Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brand new Fluff and Tuff Dog Toys are here- Tough Dog Toys

Fluff and Tuff dog toys are the most durable and life-like looking dog toys we have seen.
The Lawson's have developed a really great tough line of dog toys.
The newest addition is Presley the Penguin. This handsome penguin will steal your heart. He is just so dapper in his plaid vest. Presley the Penguin is made of high quality fabrics; the outer layer is ultra-plush covering the durable, thick mesh inner liner. This plush dog toy has seams that are double stitched with a large, durable squeaker is enclosed in a stitched fabric pouch. (This is a great robust sounding squeaker) For your dogs safety, the eyes are stitched and there are no hard edges. The stuffing is new non-toxic polyester fiber. No plush toy is indestructible, but their toys are built very tough. Presley measures 10 inches tall. This guy is just perfect for that special dog on your Christmas shopping list.  There's still time.  We make sure that your order ships the same day.  

Mickey's Pet Supplies has a large selection of all the newest Fluff and Tuff dog toys.
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Coupon expires Jan 31st, 2014. 

We have met the owners, Ellen and Chris Lawson and they are pet parents themselves. Ellen’s father was a small animal veterinarian and her mother is a well respected AKC judge and breeder of Golden Retrievers. Currently, they have 3 dogs of their own and were the inspiration behind Fluff & Tuff. Their Research and Development team consists of four highly trained canine experts. Each team member brings to the table years of field research with specific experience in the area of dog behavior as it relates to "dog toys." Each product has undergone extensive durability testing and has withstood what their four dogs can do to a toy.Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys is very proud to be a Giving Partner of Leader Dogs for the Blind. For each and every toy sold they donate $.50 to Leader Dogs. 

Cloudstar Holiday Buddy Biscuits ON SALE

If you want a special made in USA dog treat that is only around for Christmas, try the NEW Gingerbread flavor baked and soft and chewy Cloudstar Holiday Buddy Biscuit Gingerbread dog treats. Get them while you can. They are going fast! Use coupon code HH10 to take 10% off anything in our Holiday Gift section.
Coupon expires December 31st.
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CloudStar Holiday Buddy Biscuits
Only here during the Holidays!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Pet Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner.
More Americans consider their pets a part of their family and at Mickey's Pet Supplies we take personal service, safety for our pets and quality of natural pet products seriously.

Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection of made in USA pet supplies of any store.
We have researched to find the safest, most natural dog toys, cat toys, treats, dog chews and more.

We go the extra mile to ship your order the same day it is placed.  With this time of year we know that you want to make sure that your special gifts arrive in time for Christmas.

Here are a few of our favorite things:
West Paw Design Puppy Penguin- An adorable plush penguin that's made in USA
Cloud Star Holiday Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits- Available in soft and chewy treats and traditional baked Gingerbread Man box or XXL size
Wholesome Hide Candy Cane Rawhide- Certified made in USA rawhide Candy Cane shape that is only around for Christmas. Measures 10 inches
Zippy Burrow Reindeer Den Dog Puzzle Toy- This is so adorable.  A dog puzzle toy that has 3 plush squeaky reindeer that fit inside the red plush burrow. Keep your dog's mind challenged.
Planet Dog Orbee Snowball- This is a guaranteed hit every year! A snowball shaped orbee ball- made in USA and guaranteed.
West Paw Design Merry Bone- Available in new Red rosette plush in the large or original plush in the small size.
Pet Candy Holiday Kittles Catnip toys- Fun Christmas prints and filled with potent catnip- USA made

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Best Dog Chew Toys - Highest Rated Dog Toys

With all the dog toys on the market now everyone wants to know what are the best dog chew toys.
At Mickey's we love to carry only the highest quality and safest toys for dogs.
What the means for our pet parents is that we only carry brands that we trust and know.
We meet everyone of our suppliers and research their safety standards and test for durability.

You will find toys from West Paw Design and their Zogoflex dog toys line.
These toys are literally guaranteed or we will replace your toy for free.
Zogoflex is an amazingly tough material that is buoyant, pliable and designed to berecycled. It is BPA and phthalate- free. It is non-toxic and FDA compliant (meaning it is safe to eat off of!).

We love the West Paw Design Hurley, Zisc, Tizzi and Jive dog balls. These toys are really tough.  Plus, they are made right here in the USA!

