Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wholesome Hide Rawhide

Wholesome Hide rawhide dog chews are made in the USA from USA beef hide.  Our rawhides are from USA beefhide which is a premium rawhide made from corn-fed cows raised within the U.S. for human consumption.  This beefhide is typically thicker, longer lasting and is treated naturally.  Unlike most imported hides, USA beefide is fresher and produced under highly controlled conditions giving you peace of mind when giving rawhide bones to your dog. 
With Wholesome Hide you are getting fresh hides that are transported by refrigerated trucks to their processing plant in Chicago, IL. The hides are cleaned by tumbling in huge drums using water and highly diluted hydrogen peroxide, which serves to kill bacteria.  The hides are then rinsed in water for a minimum of one hour.  They are then cut and formed into many shapes and dried over several days in climate controlled drying rooms. 
What is the Wholesome Hide difference? The Wholesome Hide rawhides are naturally processed bones, thus giving your pet a fresher, healthier dog chew.  They are the only rawhide company that is certified made in USA.
Wholesome Hide is the only company that makes a super thick retriever roll.  These rawhide rolls are double the thickness of a regular retriever roll.  They are the perfect dog chew for big chewers. 
Mickey's Pet Supplies is the only store that carries the super thick retriever rolls in a money saving 10 pack for $69.95. 
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