Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chicken Jerky made in USA

With the scare that has been going on since last November, everyone has been double checking the labels on their jerky treats.

It's no wonder that pet parents are wondering if that made in USA means that the jerky that is inside is actually made from USA sourced meats.

Kona's Chips is one of those companies that started exactly because of the problem with imported jerky back in 2007.  Kona, the little dog that belongs to the owner of Kona's Chips was getting sick from eating the jerky treats.  To no avail, they were unable to find ANY chicken jerky made here in the United States, sourced from USDA chicken breast meat.

That is how Kona's chips started.  Kona's chicken jerky, turkey jerky and beef jerky are made of pure USDA sourced meats, made right in California.  Their ingredient list is simple, meat and salt as a preservative.  We decided to bring in the Kona's jerky after requesting samples and seeing for ourselves.

We too, are proud parents of a beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever named, Nia.  Nia is literally our "lab" tester.  Any product we carry must meet our Nia's seal of approval.
Nia, our "Lab" tester
Kona's Chicken Jerky 12 oz. 
Special Price

Rest assured, our products- Chicken jerky, beef jerky, turkey jerky and the Kona's chicken crunch sticks are highly anticipated by Nia.  When we make up our sample treats to send with our customer's orders, she waits eagerly for her treats too.

We are a family owned company that really want to make our customers feel special.
Unlike other big online companies, we are answering our own phones and e-mails.
Each and every one of our products is the highest quality and must meet our stringent high standards.
Every order is packed by one of my own family and a few other trusted employees.
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