Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5 Unusual Summertime Threats To Our Pets

As animal lovers, we all hope that everyone has gotten the message, loud and clear, never leave an animal alone in a hot car, not even for one minute! 
But during the warmer months of summer, there’s many other perils out there facing our pets. Aside from looking for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion, we should also be careful to avoid some other risks under the afternoon sun.
Always provide plenty of shade and cool water for your pets. 

 Here are four lesser known threats that face our pets during the dog days of summer:

#1 - Coolant Calamity

Before it gets too hot (or even too cold), many DIY motorists will change out the coolant (or antifreeze) in their automobiles. The main ingredient in these products, ethylene glycol is highly toxic for animals. Just a few drops of this sweet-tasting substance can cause acute life-threatening conditions like renal failure and death in some cases.

Be sure you keep this dangerous chemical away from your animals at all times and be on the lookout for this deadly substance in driveways, puddles and parking lots in your area.

#2 - Surface Stings

Many of us forget how hot the pavement, sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces become under the searing summer heat. For example, on a typical summer’s day, when the exterior temperature reaches 95℉, concrete rises to 125℉, red bricks commonly found on patios soar to 130℉ and black asphalt on the street climbs to a blistering 140℉. Beyond the threshold of pain at just 120℉, at temperatures of 140℉, permanent damage from burns and scarring can occur.

Before you consider letting your cat out onto the patio or taking your dog for a walk, consider their sensitive paws on these hot surfaces. Unless you’ll be out there with them barefoot, at least feel the temperature of the ground before putting them in harm’s way.

#3 - Bad Barbeque
This is the time of year when all our friends and family stop by for a delicious backyard barbeque, but this environment can be tricky for our animals. Imagine a cute little toddler running around with a piece of delicious, barbequed chicken that is quickly snatched by a passing pooch. Or perhaps a neighbor cat is rummaging through the trash and consuming harmful leftovers. When you’re cooking out, consider keeping your pets indoors or at the very least:

       Be sure garbage containers have tightly fitting lids

       Keep them away from insecticides like citronella candles and other toxins
       Make sure the hot grill is monitored at all times

During the Fourth of July, many animals are frightened by fireworks, the noises, explosions and bright lights. But remember, immediately after the festivities have fizzled, be sure to dispose of all these items safely since the mere scent or taste of these fireworks can be hazardous for pets.

 #4 - Faulty Food

Nothing says summertime like a refreshing fruit salad, although some of these ingredients are actually healthy for dogs and cats, others are dangerous. For example, grapes and raisins can cause a number of different dilemmas for animals. While we all know not to give dogs chocolate, other foods to avoid include:

       Sugar free dishes with xylitol can cause vomiting, seizures liver failure or even death.
       Hot dogs can be swallowed too quickly and cause a choking hazard
       Dips that come with chips can contain onions and garlic which can be poisonous
       Nuts, especially macadamia, can also be toxic for pets

#5 - Pet Sunburn  
Our pets need protection this summer from those burning rays too.  Exposed pink noses and ears can get sunburned.  Make sure you dab a little on those susceptible precious areas. We recommend Doggles Pet Sunscreen as it is non-toxic and safe.  Absolutely, do not use anything with Zinc Oxide as it is toxic to your pet. 
Don't shave your long hair dog as those hairs are protecting him from the sun. Just use an undercoat rake to remove excess hair.

We can all enjoy the summer months without risking injury or illness by being a little more vigilant and paying some more attention to our pets. So go ahead and beat the heat while keeping an extra eye on your four-legged friends this summer

Contributing author is Amber Kingsley. Amber is a freelance writer who has donated countless hours supporting her local shelters in Santa Monica, CA.  Her focus with writing is on pet related topics such as pet food, health and training. 
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Wholesome Hide Reviews

Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection and low prices on Wholesome Hide made in USA rawhide.
You will find the greatest selection of all the Wholesome Hide product line.

Why rawhide?
It's only natural for your dog to enjoy chewing rawhide. After all, for centuries, wild canines chewed on the hides of their hoofed prey. Not only does it just "feel right" to a dog, chewing hid provides cleaning action for teeth, exercise for gums, soothing for older dogs, and is a source of sport for puppies.