West Paw Design Zogoflex Hurley dog toy
Planet Dog also makes great Orbee tough dog toys. Their orbee toys are minty, non-toxic, recyclable and Made in USA. The orbee balls are available in three different sizes to suit every dog. The glow and orange color balls even glow in the dark! 
All the Planet Dog Orbee dog toys are Guaranteed too! 
Planet Dog Orbee Balls
Add your dose of adorable fun with the Planet Dog Strawberry. 
Planet Dog Strawberry

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obama's New Dog Sunny

Repost of Washington Post Article

What’s the political message behind Obama’s new dog Sunny?

The Obamas’ dogs, Bo, left, and new addition Sunny. (Pete Souza/The White House)
In the hours since she joined the first family, 1-year-old Sunny — the Obamas’ new Portuguese water dog — has frolicked on the South Lawn of the White House, played with Bo and sat for lots of photo ops.  But when you live at the White House, things are rarely so uncomplicated. Presidential pets have been trotted out for everything from highly popular campaign photos to eponymous children’s books. And as George Washington University’s Jim Lebovicdiscovered in a 2012 study, aptly titled “Unleashing Presidential Power: The Politics of Pets in the White House,” the public tends to see the White House dog at very specific times.
The Post called Lebovic to talk about his work. The conversation has been edited for space and clarity.
So you did a study on presidential pets a few years ago that was a bit tongue in cheek.
Well, as a journalist, you know you can’t write anything about animals without using puns. Initially I protested the puns, but I was loudly vetoed by my co-authors. And then once the floodgates opened, they just kept coming. I may have contributed a few in the end, myself.
The problem was, all the jokes made some blogs and news organizations think the research itself was a gag. It was actually quite sound. We collected news stories on presidential pets, mostly dogs, going all the way back to the Roosevelt administration, and then put that in the computer with all the public opinion and economic data that political scientists usually employ.
Or dog-oriented stories, as the case may be.
Humanizing, let’s say. They humanize the president.
Is the Obamas’ new dog supposed to send that kind of message, do you think?
Let’s put it this way — and I should say, I’m standing next to my 55-pound standard poodle, whom I love dearly, as I say this — if I had a large, grassy lawn like the president does and a staff to take care of them, I would probably think about getting another dog. Sunny looks like a wonderful acquisition.
So it’s not a PR ploy?
Is the first family aware that pets have a positive impact on their public perception? They’re savvy politicians. Of course they’re aware that pets have a humanizing influence. When the president gets out of his helicopter and there’s a dog there to greet him, that’s something people can relate to.
But given the fact that the president’s not seeking reelection and he has his hands full with the NSA scandal, the deteriorating situations in Egypt and Syria, and other possible crises around the world, my suspicion is that the dog will have zero effect on public opinion. My suspicion is that he got a dog for the same reason most people get dogs: He wanted one.
Do you think we — the media, the public — pay too much attention to this sort of thing?
In Washington, unfortunately, we have the tendency to politicize everything. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes a dog is just a dog. Despite my important research into presidential pets, I do think we probably make way too much of this. We should remember the extent to which political people have normal human needs, motives and families that drive their decisions.
Are you planning any more research on presidential pets?
Actually, most of my work relates to arms control and nuclear weapons. I have a book coming out on strategic nuclear arms control with Johns Hopkins next month.

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Guaranteed Tough Dog Toys Review

Hurley Dog Toy
There are many great chew dog toys available, but there are a few companies that guarantee their products.
What that means to you as a pet parent:  Any of the Zogoflex toys from West Paw Design or Orbee Tuff balls from Planet Dog will be replaced for FREE! 
These companies are Made in USA dog toy companies: West Paw Design and Planet Dog
The Zogoflex toys from Planet Dog are made of an amazingly tough material that makes their toys bouncy, floatable and dishwasher safe. All Zogoflex dog toys are recyclable! 
Zogoflex is BPA and phthalate-free, Non-toxic and FDA compliant. (meaning it's safe to eat off of!)

There are many styles of Zogoflex dog toys from West Paw Design to choose from:
This is a bone shaped dog chew toy made by West Paw Design.  It comes in three sizes to suit all dogs.  There is a mini size measuring 4.5 inches, small measuring 6 inches and large size measuring 8.25 inches.  
This is really indestructible ball that floats, bounces and you can put in the dishwasher to clean.
It too is available in three sizes: Mini- 2 inch, Small- 2.6 inches and Large 3.5 inches
It comes in a great selection of bright colors.  If you are tired of your dog chewing tennis balls up in minutes, this is a great ball.  
Tux is also made of Zogoflex by West Paw Design.  It is a dog chew toy that is stuffable.  That means you can tuck dog treats into it to make your dog's play time more fun! You can stuff it with healthy yogurt, chicken broth or water and freeze too. Tux is pliable, bouncy and dishwasher safe.

