Saturday, August 22, 2009

Save Dolphins in Japan

If you love dolphins- This short movie will shock you. See what the people of Japan need to stop!

Please join the effort and go to the petition site and take action against this!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pet travel International Requirements

Export - Pets and Animals
Taking Your Pet to a Foreign CountryAPHIS is one of three Federal agencies that you will encounter as you travel with your pet.
APHIS Web Information:
We have a web page that provides general information on " Traveling With Your Pet ".
If you are taking a pet to another country (permanently or for a visit), contact that country's consulate or embassy for information about any requirements that you must meet. A listing of consulates can be found at the U.S. Department of State website.
International health certificates for the export of animals from the United States are completed by the APHIS accredited veterinarian who certifies animal health status, conducts tests, and records test results for the individual animals being exported. Completed and signed international health certificates for the export of animals from the United States must be endorsed by a Veterinary Services area office in order to be valid. To obtain the USDA endorsement of an international health certificate or any other documents relating to traveling with your pet, the documents must be completed by an APHIS Accredited Veterinarian.
The APHIS Area Office for your state can assist you with your questions relating to traveling with your pet, help you locate an Accredited Veterinarian, and inform you of the fee(s) for the USDA endorsement(s). You should check with your current Veterinarian to determine if he/she is an APHIS Accredited Veterinarian. You can locate the VS Area Office for your State at:
Please note that the National Center for Import and Export can not endorse international health certificates for any kind of animals including pets. For health certificate endorsement please contact your local VS Area Office (
The United States has minimal requirements for animals to be exported to other countries. Your Area Veterinarian-in-Charge can provide you with the current regulations, tests, and inspections required. Each country may have other specific health requirements for entry of animals. These requirements are established by the importing country, not the United States. Other countries may also have their own certificate format for export. Since export requirements frequently change, obtain the current export requirements from the Veterinary Service office in your area before each shipment. We recommend that you also contact the country's consulate or embassy to ensure that you have the most current information. Do not rely solely on information provided by brokers and exporters. The VS web site has limited export requirements for select countries for pets at: Animal Export Regulations.
Other Federal Web sites:
In addition to our web site, you should visit the web sites of the two other Federal agencies that have a role in the import/export of animals:
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
US Customs Service

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review

Drinkwell pet fountain instructions & review by Mickey's Pet Supplies discount online pet supplies
Drinkwell pet fountains are the most healthy way to give your pet a source of fresh filtered drinking water and we have tested these Drinkwell pet fountains with our cats, thus a full product review
Drinkwell pet fountains were originally designed by a veterinarian , Dr. Burns to help with her cat, Munchkin's need for fresh running water. Cats are especially susceptible to urinary tract infections, so they require regular hydration. Cats love faucets and sinks and fresh running water. The Drinkwell pet fountain encourages your cat or dog to drink fresh running water. Also, fresh flowing water is aerated and cooler than standing water. The Drinkwell pet fountain has a charcoal filter which keeps the water fresh. We started with the Drinkwell 360 pet fountain as we have 4 cats and a dog. The Drinkwell 360 pet fountain is designed for multiple pet households, by giving pet owners an ability to customize their Drinkwell 360 pet fountain with the five interchangeable spout rings. Your cats or dogs can all drink from the same pet fountain. The initial set-up was easy. We removed the circular pet fountain and cleaned it thoroughly and then read the directions for set-up. There is a cone that fits onto the circular base and then an insert that accepts the tubular filter. There is a flow control that fits on top of the filter in the cone. Simply plug the AC adapter into a nearby outlet, fill with water to the indicated level and it is ready. It runs very quietly. All four of our cats came to see what the new device was. They were a little shy at first, but then they began to lick at the falling water. My oldest cat, Boston was very intrigued and will watch the water for awhile and then proceed to put his paws into the flowing water and wash himself, then I found he was actually swiping and playing at the water. Who knew that the Drinkwell pet fountain could be entertaining for your cats or dogs too? We noticed about a month after running the Drinkwell pet fountain that the water was not flowing as freely. I knew it was time to clean it. I purchased the brush kit and basically read the instructions again to make sure I was cleaning the pump properly. Filters should be changed approximately every 2 weeks. Replacement filters for Drinkwell 360 pet fountain come in a box of three and are inexpensive. In order to clean the Drinkwell pet fountain, you must unplug the power, remove the flow control cap & spout ring. Now remove the filter housing by twisting the filter housing counter clockwise to the unlock position. Lift up and set aside. Empy the water from the pet fountain, now remove the cone pice by twisting counter clockwise to unlock the tabs. Lift up and set aside. Next, flip the bowl upside down and unhook the electrical cord from the 2 cord clips. This allows you to pull the cord through. This is probably the most important step in keeping the Drinkwell pet fountain clean. You must remove the pump. First remove the intake tube by lifting up on the intake tube holder to free it from the pump. This allows you to remove the pump. The intake tube can then be pulled from the intake tube holder. Clean the fountain parts with warm water and diluted dish soap. You can also put the fountain in the top rack of the dishwasher, but remove the pump before. In order to reach all the spots in the fountain and pump, the Drinkwell Cleaning Kit (a 3 brush kit) is available at Mickey's Pet Supplies for a very low price. We actually took the pump's intake plate off by putting a fingernail under each side, then we removed the stator, using a fingernail. Once you have the stator out you can remove the impeller (held in place magnetically). We cleane all the parts of the pump with the Drinkwell Cleaning Kit motor brush and washed thoroughly and replaced all the parts. We then put in a new filter cartridge and re-filled with fresh water. Everything is working great. The next feature we added was the Drinkwell Aqua Garden. This is hydroponic seeds of wheat grass. Simply clip it on to the fountain and in about 4 days you'll see sprouts. At a week we had 5 inch tall blades of grass. I have one cat that has kidney disease and she is the one that loves the wheat grass. I highly recommend the Drinkwell pet fountains. We had to try them before we would sell them to our customers. The Drinkwell pet fountain receives a 5 out of 5 stars for our cats.

