Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Trend is Made in USA Pet Supplies

Ever since 2007 and the pet deaths and illness linked to a pet food ingredient sourced from China people have been very conscious of buying made in USA pet supplies. People began to read the labels and look to see where the ingredients were sourced.
Pet parents sent a message to the pet food manufacturers based on their purchases.
They want a greater selection of made in US dog and cat products!

We started a long time ago with our pets by buying only made in USA pet food and treats for our dog and cats. We subscribe to Whole Dog Journal and consider it our go to source for the best information from some of the experts in the industry.

Here at Mickey's Pet Supplies we started our business fully pledging to bring in only the highest quality pet supplies and finding the best made in USA dog and cat pet supplies.

You will find the largest selection of any pet retail store of made in USA pet supplies.
We have a complete section located in the upper left corner of our website that is only Made in USA.
There you will find hundreds of made in USA dog toys, dog treats, cat treats, cat toys, dog food and pet grooming and health items.

We carry Wholesome Hide rawhides and they are the only rawhides we would ever consider carrying. We know how their hides are shipped to them in refrigerated trucks right from Chicago area where their plant is located, cleaned and hand rolled and tied into their traditional retriever rolls and knotted bones. They are the only made in USA certified rawhide company. That means they are inspected by the USDA and actually are certified as to their source and manufacturing.
Made in USA certified means that their finished product must manufactured and produced exclusively in the US and all raw ingredients must be US sourced.
They are unlike any other rawhide you may have tried.  They are fresh, full of the rich collagen layer that makes them a tasty bone for your dog. They are not chemically treated to preserve them, so they aren't dry and brittle. Other companies get their cow hides from foreign countries and must ship them in containers across the ocean.  In order for the rawhides to make the journey, they have to add stabilizers and preservatives to them.  By the time they reach our borders they are all dry and brittle from the ride. Wholesome Hide is a safe chew and many veterinarians have changed their thinking on rawhides once they try Wholesome Hide.  We have many as our customers!
Ann Shevin, Owner of Mickey's Pet Supplies
and her Lab, Nia
At Mickey's we have our own brand of dog chews, sourced from a ranch in Colorado.
We have cow hooves, meaty knuckle bones, bully sticks in every size from regular to our Super Monster.

We deal with small companies that make dog toys here in the US from US sourced fabric.
One is even in Florida where we are located. Of course, we carry West Paw Design Dog Toys, Planet Dog, JW Pet and Kong.  Just to let you know, not all Kong dog toys are made in the US.

We make a point of meeting our companies we deal with and really knowing where their sources are.  They know us for being very picky in who we represent on our web site.

Rest assured, our customers are like our extended family. We get to know their pet's names and when they order from us, they know they are getting the best in personal service and the best in pet supplies for their pets. Every one of our

orders goes out lightning fast, usually within an hour of placing it you will receive an email with your shipment tracking information. We are a small company with 4 employees and each of us have many pets! We all love animals!

Stop by and take a look at what Mickey's has to offer.  You will be impressed with our products and our service. We offer free shipping on orders of $75 and very low cost shipping on orders under $75.
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