Orbee Tuff dog toys from Planet Dog are also guaranteed as tough and durable dog toys.
The highest rated ball is the Orbee Tuff Orbee Ball with its world design and minty smell.
It is available in three colors: blue/green, pink/blue and a glow in the dark version with orange. Available in Small and Large. Rated a 5 out of 5 on toughness scale. 
The Diamond Plate Ball is a favorite amoung or "no-nonsense" customers. It is also rated a 5 out of 5 chompers on the Planet Dog Tough Scale.
There's also the Orbee Tuff Sport Balls in bigger sizes: Orbee Soccer Ball and Orbee Football.
We recommend these for larger breeds. The Soccer ball measures 5 inches in diameter and the Football measures 6 inches. 
All of the Planet Dog Orbee Tuff dog toys are non-toxic, recyclable, Made in USA and wash clean. 
The Planet Dog LUNA ball is doggie-durable, buoyant, minty, non-toxic and GUARANTEED TOUGH or Replaced for free.  Luna measures 4 inches and glows in the dark.  Our bigger size dogs really enjoy this ball, as it is easy to pick up.  Rated a 4 out of 5 chompers. 

Planet Dog Orbee Strawberry

The Planet Dog Orbee Strawberry is rated 4 out of 5 chompers. It also has a 'treat spot" center so you can put some of your dogs favorite treats inside! 

  Mickey's Pet Supplies carries the largest selection of Made in USA dog toys.
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At Mickey's you receive personal service, attention to detail and lightning fast shipping with low prices and FREE shipping on your $75 order.
Visit us at or Call 877-863-5431
We are always available to answer any questions! 
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wholesome Hide Rawhide comparison to other rawhides

Good morning,
Last night I was contacted by a dog nutrition blogger from Sweden.  Here is her questions to me:

"Hello! I'm a dog nutrition blogger from Sweden and I'm doing a research on rawhide which is used as dog treats. I've read your comment to the article "Finding the right rawhide chew for your dog" by Nancy Kerns from the Whole Dog Journal. I can concluse that you must be very competent in the questions regarding rawhide. That's why I'd very much appreciate if you helped me to better understand some points in rawhide production. I'm particularly interested in white (bleached) rawhide chews manufactured in China. There's a clear difference between the ones you sell and the ones that sell in chain supermarkets. But I suppose it's not only the looks that differ. The Swedish retailers claim those chinese chews are controlled and thus safe for dogs to eat. Can I trust them or they can actually claim whatever they want? Do you know if there are good tanneries in China that honestly produce good chews? My dog womited each time she ate one of those white chews. Could it be because of traces of hydrogen peroxide that was used to bleach the hide? I read that if digested it can cause womiting. Can it be true? And later on when I did a hair tissue mineral analyses on her I discovered that she has high levels of ARSENIC, aluminium and mercury. The veterinarian guessed it could have been rawhides I gave my dog as treats that led to arsenic and aluminium poisoning. Could you please explain how heavy metals end up in rawhide chews? And one more question: is it by any means possible that the Chinese recycle tanned leather scraps as dog chews? Thank you very much for your time. I would be grateful if you shared with me your insights on those questions." Tina 

Here is my response to Tina:
Anything is possible with pet products made in China. You probably are aware of dog deaths from chicken dog jerky treats from China. Finally the FDA here in the United States was able to determine that there was unapproved antibiotics used by the Chinese. 
All cow hides have to be cleaned in a very dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide to kill any bacteria, otherwise they would not be safe for dogs because of contamination. Foreign countries that produce huge volumes of rawhide are making them completely stable for shipment in really hot containers that travel for weeks and then sit again on docks for months sometimes before customs clears them. By freshness and all natural standards, they are over processed and very dry and brittle. 
The Wholesome Hide rawhide by comparison is fresh, shipped by refrigerated trucks to their facility. They are a small company and a lot of times, we have to wait for our order to be made. I can't answer about where the Chinese hides are coming from, but having Arsenic and other toxins does not come as any surprise. Unfortunately, we cannot ship any meat product internationally. I get asked at least once a week. Most countries ban any meat product from entering their country. It all goes back to the hoof and mouth disease years ago. I can only say that I would not consider any other rawhide. 

I have been researching rawhides for the past five years and during my extensive research on how rawhides are made, I always come to same conclusion:  There is only one rawhide company that I trust for healthy, all natural, fresh rawhide chews for your dogs. It is Wholesome Hide. 
If you have been told that rawhide is not safe for your dog, it is because the mass retailers have always carried the over processed,dry and brittle bones from overseas.  
When your dog chews on a Wholesome Hide rawhide bone, he is wetting while he is chewing and softening a fresh hide, that is totally unlike any rawhide you have given before.

