Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tough Dog Toys for Outdoor Play

It's gorgeous outside and time to get outside and play with your dogs.
If you like playing frisbee- Check out the West Paw Zisc. It is made of recyclable Zogoflex material that is flexible and easy on your dog's mouth, unlike hard plastic frisbees that hurt your dog's mouth and have a limited life. These fly great!
Try a game of tug-o-war with the Bumi, also by West Paw.
This "S" shaped toy stretches to almost twice it's length and bounces right back.
The Bumi comes in small and large size. All West Paw Design toys are made in the USA.
Always tough and durable, are the Tuffy's Dog Toys. Take 20% Tuffy's today through Memorial Day. Enter Coupon Code TW20
The Sport Tug-O-War is great for medium to large size dogs. Dogs love tug of war and will love this toy. Rated No.9 on toughness so great for agressive chewers.Made with soft edges to not harm your dogs gums. Also has 3 squeakers.
The Bowmerang Jr. is great for small to medium size dogs. Measuring 5 3/4" it is shaped like a boomerang, but made of a soft outside but full of reinforced layers for durability. Loaded with squeakers, plus it floats. This works great for fetch and retrieval training-flies great.
If you are working on Fetch and Retrieval training, another great toy is the Kyjen Treat N Train Tubes- available in Small and Medium/Large.

These tubes are made of a super hard plastic, are see through and you simply put treats inside the top, throw them and then reward and praise your dog for a job well done with the treats.
Some really great training treats are the Canine Genius IQ treats- Made of 100% wild caught Norwegian Salmon. Or try the Cloudstar Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits or Zuke's Superfoods Organics Health Nutz or Mean Greenz. The Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits are small and low calorie, so you can fill it up with these tasty snacks.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dog DNA calls out offenders in Baltimore

Dog owners beware, your city may be next. The tenants of an apartment complex in Baltimore have had it with dog owners not picking up their dogs waste.

Pet DNA Calls Out Poop-Scoop Offenders
as posted in the Discovery News articl May 19, 2010
Analysis by Kasey-Dee Gardner: As a dog lover, owner and advocate, I can let a lot slide when it comes to dogs behaving badly. But badly behaving owners: they’re another story. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when dog owners don’t clean up after their pets. Seriously, how hard is it to carry a plastic baggie on poochie’s daily walk, and to use it? Picking up after your dog shouldn’t be an option, it should be a responsibility.

A high-end condo complex in Baltimore is considering mandating saliva DNA samples of all current canine residents. Dog owners at Scarlett Place would have to pay $50 to cover the DNA test and supplies, plus a $10 monthly maintenance fee. Every time an uncleaned poop pops up on property grounds, the complex will test it to determine which dog made the mess.
Both feces and saliva can determine dog DNA, so the condo can find the dog's guilty owner from the DNA* samples on file, who then will be slapped with a $500 fee. My guess is it will be the same offenders over and over again.
The condo is considering working with BioPet Vet lab, a Tennessee-based company that offers this very service -- called Poo Prints -- which deals specifically with pet droppings. The testing hasn’t been approved yet, but the idea of it is causing a lot of controversy. Is this too Big Brother? Or is such babysitting necessary to eliminate poop piles in the park?
Dog waste is dangerous for many reasons, but here are my four top reasons why I think you should make a poopin’ scoopin’ effort.
#1. Poop attracts rats.
#2. When dog waste isn’t cleaned up and has time to fester on the ground, worms -– like whipworm, heartworm, roundworm and tapeworm –- make their way into the soil and linger there, waiting to infect humans or animals that happen to step in it.
#3. Pet poop can be easily washed into stormdrains, lakes and streams, which pollutes the water supply.
#4. And lastly, poop is nasty to step in and it can ruin your shoes ... or bare feet.
What are your thoughts on this DNA testing issue? Has dog DNA testing gone too far? Or is it the right method to keep your paths poop free? My personal opinion: just clean up your pet’s poo.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nina Ottosson puzzle toys ON SALE

Give your dog some mental stimulation and hone his seek and find instincts with a NINA OTTOSSON dog puzzle toy.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Man shoots owner of dog who urinates on his lawn

May 14, 2010- Courtesy of Chicago Breaking News Center

University Park man slain after dog marks lawn
The home on Landau Avenue in University Park where a neighbor was shot and killed after his dog marked the homeowner's lawn. Charles J. Clements, 69, has been charged with shooting Joshua Funches, a 23-year-old father of two. (Photos of the house by David Pierini/Tribune)
A former Marine who neighbors say obsessed over his University Park lawn is being held on $3 million bail, accused of gunning down a neighbor whose puppy urinated on the man's well-manicured grass.
Charles J. Clements, 69, had won the south suburb's beautification and lawn upkeep award but also was known for threatening people who dared to set foot in his yard, neighbors said.
Joshua Funches, a 23-year-old father of two, was walking his fox terrier Gucci in the 500 block of Landau Road on Sunday night when the dog lifted its leg and urinated on Clements' lawn, said Funches' mother Patricia, 53.
The two men began arguing, and at some point, Clements, a retired truck driver, pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Funches, a Crete-Monee High School graduate who drove a bus, said Will County Assistant State's Attorney Sondra Denmark.
Witnesses said Funches then said to Clements, "Next time you pull out a pistol, why don't you use it?" Denmark said. At that point, witnesses said they saw orange and white light and heard a loud noise. They saw Funches fall to the ground.
"It was all over a little wooden plaque," said an emotional Patricia Funches, referring to the beautification award. "It was a senseless death."
Clements then returned to his house and changed his clothes. When University Park police arrived, they found the master landscaper in his garage with the door open.
"I knew you were coming for me," he told police, according to Denmark. "That's why I changed my clothes. I knew you were coming for me."
Neighbors were shocked that such deadly violence could have stemmed from a minor fight.
"It hurt me pretty bad, to see a person killed over something so petty," said Joanne Byers, who lives across the street from where Funches died.
Byers said her own son had a run-in with Clements, once accidentally stepping on the man's grass while walking and chatting on his cell phone.
"Man, he popped out and called, 'Hey watch it -- watch it!'" said Byers.

