Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cats and counters- How to keep them off

Repost of article by Gary Bogue
By Gary Bogue Contra Costa Times
Posted: 02/04/2011 01:00:00 AM PST
Cats vs. counters
On Friday I wrote about how to keep cats off the kitchen counters. Today, some of you have responded with your own ideas:
I resolved that problem by leaving strips, piles and balls of crinkly-sounding aluminum foil in all the spots where the cats would land when they jumped up on the counter. Cats, at least MY cats, hate crinkly-sounding aluminum foil.
Only had to leave the foil lying around for a couple of days and they stopped jumping on the counters. I keep it stashed in the hall closet, in case one of them starts feeling adventurous.

Here is a trick to make cats think twice about jumping on counter tops or furniture. Carefully set mousetraps upside-down on the forbidden surface. When the cat jumps up, the trap is harmlessly sprung. It leaves an impression on the flustered feline. (Zac in Alameda) (Once you set the upside-down traps on top of the counter, lay sheets of paper over the tops of the traps. It makes a lot more noise and also makes sure nobody's toes get caught in the bouncing traps. /Gary)
I kept a spray bottle full of water handy and spritzed our kitten with it whenever he got up on the counters. He had gotten to the point where he'd jump off as soon as he saw the bottle, and eventually gave up (at least when I was home), but now he is returning to his old ways, so the bottle is out again. (Joyce, San Ramon)
My method to stop my precious Siamese from jumping on my counter, newly refinished ebony piano and suede chair, and scratching on my office chair was to cover the surface with plastic bags. I put a plastic bag over the back of the office chair and used plastic wrap to cover the area on the piano and counter where she jumped up and
on the back of the suede chair where she scratched. She tried the area out once and never tried again. I don't know why it worked and I don't know where I got the idea but it worked for me. It looks pretty stupid but I only had to keep the plastic up for a short time. Worth a try. Good luck. (Paula L., cyberspace)
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