Author: Ann Shevin, President
Mickey's Pet Supplies
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dogs and Cats Should be Allowed to Visit Sick Owners

A repost of article from the NY Times :When Best Friends Can Visit

Harry Grandis received a visit from his pet Yorkie, Minnie, while he was a patient at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, which has a pet visitation policy.Courtesy of Ann GrandisHarry Grandis received a visit from his pet Yorkie, Minnie, while he was a patient at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, which has a pet visitation policy.
A year and a half ago, Ruth London lay in intensive care in a hospital in Boca Raton, Fla., with severe pneumonia, delirious and hallucinating that she was in jail.
With the permission of a doctor on the unit, Ernest London, 81, cooked up a plan. He would bring the family dog, Delilah, a fluffy white Maltese, to see if the pet could calm his wife down.
At the entrance of the hospital, Mr. London was met by volunteers who stopped him cold. No dogs from home are allowed, they told him. But a call to the doctor was made, and eventually Mr. London and Delilah were allowed to go upstairs.
In the hospital room, the dog ran to Mrs. London’s side and nuzzled her hand. She stirred from her delirium “just a little bit,” Mr. London recalled, and began to remember where she was. “It was a turning point,” he said. “From that point on, she seemed to take a turn for the better.”
“I love that dog. I love her so much,” said Mrs. London, now 74.
It was a one-time deal: after a hurried meeting, hospital staff members decided they wouldn’t allow Delilah to come again, nor would they let other family members bring family pets to see other patients, Mr. London said.
That’s the policy at most hospitals across the country.
But a few medical institutions have taken a different approach and thrown open their doors to patients’ own dogs and cats, letting them visit along with spouses, children and friends. (Lots of hospitals have pet therapy programs using trained dogs, but that’s a different matter.)
The University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore lets family pets visit their owners, so long as certain requirements are met, as does the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City; Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond; Rush University Medical Center in Chicago; two hospitals associated with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.; and more than a dozen other medical centers.
On Long Island, North Shore University Hospital allows personal pets to stay with patients around the clock in its 10-bed palliative care unit, as does Hospice Inn, a freestanding 18-bed hospice facility that’s part of North Shore LIJ Health System.
Policies vary at the institutions that allow visits by patients’ pets, but many share some of the same requirements. A doctor’s order allowing the family pet to visit is typically necessary, as is an attestation from a veterinarian that the animal is healthy and up to date on all its shots. Most institutions require that dogs — the most common visitors, by far — be groomed within a day or so of a visit and on a leash when they walk through hospital corridors. Cats must be taken in and out of the institution in a carrier.
If a dog or cat wants to get up on a patient’s bed, a covering is laid down first. If an animal seems agitated or distressed when it comes into the hospital, staff members who meet the family and escort them to the patient’s room have the right to turn it away. If the patient shares a room with someone, that person must agree before a pet may visit.
“We have not had any problems,” said the Rev. Susan Roy, director of pastoral care services at the University of Maryland Medical Center, whose “your pet can visit” policy has been in place since 2008. If anything, she said, the visits can be hard on dogs, who often respond viscerally to an owner’s illness and may take a day or two to recover from a visit.
Rush University Medical Center spent three years studying the issue before its new pet visitation policy went into effect in February. Diane Gallagher, the hospital’s associate vice president of nursing operations, described some of the questions: Would animals transmit infections to patients, or vice versa? What were the liability issues? Could allowing pets to visit interfere with patient care — if, for instance, a family dog became alarmed and protective of the sick person when a doctor, a nurse or a technician came into the room?
In the end, officials decided that the benefits — comfort and reduced stress for patients — were more substantial than the risks.
Although research has shown that hospital therapy dogs can pick up germs and potentially transmit bacteria that can cause dangerous infections, those animals typically wander from room to room, while people’s own pets are expected to stay with the patient they are visiting. If someone has an open wound or an active infection, a visit from a family pet is discouraged, according to most hospital policies.
Research on the value of personal pets visiting patients in the hospital hasn’t been done. One small 2010 study of 10 healthy dog owners by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth’s Center for Human-Animal Interaction found that both unfamiliar and familiar dogs provoked similar reactions: a relaxation response and reduction in blood pressure and levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, according to Dr. Sandra Barker, director of the center and a professor of psychiatry.
But personal anecdotes abound. Anne Mahler, 57, a clinical nurse specialist at Hebrew Senior Life, the largest provider of elder care services in the Boston area, remembers how depressed her elderly father was after breaking a hip and trying to recover in a rehabilitation facility. That institution wouldn’t allow his beloved dog Molly, a springer spaniel, to come to his room, but a visit was arranged in a back room off the lobby.
“My dad sat there sobbing,” Ms. Mahler said. Afterwards, the older man began eating more regularly, his attitude lightened, and he seemed determined to do everything possible to return home to join Molly.
More than 400 seniors live on the long-term care unit at Hebrew SeniorLife’s Roslindale campus, and staff members strongly encourage pet visits, Ms. Mahler said.
Harry Grandis fought off bladder cancer for seven years before finally succumbing to the illness last October at the age of 91. The final year of his life he was hospitalized five times at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, and during two of those stays had regular visits from Minnie, his beloved Yorkshire Terrier.
“Minnie would come into Harry’s room and his eyes would light up,” said Ann Grandis, his widow. “It was like bringing home to him. It just made such a difference.”
Harry returned home to die, and on the last day of his life Minnie lay in bed at his side until close to the end. Now it’s Ann who relies on Minnie and would want her there if anything untoward were to happen. “I would be lost without her,” Ms. Grandi, 70, said. “She’s family.”