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Pet Rescue- Foster a Military Pet

Support a Great Cause-- A NationWide & Global network of Individual Foster Homes that will house, nurture and care forthe dogs, cats, birds, horses and all other pets for all the Military personnel Only.

West Bloomfield, Michigan Dog Park Location & Rules

Karner Farm Dog Park- West Bloomfield Dog Park
5911 Halsted Rd, West Bloomfield, MI
Operating Hours: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Managed By: West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation 248-451-1901--ext. 220
Days closed:
Fees: $20 residents only access
Restrooms: Portable restroom
Park Size: 3 acres
Type of Park: Fenced

To use the Off Leash Dog Area (OLDA) you must register with the West Bloomfield Park Department in the Civic Center Complex--WEST BLOOMFIELD PARKS AND RECREATION
4640 Walnut Lake Road, West Bloomfield, Michigan 48323 (248) 451-1900
Rules and Regulations for a Safe and Enjoyable Experience At the West Bloomfield Off Leash Dog Area

1. All OLDA permit holders must abide by these Off Leash Dog Area (OLDA) rules and regulation and follow West Bloomfield Township ordinances at all times.
2. West Bloomfield Township and/or the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission (WBPRC) are not responsible for the condition of the OLDA facilities or equipment at any time, resulting from dogs,permit holders and unauthorized guests.
3. Permits are revocable at the sole and absolute discretion of the WBPRC and/or the WBPRC staff. Permits are not transferable.
4. Permit holders are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries caused by their dogs.
5. Adults ages 18 and older are entitled to apply for a permit. Permit applicants must submit proof of age with their application.
6. Permit applicants must show a current Oakland County Dog License and proof of up-to-date vaccinations
including bordatella for each dog to be registered under the permit. Dogs using the OLDA must wear their
current Oakland County Dog License.
7. Use of the OLDA is at the permit holder’s own risk.
8. Permit holders must clean up their dog’s waste and deposit it in the receptacles provided.
9. Permit holders may bring the number of dogs into the OLDA that they can adequately control without endangering other users of the OLDA, with a maximum of three (3) dogs. If complaints are received about an individual that can not control their dog(s), it is possible, after review of complaints by an authorized employee of West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation; the permit holder will only be allowed to bring one dog at a time.
10. Permit holders must stay in the OLDA with their dogs at all times. If you need to leave the confines of the OLDA for any reason you must take your dog(s) with you.
11. Only the permit holder or those persons living at the same address and listed on the permit will be allowed to bring registered dog(s) into the OLDA.
12. An act of aggression, either verbal or physical, by a permit holder towards another permit holder at the park or to another permit holder’s dog will not be tolerated. A representative of the West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation Commission will immediately put into action an investigation with regards to the complaint.
This will not only involve talking to the permit holder about which the complaint was made, but also to anywitnesses to the incident. After an investigation that is deemed satisfactory by the authorized employee ofWest Bloomfield Parks & Recreation is concluded, all findings will be reviewed with the permit holder about which the original complaint was made, and then a decision will be given with regards to the situation, up to and including permanent revocation of an OLDA permit.
13. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the OLDA. Children between the ages of 5 and 17 are permitted in the OLDA if they are under adult supervision of a permit holder. Permit holders may only bring the number of children to the OLDA that they can adequately supervise along with the dogs. No one under 18 may be left in the Off Leash Dog Park without supervision of the adult permit holder. Children must remain with an adult permit holder at all times. While in the OLDA there will be no running, ball, playing or Frisbee use or any of the like by children between the ages of 5 and 17.
14. The following are not permitted in the OLDA: dogs in heat; dogs under the age of four months; dogs with contagious diseases or internal or external parasites; aggressive dogs; dogs that are not registered under a permit or whose license or any vaccination has expired; or dogs that have been identified as dangerous by the Township or court of law.
15. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior or barking excessively must be removed from the OLDA at the first sign of this behavior. Examples of aggressive behavior are, but are not limited to: a dog going after another dog unprovoked, a dog that bites another dog or human being, or a dog that picks up another dog in its
mouth. If a dog should bite another dog or human at the park the offending dog will be removed from the owners permit and that dog will no longer be allowed in the Off Leash Dog Area.