Funches had two children, ages 1 and 4, with another due in August, his mother said.
Judge Marzell Richardson ordered Clements, who had no criminal history, held in lieu of $3 million bail Tuesday on first- and second-degree murder charges. He noted that Clements allegedly told Funches that he would be found innocent if arrested.
--Steve Schmadeke and Lolly Bowean
Click HERE for a WGN-TV report on this story.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing Dog Found- Another case for Microchip implanting

Courtesy of
BATTLE CREEK -- A Boston Terrier that may have been the victim of a dognapper has been reunited with her Battle Creek Family. Frankie vanished in January from the Shepard home in Battle Creek, and they had given up after extensive searching. He turned up this weekend, a stray in the Chicago Suburb of Wheeling over 200 miles away.
Mark Feldstein took the dog to a pet clinic where they were able to read the microchip implanted under his skin and identify his owners. His reunion with Diane Shepard became a major media event in Chicago.
Great case for microchip implanting!

Lupine leashes and collars

Finding the perfect leash and collar can seem like a daunting task.
We have done the research for you.
Lupine collars and leashes are Guaranteed for Life- That means Lupine will replace your pet's collar if chewed or scratched for life.
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Their collars and leashes are available in a wide variety of stunning colors and patterns and will fit a teacup size dog to a Mastiff. The material that their products is made of is a very durable nylon, which is available in 1/2" width, 3/4" width and 1" width. Their leashes are sized to the 4 foot length(perfect for dog training) and the 6 foot length.

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They also now have some of the harder to find discontinued patterns such as Noble Beast, Cherry Blossom, Wing It and more, plus the new patterns.

Some of the great features of Lupine Collars and Leashes:
  • Made from lightweight yet very strong nylon Easy attachment to any collar or harness with its gate-style snap
  • Padded handle is gentle for pet owner's hands even if pulled hard
  • Available in 1/2" to 1" webbing width that is ideal for every size dog
  • Backed by a replacement guarantee - even if chewed or scratched

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Sale

Mother's Day is Sunday May 9th.
In celebration of all moms- animal and human
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How your pets can help with Oil Spill

We are all aware by now of the huge oil spill from the April 20th BP oil rig explosion, lurking off the Louisianna-Gulf Coastline.

In an effort to contain the spill, mats and booms are in place, but did you know what they are made of? Many are made of nylons, human and pet hair and stuffed into casings for the mats working to trap the oil.

So how can you help? You can individually donate your pets hair clippings or your human hair by signing up through the Excess Access program. When you complete their sign-up form they will send you an e-mail alert with information on where you can send your hair donations.

I think this is a great idea for groomers and hair dressers.

I am contacting my hair salon to have them sign up for this program. Think of all the human hair they have and just throw away.

If all of you asked just one grooming salon if they could sign up, or perhaps you could have your Girl Scout troop or Boy Scout troop have this as their "Green" project, this would be so great!

If you can spread the word, perhaps we can make a difference.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

How to keep your dog from chewing up toys

We thought this article was worth sharing. Animal behaviorist talks about how to keep your dog from chewing up their toys.

Some of the toys that we find the best for aggressive chewers are the Canine Genius Mike and Leo dog toys.
They serve as treat dispensing toys or just really durable toys that your dog can toss and carry.
The Premier Kibble Nibble is also fantastic for alleviating boredom. Fill it with Premier Buddy Ohs.

Dogs do destructive behavior when they are bored. Besides taking your dog for walks, you need to stimulate their mind with things that activate their mind too. The Nina Ottosson puzzle toys are truly wonderful for bringing out the natural seek and find instinct in your dog.

Lisa Moore, animal behaviorist, also suggests giving your dog chew treats. We try everything on our dog. She is our tester for the chews.
Not all chews are created equal. We follow the Whole Dog Journal for new products and try to obtain samples to try. We only carry the highest quality dog treats and Free Range dog chews- all made in the USA.
Wholesome Hide rawhides are a great chew for those times that you want to just keep your dog occupied and quiet.

The Aikiou dog bowl feeder doubles as a slow feed dog bowl and treat dispensing toy. you can fill it with kibble at meal time and also
put high quality, healthy treats inside the compartments when you would like to have some quality interactive play time with your

Its so nice outside, so take advantage of the weather and work with your friend on fetch and retrieval training,
We like the Kyjen Fetch and Retrieve training tube. It's perfect for taking out for your trail time and filling with her favorite healthy treat. The idea is so simple. you throw the tube and ask her to bring it to you. When she appropriately releases the tube reward her with a treat from inside.

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