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Buy America! Celebrate 4th of July with USA Pet Supplies

Happy 4th of July from Mickey's 
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Support made in USA pet supplies 
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Ann Shevin, the owner at Mickey's Pet Supplies has always sought to find the highest quality American made products for dogs and cats, making it her mission to bring in the small businesses trying to survive here in the United States. 
With so many companies outsourcing their production to countries with cheaper labor costs, it now even more important to support our companies here in the USA!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

DockDogs Event this weekend

DockDogs is a fun water performance sport for dogs. DockDog events are held regionally, nationally and locally. Anyone can come out, register their dog and participate in an all around fun sport.
Even kids age 7 and older can learn to work with their dog.  Dockdogs is the world's premier aquatics competition.
The Eastern Regional Championships are being held this weekend at the Wisp Resort in McHenry, Maryland.
Registration Entry Fees
$30 / team per Big Air, Speed Retrieve Wave, or Extreme Vertical Competition, $30 for Iron Dog Rankings. Youth Handler Big Air Rounds $15.00 

To participate in the 2013 DockDogs– Regional Championships event(s), teams must have an active 2013 DockDogs– Worldwide Membership as well as having participated in either one (1) National or Club event in 2012 or 2013. 
  • In order to participate in Big Air–, a team must be TITLED in Big Air–.
  • In order to participate in Extreme Vertical™, a team must be titled in Extreme Vertical™
  • In order to participate in Speed Retrieve™, a team must be TITLED in Speed Retrieve™
  • In order to participate in Iron Dog, a team must be registered to compete in each of the 3 disciplines at that event (Big Air–, Speed Retrieve™, and Extreme Vertical™)
    • Note: For teams that hold a National & Club Title, the National Title prevails over the Club Title, i.e. Senior National Title vs. Elite Club Title - team will compete in the Senior Division. If a team only has a Club Title, that title will be used. 

      Event Schedule

      Thursday June 27, 2013
      • Mandatory Check in from 4:00pm - 10pm
      • Open practice 4:00pm - 8:00pm
      Friday June 28 , 2013 8am - 5pm
      • Big Air Novice Round 1
      • Big Air Junior Round 1
      • Big Air Senior Round 1
      • Big Air Master Round 1
      • Big Air Elite Round 1
      • Big Air Super Elite Round 1
      • Speed Retrieve Express Round 1
      • Speed Retrieve Turbo Round 1
      • Speed Retrieve Sonic Round 1
      • Extreme Vertical Cadet Round 1
      • Extreme Vertical Top Gun Round 1
      • Extreme Vertical High Flyer Round 1
      • Friday Night Social, Mardi Gras - 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
      Saturday June 29, 2013 8am - 5pm
      • Big Air Novice Round 2
      • Big Air Junior Round 2
      • Big Air Senior Round 2
      • Big Air Master Round 2
      • Big Air Elite Round 2
      • Big Air Super Elite Round 2
      • Speed Retrieve Express Round 2
      • Speed Retrieve Turbo Round 2
      • Speed Retrieve Sonic Round 2
      • Extreme Vertical Cadet Round 2
      • Extreme Vertical Top Gun Round 2
      • Extreme Vertical High Flyer Round 2
      Sunday June 30, 2013 9am - 4pm (Big Air Speciality Rounds)
      • Lap Dog
      • Legend Dog
      • Veteran Dog
      • Youth Handler
      • Big Air Novice Finals
      • Big Air Junior Finals
      • Big Air Senior Finals
      • Big Air Master Finals
      • Big Air Elite Finals
      • Big Air Super Elite Finals
      • Speed Retrieve Express Finals
      • Speed Retrieve Turbo Finals
      • Speed Retrieve Sonic Finals
      • Extreme Vertical Cadet Finals
      • Extreme Vertical Top Gun Finals
      • Extreme Vertical High Flyer Finals
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mickey’s Mascot Nia Reviews SOJOS Complete Food

Hey, you’re back!

