Thursday, May 15, 2014

All Natural Bully Sticks For Dogs -USA Bully Sticks Sale

Bully sticks are not all the same.  There are many different methods of preparing bull pizzle as a chew for dogs.
At Mickey's Pet Supplies we only carry all natural, no chemicals added bully sticks.
Our bully sticks come from USA cattle that has been grass fed and allowed to freely range in green pastures.
These cows are pasture raised and pasture finished.
Unlike any other company we only carry bully sticks that have not been bleached or chemically treated.
They are washed and vertically dried and then baked so 95% of the tell tale odor is removed.
We would love to call our bully sticks completely odor free, but because this is a bull pizzle and a body part there will be some residual odor especially when wet.

The bully stick is meaty, long-lasting, high protein digestible dog chew.  We have the 6 inch size for small dogs and 9-10 inch sticks for medium size dogs and 11-12 inch bully sticks for larger breeds.
We have the regular size bully stick, the thick size and the Monster thick bully sticks in our USA bully sticks.
We weigh all our bully sticks to assure a dense and long lasting chew. Our bully sticks are graded by weight.
Visit us and take 10% off your USA bully stick order with coupon code BULLY. Expires September 15th, 2014
We love supporting American workers and are the largest online retailer of made in USA pet supplies.
Call 877-863-5431 to order by phone.

Nia, our Labrador Retriever with her USA Bully stick