Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Range Dog Chews on SALE

We have all the newest Free Range Dog Chew products and they are all on sale.

This is our Christmas in July celebration.

Use Coupon Code FRJUL at checkout for $5 off $50 order of any Free Range Dog Chew products.

This coupon expires July 25th.

We just received our shipment of the Angus Steer Sticks in the 3.75 oz. packages. These are the finest quality genuine Free Range MOO brand Angust steer sticks straight from Argentina.
What's the difference between a Steer Stick and a Bully Stick? A Steer Stick is made from a bull penis that has been neutered. The neutering inhibits full growth of the Pizzle; so that a Steer Stick is essentially a Bully Stick, but just smaller in size and diameter. Steer Sticks offer about 10-20 minutes of chewing pacification. Like the Bully Stick, a Steer Stick is easy to digest, safely cleans teeth and gums and is an all-natural alternative to rawhide and a nice, gentle alternative for pups and seniors.

These are great bully sticks that are thin- comparable to the Bully Junior Sticks packages that have been backordered since March.

They come in 3-5", 7", 9" and 12" lengths packaged in a 3.75 oz. bag.

The 3-5" sticks have 8-12 sticks per package.

The 7" sticks have 10-13 sticks per package.

The 9" sticks have 8-10 bully sticks per package.

The 12" sticks have 6-8 sticks per pack.

These are $10.50 per pack

The Achille's tendons wishbones in stock and the new one pound bag of 1-3" ODOR FREE bully tips (bites) are brand new. We have the Buly 1 lb. bags of the 9-10", 11-12" bully sticks, tripe springs, tripe twists, bully springs and the hard to keep in stock Chicken and Sweet Potato wraps, Rabbit and Sweet Potato, Duck and Sweet Potato and a very limited amount of Chicken & Apple wraps- so hurry.

FREE shipping on $75 order within the lower 48 states.

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