I know it hasn’t been very long since your last visit to Mickey’s blog but…

It felt like forever!

I’m sure most of you know who I am because Ann doesn’t stop talking about me (I mean, can you blame her?), but I’ll introduce myself to all her new friends.

My name is Nia, I’m a yellow Labrador Retriever and a member of the Mickey’s Pet Supplies team! My daily responsibilities include boosting office morale, giving wet kisses and, best of all, testing the toys and treats Mickey’s carries. Over the last four years I’ve been on a special diet of food from Sojourner Farms SOJOS and I wanted to share my first-paw account of their delicious and healthy dog food.

When Ann first sat me down and said, “we need to talk”, my mind immediately started racing.

What had I done?

I hadn’t chased the neighbor’s cats in weeks, I was doing my business outside in the yard, kept my voice down when the delivery man picked up the daily packages, and I wasn’t due for a vet visit for another 3 months.

What could it be?

Luckily, my concerns quickly turned to excitement when Ann placed a Sojourner Farms dog food bag in front of me. I had been hearing my friends at the park rave about the food’s natural ingredients and health benefits. Needless to say I was eager to try it!

The meal started with Ann mixing the human quality dehydrated food with water and letting it sit for 30 minutes…or one episode of the Dog Whisperer (my favorite show). During the soaking process, the U.S.D.A. Beef or Turkey and other all-natural (and yummy) ingredient’s like sweet potatoes, celery, carrots, cabbage, egg, flax, and cranberries absorbed all the water,  resulting in a succulent meal fit for a special dog (like me!)!

I was immediately overwhelmed (and overjoyed) by the smell of the natural dog food. The fresh vegetables, herbs, vitamins and animal protein combined to produce a taste and aroma much like my Ann’s Thanksgiving feast! Yum!

I’m lucky enough not to have any dietary restrictions but I have some friends with dog food allergies. Sojourner Farms Complete dog food mixes and dog treats are hypoallergenic and perfect for pets with grain allergies and for those who are sensitive to gluten. Sojos only uses natural human quality ingredients and wouldn’t think of adding artificial fillers or by-products. The big chunks of turkey and beef are irresistible and (of course) my favorite part!

When beginning the Sojourner Farms dog food diet, Ann slowly introduced the complete food into my diet. After four weeks I was fully acclimated to the natural dog food; not long at all! I give Sojos two paws up and recommend Sojourner Farms food and healthy dog treats to any and all dogs out there!

For more information and to see the entire selection of complete dog food, visit Mickey’s Pet Supplies online. The best part is, you humans get to enjoy Free Shipping on orders $75+ and free kisses from me if you visit us in our new home in Florida!

Now, where did I hide my bully stick…?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fiestaware Dog Bowls- Free Shipping

The Fiestaware Pet Bowls are made in USA dog bowls.
These restaurant quality bowls are lead-free, heavy weight, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.
They are made of Vitrified Porcelain with a chip proof glaze.
Fiestaware is made in Newell, West Virginia by the Homer Laughlin China Company.
Everyone who knows Fiestaware loves the high gloss porcelain pottery and bright colors.

Now, Fiestaware has a line of gorgeous pet bowls. 
Mickey's Pet Supplies offers all colors and all sizes including Sunflower, Tangerine, Marigold, Peacock, Turquoise and Lemon Grass.
The smallest bowl is 5 5/8" in diameter and is perfect for a small dog or cat. The largest size holds 64 ozs. of food or water.  This bowl measures 10 5/8" in diameter and 3 inches in height. Finding a great made in USA pet bowl is a challenge, since so many companies have outsourced their production to keep costs of manufacturing down. You do pay for what you get.  Cheaper manufacturing equals cheaper products.
Fiestaware keeps American's working and their quality is noticeable.  These ceramic dog bowls are unparalleled in quality and workmanship. They are heavy weight.
At Mickey's we ship for FREE on orders of $75 within the continental U.S. and offer discount shipping rates on all orders.
We stand behind our products and are so pleased to offer Fiestaware pet bowls.
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Find a Spay and Neuter Clinic

