Saturday, August 8, 2009

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review

Drinkwell pet fountain instructions & review by Mickey's Pet Supplies discount online pet supplies
Drinkwell pet fountains are the most healthy way to give your pet a source of fresh filtered drinking water and we have tested these Drinkwell pet fountains with our cats, thus a full product review
Drinkwell pet fountains were originally designed by a veterinarian , Dr. Burns to help with her cat, Munchkin's need for fresh running water. Cats are especially susceptible to urinary tract infections, so they require regular hydration. Cats love faucets and sinks and fresh running water. The Drinkwell pet fountain encourages your cat or dog to drink fresh running water. Also, fresh flowing water is aerated and cooler than standing water. The Drinkwell pet fountain has a charcoal filter which keeps the water fresh. We started with the Drinkwell 360 pet fountain as we have 4 cats and a dog. The Drinkwell 360 pet fountain is designed for multiple pet households, by giving pet owners an ability to customize their Drinkwell 360 pet fountain with the five interchangeable spout rings. Your cats or dogs can all drink from the same pet fountain. The initial set-up was easy. We removed the circular pet fountain and cleaned it thoroughly and then read the directions for set-up. There is a cone that fits onto the circular base and then an insert that accepts the tubular filter. There is a flow control that fits on top of the filter in the cone. Simply plug the AC adapter into a nearby outlet, fill with water to the indicated level and it is ready. It runs very quietly. All four of our cats came to see what the new device was. They were a little shy at first, but then they began to lick at the falling water. My oldest cat, Boston was very intrigued and will watch the water for awhile and then proceed to put his paws into the flowing water and wash himself, then I found he was actually swiping and playing at the water. Who knew that the Drinkwell pet fountain could be entertaining for your cats or dogs too? We noticed about a month after running the Drinkwell pet fountain that the water was not flowing as freely. I knew it was time to clean it. I purchased the brush kit and basically read the instructions again to make sure I was cleaning the pump properly. Filters should be changed approximately every 2 weeks. Replacement filters for Drinkwell 360 pet fountain come in a box of three and are inexpensive. In order to clean the Drinkwell pet fountain, you must unplug the power, remove the flow control cap & spout ring. Now remove the filter housing by twisting the filter housing counter clockwise to the unlock position. Lift up and set aside. Empy the water from the pet fountain, now remove the cone pice by twisting counter clockwise to unlock the tabs. Lift up and set aside. Next, flip the bowl upside down and unhook the electrical cord from the 2 cord clips. This allows you to pull the cord through. This is probably the most important step in keeping the Drinkwell pet fountain clean. You must remove the pump. First remove the intake tube by lifting up on the intake tube holder to free it from the pump. This allows you to remove the pump. The intake tube can then be pulled from the intake tube holder. Clean the fountain parts with warm water and diluted dish soap. You can also put the fountain in the top rack of the dishwasher, but remove the pump before. In order to reach all the spots in the fountain and pump, the Drinkwell Cleaning Kit (a 3 brush kit) is available at Mickey's Pet Supplies for a very low price. We actually took the pump's intake plate off by putting a fingernail under each side, then we removed the stator, using a fingernail. Once you have the stator out you can remove the impeller (held in place magnetically). We cleane all the parts of the pump with the Drinkwell Cleaning Kit motor brush and washed thoroughly and replaced all the parts. We then put in a new filter cartridge and re-filled with fresh water. Everything is working great. The next feature we added was the Drinkwell Aqua Garden. This is hydroponic seeds of wheat grass. Simply clip it on to the fountain and in about 4 days you'll see sprouts. At a week we had 5 inch tall blades of grass. I have one cat that has kidney disease and she is the one that loves the wheat grass. I highly recommend the Drinkwell pet fountains. We had to try them before we would sell them to our customers. The Drinkwell pet fountain receives a 5 out of 5 stars for our cats.