported in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.  Outbreaks in pet dogs have occurred in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, the state of Washington, and Washington, D.C. These cases occurred in animal shelters, rescue groups, pet stores, boarding kennels and veterinary clinics.
How easy is it for my dog to catch? The virus is contagious—spread via aerosolized respiratory secretions. Thus far, most outbreaks have occurred between dogs who are kept in large numbers in relatively close quarters, such as greyhounds at racing tracks. The risk of infection in a canine who does not attend dog shows or frequent kennels is fairly low. However, because this is a recently emerged disease, there is no natural or vaccine-induced immunity—so all dogs are susceptible.
I think my dog may have caught Canine Flu. How do I know for sure?
While there is currently no reliable rapid test available to veterinarians for diagnosing canine influenza, tests are available at certain diagnostic labs. For more information, contact your local veterinarian.
Can people get Canine Flu? There is no evidence to date demonstrating that the canine influenza virus can be spread from dogs to humans. It is typically uncommon for a virus to “travel” from one species of animal to another, and then become infectious among individuals of the second species with normally functioning immune systems.
What can people do to help prevent spreading Canine Flu from one dog to another?Any dog infected with Canine Flu or as any other respiratory disease should be kept away from other dogs until the illness completely resolves.
Solutions as simple as soap and water are effective disinfectants for eliminating the virus from surfaces. To help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, gloves should be worn when handling infected dogs or cleaning contaminated cages.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chicken Jerky made in USA

With the scare that has been going on since last November, everyone has been double checking the labels on their jerky treats.

It's no wonder that pet parents are wondering if that made in USA means that the jerky that is inside is actually made from USA sourced meats.

Kona's Chips is one of those companies that started exactly because of the problem with imported jerky back in 2007.  Kona, the little dog that belongs to the owner of Kona's Chips was getting sick from eating the jerky treats.  To no avail, they were unable to find ANY chicken jerky made here in the United States, sourced from USDA chicken breast meat.

That is how Kona's chips started.  Kona's chicken jerky, turkey jerky and beef jerky are made of pure USDA sourced meats, made right in California.  Their ingredient list is simple, meat and salt as a preservative.  We decided to bring in the Kona's jerky after requesting samples and seeing for ourselves.

We too, are proud parents of a beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever named, Nia.  Nia is literally our "lab" tester.  Any product we carry must meet our Nia's seal of approval.
Nia, our "Lab" tester
Kona's Chicken Jerky 12 oz. 
Special Price

Rest assured, our products- Chicken jerky, beef jerky, turkey jerky and the Kona's chicken crunch sticks are highly anticipated by Nia.  When we make up our sample treats to send with our customer's orders, she waits eagerly for her treats too.

We are a family owned company that really want to make our customers feel special.
Unlike other big online companies, we are answering our own phones and e-mails.
Each and every one of our products is the highest quality and must meet our stringent high standards.
Every order is packed by one of my own family and a few other trusted employees.
Visit us at
Shop our extensive made in USA dog treats category.

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Mickey's Pet Supplies: Made in USA dog treats