“We don’t know how it happened. She must have gotten out once.”
Those were the words one woman said when she dropped off four Schnauzer mix puppies with one of our rescue partners down south.
All it took was one time for this Schnauzer to escape and mate with an unknown and unaltered dog.
The story of these Schnauzer mix puppies is not an unusual one. The tragic fact is that such accidents are the main reason that 4 million companion animals are euthanized in municipal shelters around the U.S. every year. Most of these innocent animals end up in shelters because their owners didn’t make sure their pets were spayed (for females) or neutered (for males).
"We don't know how it happened. She must have gotten out once."  This is an all too familiar statement by so many pet owners.  All of our shelters, rescues, humane societies are full.  Responsible pet ownership is the answer to this overcrowding. As Bob Barker has been saying for years- " Spay and neuter your pets!"
At you can find a clinic in your area that has low cost or free spay and neuter clinics.  Ending this crisis begins with you.  
The litter of mixed breed pups was among the lucky ones. They were picked up from the southern shelter by North Shore Animal League America’s Mobile Rescue Unit as it returned with 50 dogs whom they saved from a puppy mill nearby. 
“Every year millions of companion animals are euthanized in shelters around the country because there just aren’t enough homes,” says Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Shelter Operations at North Shore Animal League America. “Many of these animals are young puppies. Spaying or neutering your pet will greatly reduce the overpopulation of unwanted litters and prevent these puppies from being euthanized.”
As Ottaka points out, too often people think that if they keep their pets indoors or in a gated yard, they don’t need to have them spayed or neutered. But, as the story of the Schnauzer mix puppies illustrates, all it takes is one slip up—a door left open, a broken gate, or even another dog or cat getting into your yard—for an animal to become pregnant.
The good news: North Shore Animal League America is helping reduce unwanted litters through its SpayUSA initiative, the leading low-cost spay/neuter referral program in the country. SpayUSA has been educating the public and veterinary specialists about the importance of spay/neuter since its development in 1993.
“By creating a nationwide network and referral service, SpayUSA has literally helped hundreds of thousands of people obtain affordable spay/neuter procedures for their animals,” says Joanne Yohannan, Senior VP of Operations at North Shore Animal League America. “As a leader in the no-kill movement, we’re dedicated to working toward ending the destruction of animals, and this essential procedure is the key to making that happen.”
If you have a pet or know someone who does, be sure to make the humane decision: Spay or neuter your pets to prevent them from having any accidental pregnancies.
To find out more about SpayUSA, call 1-800-248-SPAY, or visit And don’t forget to ask your vet to join our network of 5,000 participating vets who take part in the program!
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Odor Free Bully Sticks- Mickey's Pet Supplies

Not all bully sticks are created equal.
At Mickey's Pet Supplies we only carry the best in all natural, odorless (odor-free) bully sticks for your dogs. We are pet parents ourselves and have always sought the best for our dogs.

We are also the only company that actually weighs our bully sticks.  We grade each bully stick by weight, not by visually looking at the width.  You will get a much denser, heavier, thicker bully stick from us.
Our Mickey's Naturals Jumbo and thick bully sticks are available in 6 inch and 12 inch lengths.
These bully sticks have been dried and then baked to remove the odor. Mickey's Naturals bully sticks are from grass-fed, free range cattle that have been humanely raised in Brazil. These cattle are not fed hormones, antibiotics or steroids and are an all natural dog chew.

Mickey's USA Monster Bully Stick
We also carry Made in USA free range bully sticks.  Our MONSTER size bully stick is the biggest bully stick on the market. These super big bully sticks are the first cut on the cane, which means they are the most dense and thickest.  Our 12 inch USA monster bully sticks are odor-free and weigh an average of over 3 ounces each.
Visit us or call 877-863-5431 to place your order. We believe in being available at all times for our customers, so feel free to call or send us an e-mail.  You can expect lightning fast shipping, personal service and only the best high quality products for dogs and cats.
Read our customer reviews:
Very thick and long lastingMarch 22, 2013
Reviewer: G. Singer from Landisville, PA United States
The best I found. The only ones I found that are American made and Mickeys got it right.

Thanks Bella the Silver Lab 

Friday, May 10, 2013

National Pet Week 2013- Tips & Ideas for Responsible Pet Owners

The week of May 5-11 is recognized as National Pet Week and aims to promote responsible pet ownership and celebrate the bond between pets and their owners. In appreciation of National Pet Week, veterinarian offices, schools, communities and animal lovers around the country are participating in fun and educational events. The motto of National Pet Week, “Love Your Pet, See Your Vet,” emphasizes that regular veterinary exams is a vital component of a pet’s long-term health and too few American pet’s receive routine physical exams. To help our customers celebrate National Pet Week 2013, Mickey’s is sharing tips for visiting a vet clinic, ideas for fun pet events and shines the spotlight on our most popular healthy pet treats.

