Thursday, June 27, 2013

DockDogs Event this weekend

DockDogs is a fun water performance sport for dogs. DockDog events are held regionally, nationally and locally. Anyone can come out, register their dog and participate in an all around fun sport.
Even kids age 7 and older can learn to work with their dog.  Dockdogs is the world's premier aquatics competition.
The Eastern Regional Championships are being held this weekend at the Wisp Resort in McHenry, Maryland.
Registration Entry Fees
$30 / team per Big Air, Speed Retrieve Wave, or Extreme Vertical Competition, $30 for Iron Dog Rankings. Youth Handler Big Air Rounds $15.00 

To participate in the 2013 DockDogs– Regional Championships event(s), teams must have an active 2013 DockDogs– Worldwide Membership as well as having participated in either one (1) National or Club event in 2012 or 2013. 
  • In order to participate in Big Air–, a team must be TITLED in Big Air–.
  • In order to participate in Extreme Vertical™, a team must be titled in Extreme Vertical™
  • In order to participate in Speed Retrieve™, a team must be TITLED in Speed Retrieve™
  • In order to participate in Iron Dog, a team must be registered to compete in each of the 3 disciplines at that event (Big Air–, Speed Retrieve™, and Extreme Vertical™)
    • Note: For teams that hold a National & Club Title, the National Title prevails over the Club Title, i.e. Senior National Title vs. Elite Club Title - team will compete in the Senior Division. If a team only has a Club Title, that title will be used. 

      Event Schedule

      Thursday June 27, 2013
      • Mandatory Check in from 4:00pm - 10pm
      • Open practice 4:00pm - 8:00pm
      Friday June 28 , 2013 8am - 5pm
      • Big Air Novice Round 1
      • Big Air Junior Round 1
      • Big Air Senior Round 1
      • Big Air Master Round 1
      • Big Air Elite Round 1
      • Big Air Super Elite Round 1
      • Speed Retrieve Express Round 1
      • Speed Retrieve Turbo Round 1
      • Speed Retrieve Sonic Round 1
      • Extreme Vertical Cadet Round 1
      • Extreme Vertical Top Gun Round 1
      • Extreme Vertical High Flyer Round 1
      • Friday Night Social, Mardi Gras - 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
      Saturday June 29, 2013 8am - 5pm
      • Big Air Novice Round 2
      • Big Air Junior Round 2
      • Big Air Senior Round 2
      • Big Air Master Round 2
      • Big Air Elite Round 2
      • Big Air Super Elite Round 2
      • Speed Retrieve Express Round 2
      • Speed Retrieve Turbo Round 2
      • Speed Retrieve Sonic Round 2
      • Extreme Vertical Cadet Round 2
      • Extreme Vertical Top Gun Round 2
      • Extreme Vertical High Flyer Round 2
      Sunday June 30, 2013 9am - 4pm (Big Air Speciality Rounds)
      • Lap Dog
      • Legend Dog
      • Veteran Dog
      • Youth Handler
      • Big Air Novice Finals
      • Big Air Junior Finals
      • Big Air Senior Finals
      • Big Air Master Finals
      • Big Air Elite Finals
      • Big Air Super Elite Finals
      • Speed Retrieve Express Finals
      • Speed Retrieve Turbo Finals
      • Speed Retrieve Sonic Finals
      • Extreme Vertical Cadet Finals
      • Extreme Vertical Top Gun Finals
      • Extreme Vertical High Flyer Finals
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