Why choose Wholesome Hide?
Wholesome Hide rawhide is sourced fresh from USA cattle.  This company uses only the highest quality hides that are shipped by refrigerated trucks to their Chicago facility.  There the hides are thicker, tastier and made without those pieces and scraps that you find in the imported rawhides. These made in USA rawhides are the safest and best choice for your dogs because they are the only company that has fully USA sourced and produced rawhide chews.

The Wholesome Hide difference:
These rawhide bones are fresher, thicker, long lasting and safer for your dogs than the imports. The tasty collagen layer is left intact due to minimal processing, which means a more flavorful chew that your dog will surely enjoy. Because the hides are fresh and made to order, they are easier to "wet down" and tear off into smaller pieces than the dry and brittle rawhide you find in the big box stores. Wholesome Hide rawhides are Whole Dog Journal tested and recommended. Once you try Wholesome Hide rawhide you will see the difference immediately!

What rawhide products are available?
Rawhide can be formed into an amazing number of products. From little chips to giant rolls and bones, there's a rawhide treat available that will be sure to please your pet. Here are a few popular choices.

  • Flat knot bones
    • These last longer than sticks or chips. Thicker bones keep dogs chewing longer.
  • Rawhide rolls
    • Dogs enjoy playing fetch with these. Super-thick rolls last a long time. Some even contain pork skin rolled within them.
  • Twists
    • Small dogs do well with these stick shaped treats.
  • Chips
    • These are chewy treats and can be given as rewards. Chips are usually eaten quicker than other rawhides.
  • Chunkee rawhide treats
    • These provide a quick crunchy treat and are great for senior pets because they are easier to chew and don't contribute to weight gain.

How often should I give rawhide to my dog?
How often you allow your pet to enjoy its rawhide treat depends upon how aggressively it likes to chew. A good rule of thumb is to let your pet chew a rawhide an hour a day.

Our customer reviews say it all:
  • “I have two German Shepherds who consume most "long-lasting" chews within 15 minutes or so. These, on the other hand, keep them working for hours. They have been particularly useful in keeping my 1yr puppy from chewing on other things, like my furniture! I'm happy to have found such a great distributor as the Wholesome Hide Rawhide products can be hard to find.”
  • “My dogs go crazy over the wholesome hide twists! Delivery is always fast. This company really cares about their customers and their products.”
  • “I tried these for the first time recently for my 5 month old Golden Retriever who is a voracious chewer.  He loves them.  He chews for about an hour per night, til I take it away, and one lasts for a least a week until I feel it is getting too small.  He used to consume the ones from the pet store in one night. If you've got a strong chewer, even a young puppy, I recommend these.  Also of note:  He has no digestive upsets from these bones.”
  • “Quality product that is safe and made in the USA.  They might cost a little more but worth it.   I ordered these for my son's lab puppy because my two labs love them so much except I get the larger super thick.  Mine get so excited when the box arrives.   As always, the service is excellent.”
  • “We recently discovered these jerky bars and after seeing how excited the dogs were to get them, I bought 3 more bags. There are a lot of treats in a bag! My husband ran some of these through his band saw to make smaller pieces for our small dog, while the larger dog gets a bigger piece. They seem to love the crunch and taste. I like the quality of Wholesome Hide products.”
  • “I will say, my dog simply LOVES anything rawhide and this was a perfect treat for him!!  I search and only buy things Made in the USA and was THRILLED to find this website!!  I received everything so quickly and I am a customer for life!!”
  • “I like the Wholesome Hide Large Beefhide Chips because they are made in the USA and my dogs love them. They actually sit in front of the shelf they are on and look up to see if it is time. I am a repeat customer of Mickey's Pet Supply because it is easy to shop at home, ships very fast, and reorders are a breeze.”
  • “These are a favorite of all three of my dogs.  We have used the WH 9-10 inch Retriever Rolls for several years and decided to try the bacon basted ones when they came out.  They go to these first every time!  I love that Wholesome Hide is made exclusively in the USA and that they are made of a single, thick piece of hide - no little chips hiding inside for the dogs to choke on.  Highly recommended!”

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