16. No fighting between dogs is allowed. Permit holders must immediately remove any dog exhibiting hostile, fighting, or aggressive behavior from the OLDA. Permit holders may protect dogs for which they are responsible, but shall do so only after first protecting any people in the OLDA, and then only by causing or encouraging disengagement and separation of dogs engaged in fighting or aggressive behavior. Permit
holders bear all risks of their involvement and for the protection of any user of the OLDA. The Charter Township of West Bloomfield and/or the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission have no
responsibility to intervene in any such situation, and are not responsible for the behavior or suitability of any dog brought to the OLDA.
17. Tennis balls and other toys are allowed. However, please use caution when using toys to play with your dog. Dominance issues may arise which could cause your pet to become unusually aggressive and bite someone or another dog. Only permit holder should be actively involved in playing with the dog.
18. Pinch collars, spike collars or shock collars are not permitted in the OLDA.
19. All dogs must be off leash while inside of the Off Leash Dog Area.
20. Leashes must be either leather or nylon and no longer than 6ft. Leashes must be with the permit holders at
all times. Retractable leashes are not allowed. Muzzles are not allowed while in the Off Leash Dog Area
21. “People food”, alcoholic beverages, and glass containers are not permitted in the OLDA. Pet food must not be left unattended or accessible to dogs other than those of the permit holder.
*In the event that any of the above rules are violated by a permit holder or a complaint is made by a permit holder, or an infraction or violation is witnessed by a representative of Parks and Recreation against an individual or their dog, immediate action shall take place as follows*: Exception to this is rule 15
First Offense
• After review of the complaint, which will include talking to any witnesses to the event leading up to the complaint, permit holder may receive a documented verbal warning from West Bloomfield Parks and
• This verbal warning will be reviewed with the permit holder by an authorized representative of West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation.
• A notation of the verbal warning will then be put in the file of the permit holder about which the complaint was made.
Second Offense
• After review of the complaint by an authorized employee of West Bloomfield Parks &Recreation, the permit holder may receive a written warning which could include suspension from the OLDA for 30 days
from date of infraction.
• This written warning and all prior complaints will be reviewed with the permit holder by an authorized employee of West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation.
• Written warning will then be put in the file of the permit holder about which the complaint was made.
Third Offense
• After notification of the third offense the permit holder will be immediately suspended pending an investigation.
• An authorized employee of West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation will immediately notify the permit holder of the complaint, and an investigation will immediately commence.
• All prior complaints will be reviewed with the permit holder.
• Depending on the findings, the permit holder whom the complaint was made may have their permit permanently revoked.
*Depending on the severity of the incident, West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation reserves the right to immediately revoke permits of all parties involved. If you should have to file any complaints please call 248-451-1900.
Approved by the WB Parks and Recreation Commission 12-14-06

Dog Parks- and Rules

What is a dog park?
The ideal dog park is a designated, fenced-in area
where people can bring their dogs to play and run
off-leash. A dog park can be a great place to share
and distribute information pertaining to dog care and
training. For dog owners with limited mobility, it can be
a place to socialize with other dog owners and exercise
their dogs.
Why have a dog park?
A report on off-leash dog parks by Portland Parks and
Recreation states that “There is a newly identified parks
user group: Dogs and their owners. This user group is
drawn to parks for open space, fresh air, exercise and
socialization for themselves and their pets. Coming to a
park is their chosen form of recreation, much the same
as jogging or biking. They are legitimate park users.”
Did you know...
There are more than 619 dog parks in the U.S. and
483 in Canada according to

Typical dog park rules:
Aggressive dogs are not allowed.
Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their
Dogs should not be left unattended.
Dogs should be up-to-date on vaccinations.
No food is allowed in the park.
Small children are not allowed in the park.
Older children are allowed in the park with a parent.

The Community Benefits of Dog Parks are:
Socializes and exercises dogs in a safe
Promotes responsible pet ownership.
Provides elderly and disabled owners with an
accessible place to exercise their companions.
Enables dogs to legally run off-leash.
Promotes public health and safety.
Provides a tool for realistic enforcement of dog
control laws.

Your dog should be on a leash from your car until reaching the inside of the no-leash area of the dog park. Mickey's Pet Supplies has Lupine leashes and collars that are guaranteed for life.