Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About Bully Sticks

Dogs love Mickey's line of bully stick chews
Bully Sticks: The Surprising Treat Your Dog Will Love

Dogs of all breeds and sizes have a natural desire to chew. Toys, rawhide bones, and treats are all fair game (not to mention a shoe or two)--but what happens when your pup gets tired of the standard fare? One surprising treat you may not heard of lasts longer, tastes better, and satisfies a dog's urge to chew far more than other common products; it is called a bully stick.

What are Bully Sticks? 
A bully stick, sometimes called a pizzle stick, is simply a bull's penis. It is made from a bull that has been through a natural drying process which turns the bull’s organ into an irresistible and healthy chew snack. Bully sticks are naturally high in protein, and due to their fibrous tissue, they last much longer than traditional chews.

How are Bully Sticks made?
The first step in the preparation process is vertically hanging the bully stick to ensure all fluids are removed to prevent odor. Bully sticks from Mickey’s Pet Supplies are virtually odor-free due to strict manufacturing processes. Unlike other retailers, we never add harsh chemicals to mask odor. Once the bully sticks are removed of excess liquids, the next step in the process is to stretch and shape the bully stick so it can be baked in an oven to assure that it is bacteria free. Once the bully sticks are hardened, they are cut into smaller pieces appropriate for dogs of all sizes. Because bully sticks are 100% natural, the shape, thickness and color of each bully stick will vary slightly.

Are Bully Sticks safe?
Mickey’s Pet Supplies is unique among other retailers in that we source our bully sticks from grass-fed cows that are free of artificial hormones, antibiotics and steroids. Because there is only one ingredient in our free-range bully sticks, they are 100% natural and completely safe for your dog to enjoy. Even though these high-protein dog chews are fully digestible, we recommend you supervise your dog at all times when giving food and chews.

What are the Benefits of Bully sticks?
Chewing helps dogs relieve stress, strengthen jaw muscles and clean teeth of plaque and tartar buildup that can cause serious health problems if left untreated. Bully sticks contain more nutrients and protein than typical dog biscuits, and are often more easy to digest. Bully sticks also last longer than most dog chews from other animal products, such as pig ears. A small breed dog can enjoy bully sticks for weeks on end, while larger, aggressive chewers may enjoy the bully stick for several hours or a few days.

Where can I find Bully sticks?
Micket's Pet Supplies sources the highest quality bully sticks from free-range cows in the USA, Brazil and Argentina! We are proud to carry Free Range Eco Naturals, True Chews and our own line of branded bully sticks, Mickey’s Bully Sticks.

If you have any more questions about delicious bully stick dog chews, please give us a call at 877-863-5431.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Toys for Pit Bulls, Cats and Pups at Mickey's Pet Supplies

Spring has sprung, which means your pet has plenty of energy to burn! Check out our selection of quality, pet-proven toys and get your active dog outside in the spring sunshine today.

At Mickey's Pet Supplies, we carry a great selection of Tuffy's Dog Toys. Tuffy's toys are durable toys meant to withstand rough and tumble play both outdoors and indoors. Try out one of Tuffy's floatable toys next time you and your pet hit the beach. Tuffy's "Wesley Whale" is made of three tough layers of fabric, including a rugged layer of industrial grade luggage material designed to stay strong after countless rounds of play. Two internal squeakers will keep your dog excited for play in and out of the water. Tuffy's toys are all washable and air dry easily, so throw a few in the car and hit the beach for an early summer game of chase-the-alien with Tuffy’s Captain Kurklops toy.

Premier Dog and Cat Toys
We're pleased to feature a full range of pet toys from Premier. These innovative toys offer hours of entertainment for your cat or dog. Dogs will go crazy for Premier's spring-friendly POGO bunny, which features a unique rubber frame that offers bouncy give in your dog's mouth and no messy stuffing for you to clean up. If your indoor cat is too busy soaking up the window sunshine to get any exercise, try Premier's Kitty egg-cersizer treat toy. Designed to randomly dispense treats or kibble during active play, this toy taps into your cat's natural hunting instincts to keep them happy and fit.

Fluff & Tuff
Fluff & Tuff's line of durable, cuddly dog toys are almost too adorable. Choose from a range of cozy critters, including the popular Rocket Raccoon and new Sadie Bear. The soft fur is soothing for young puppies and older dogs, too, and the inner layer of mesh gives these toys a hidden ruggedness that stands up to hours of vigorous play. Fluff & Tuff toys are perfect for a family with young children and pets; kids will love the cute, unique creatures and love sharing them with their real-life fuzzy friends.

Mickey's Pit Bull Friendly Toys
At Mickey's, we pride ourselves on carrying a full line of toys designed to stand up to the demands of an active, loving pit bull. Pit lovers take note: we carry a number of super durable toys used by the strongest, most active dogs in the world, from K9 training programs to pets that need a good outlet for their energy. Try our new Unbreakoball, a hefty 6 inch ball weighing in at just under a pound. For dogs 65 pounds and over, check out the Big Daddy 10 inch ball. This indestructible dog ball play toy offers hours of entertainment and encourages soccer-like ball pushing behavior to give pets a great exercise alternative to more aggressive forms of play. For slightly smaller dogs, try out Jolly Pets' 4.5 inch Push N Play ball. Both of these balls are totally non-toxic and virtually indestructible. We also carry a number of Kong dog toys. These heavy duty toys can be stuffed with treats and are designed to keep gums and teeth healthy and clean.

USA Made Dog Toys
Finally, we offer a full round-up of American made dog toys for the proud pet owner. With over 100 toys made right here in the USA, you're sure to find something to please your pet this spring. At Mickey's Pet supplies, we believe in sourcing the safest, most entertaining toys to give you and your pet stress relief and enjoyment.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing!

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