“Love Your Pet, See Your Vet”
Visiting a veterinarian for routine check-ups is essential to the health of your pet. Some of the main reasons owners devalue the importance of vet visits is they believe their pet to be healthy as they display no symptoms of illness, they associate a pet’s symptoms as a behavioral not a medical issue or the owner is afraid of the treatment costs. Unfortunately many pet owners do not know that early detection of health issues increases the recovery success rate and lowers the treatment cost. Pets may also instinctively hide symptoms from their owners as their ancestors once did to avoid attracting attention from natural predators. Routinely grooming your pet and providing preventive care is important to the long term health of a pet and controlling their vet bills. We stress the need to stay on top of a dog’s dental cleaning with the help of a dog toothbrush, dog toothpaste, dental chews and oral rinses for dogs that clean plaque and tartar buildup. Brushing your pet’s coat, clipping their nails and cleaning a pet’s ears and eyes are additional animal care tips you can do from home. Don’t find out too late that your pet is sick; regular vet visits ensure serious health issues are identified as early as possible.

Planning Pet Parties & Events
National Pet Week isn’t just about highlighting the Do’s and Dont's of responsible pet ownership, it’s also about having fun! Giving your dog or cat an extra treat and a scratch behind the ears is a start but why not have a pet party? Invite a small number of pets (and their owners) to a Pet Week celebration! Invited guests will socialize, eat, run, play and be completely exhausted by the end of the event. If you’re having a dog party we recommend inviting dogs that your dog regularly plays with and introducing them in a neutral location.

Keeping animals and their humans entertained can be a feat so we’ve added some ideas for pet party games. Activities may include: Musical chairs for dogs, with the human walking the dog around the circle, best dressed pet contest, pet and parent agility contest, best trick contest and of course the fastest dog contest! The winners will love the prizes in the form of treats and toys. For dogs we recommend Kong dog toys including Air Dog Squeakair and Air Kong Happy Birthday Balls for a birthday celebration. The Musical Birthday Cake is also a top seller for pet birthday parties. Cats will go crazy for the interactive Da Bird Cat Toy, which mimics the action of a bird in flight.

Treats for your Party
Be sure to check for any allergies invited guests may have so you can plan the food spread accordingly. Many dogs are allergic to wheat, corn and soy; we have an extensive selection of hypoallergenic dog treats for guests with dietary restrictions. Mickey’s recommends the Sojourner Farms line of natural and grain free dog treats. Sojos products are made with human quality ingredients and they do not contain preservatives. Delicious flavors include peanut butter/honey, bacon/cheddar, beef stew, lamb/sweet potato, duck/cherry and more!

We hope you enjoyed our tips for celebrating National Pet Week 2013! Remember, responsible pet ownership takes patience, love and a regular vet visits throughout the life of your pet- not just during Pet Week.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Range Braided Bully Sticks

What is Free Range bully sticks?
Free Range is a term used for livestock that is allowed to freely roam and feed on the natural grasses and vegetation in their environment.
Free Range Eco Naturals dog chews are from humanely raised cattle that are allowed to graze the lush grasslands of South America. The Pampas region of Argentina is well known for their Angus cattle. Argentina's rainfall and largely temperate climate result in high quality pastures.
Because of how these cattle are raised, their meat is the most delicious.
The cattle are raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or steroids. 
This means you are getting only the freshest, safest, all natural dog chews.

The Free Range Eco Naturals braided bully sticks are a great high protein chew to relieve boredom and satisfy your dog's innate desire to chew. They help keep teeth and gums clean.
These bully sticks contain only one ingredient-bull penis or bull pizzle and are available in 6 inch and 12 inch length.  Mickey's Pet Supplies only carries the highest quality dog chews and we believe that the Free Range Eco Naturals brand is the best for your dog. Visit us and take 10% off your first order with coupon code NEW10 at checkout. We ship your order of $75 or more for free. 
Free Range Angus Braided Bully Stick
Guaranteed Analysis: 
Crude Protein: 80% Min
Crude Fat: 1% Min
Crude Fiber: 1% Max
Crude Ash: 2% Max
Moisture: 15 %Max
Calcium: .8% Min
Phosphorous: .4% Min
There are approximately 28-30 calories per inch of bully stick.