Monday, February 20, 2012

Canines for Service

Mickey's Pet Supplies is rather new to Wilmington, NC and just recently discovered that there is a wonderful organization called Carolina Canines for Service. 
We would like to share their information
Canines for Service – continues to be based from the Wilmington corporate office.  Demands for services continue and we need foster families (individual, couple, traditional or non-traditional) to step-up to the cause.  We cannot serve people in need unless we have puppies in training coming up the ranks to fill those needs in 2-4 years.   The commitment is great, but the reward is even bigger.  Our goal for 2012 is to bring the foster program to Charleston, SC.    Our second goal for this program is to obtain our U.S. Department of Labor approval for service dog technician training program.  Canines for Service continues on the forefront of service dog training standards and the U.S. Department of Labor approval confirms a level of standards for the trainer.  This apprenticeship program approval will make it possible to offer a vocational curriculum in service dog training. 

Canines for Veterans – continues to serve our wounded and injured service members from 1991 – current.  We know the demands are high and Canines for Veterans is on track to meet the needs with 10 to 15 service dog partnering planned for this year.    Working with the brig to increase the number of prison handlers and then increase the number of dogs in training is a goal for this program.

Canines for Therapy – continues in Wilmington and in Raleigh taught by Teamworks Dog Training.  To meet the continued needs in Wilmington, two staff members are in the process of becoming AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluators so our enrollees will be able to complete this evaluation before enrolling in the therapy class.  Our goal is to bring this program into Charleston within the first quarter of 2012.

Canines for Literacy – continues in the greater Wilmington area in 5 elementary schools.  Request for the program have never been higher, but we need certified Canines for Therapy teams so we can increase the number of children served.

Southeastern Wildlife Exp (Charleston) on Feb 17th- 19th
6th Annual Walk for those who can't (Wilmington) on March 24th

Carolina Canines for Service
Juggling and balancing it is all good
Sometimes in life, even the life of a non-profit, one is pulled in many directions almost all at the same time.  The day-to-day mission becomes a balancing act of what has to get done, what needs to get done and what would just be nice to do.  One month into the new year and  Canines for Service has already been presented with wonderful opportunities.  

We are planning are 6th Annual Walk for Those Who Can't on March 24th at Hugh MacRae Park in Wilmington, NC.  In-kind sponsors have been generous and include CBS 10WILM, Sunrise Broadcasting and the radio groups of Sunny 104.5, Z 107.5, Jammin 99.9, 98.7 Modern Rock, ESPN Radio, Carrabba's Italian Grill, DogLiving Magazine, StarNews Media, Queensboro, PawPrints Magazine, Indian Springs Water Company, Port City Java and Dock Street Printing.  These donation help tremendously, but we also need financial sponsors that can help with the costs of providing services in our community.  Registration is open for the Walk and people are beginning to register and raise money.  Some of the folks are being quite creative like StarNews Media holding a pet photo session on February 4th at 11 am or Blissful Living challenging all their Facebook fans to donate just $5.00.    Our goal is to raise $60,000 that will help us provide service dogs to people who are waiting, continue to offer a comprehensive animal assisted therapy program for owners and their dogs to volunteer in the community and support our children through the Canines for Literacy program.   None of this can happen without funds to make it possible. 

Rick and Pat Hairston were recently invited to Ft. Myers, VA to share an afternoon with some of the countries bravest as we gathered to enjoy the American pastime of football. One of our clients, Leslie Smith and Service Dog Issac were on Days of Our Lives.  Canines for Veterans was recently honored as a finalist in the Joining Forces Community Challenge for our innovative program supporting military members and their families.  People can continue to help us with this honor by voting daily for as a the People's Choice.  Representatives of the organization will be invited to the White House to celebrate the honor of being a finalist later this spring.

Grant research and writing is in full swing with the hope of funding opportunities that will help us to continue our work.  The Harry Barker Canines for Veterans product line continues to gain attention in the retail world, Raising the communities awareness with attendance at upcoming events like the Conscience Fair in Wilmington on February 4th, Run for the Roses on February 12th in Raleigh, the Southeast Wildlife Expo in Charleston February 17-19th,  Coastal Living Show March 17-18th, the Walk on March 24th and a Pet Expo in Jacksonville, NC on March 31st.
Mickey's Pet Supplies is a online natural pet store based in Wilmington, NC
We carry the Harry Barker silhouette food and water bowls and are proud to be associated with a pet product that lends it's support to the Canines for Service.