Tuesday, November 13, 2012

7 Pet Safety Tips for Thanksgiving:

1. No turkey bones. Soft bones, like those in poultry, can splinter and cause obstructions in your pet's digestive system. If you want to treat your to turkey, give him some Kona's Chips Turkey Jerky instead.

2. Avoid giving raw scraps. Remember that raw or undercooked turkey can harbor salmonella, which can cause the same disastrous gastrointestinal affects in our pets as it does in us.

3. Keep chocolate far out of reach. It can be fatal to dogs. Chocolate cake, bowls of candy, or pieces dropped by guests or children, may pose a real risk to your pets. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. But any chocolate, in large enough amounts, can kill a dog. An ounce of chocolate can be toxic to a 30-pound dog, and many dogs can easily consume more than that.

4. Onions and herbs can be dangerous. Sage can make your Thanksgiving stuffing taste delish, but it and many other herbs contain essential oils and resins that can cause gastrointestinal upset and central nervous system depression to pets if eaten in large quantities. Cats are especially sensitive to the effects of certain essential oils.

5. Pitch it before the pooch gets it. After you've cleaned the kitchen, take the garbage out and dispose of it in a secure place where no pets can get into it.

6. Burn off some steam. Before guests arrive, it is a good idea to take your dog for a long walk or a play session to burn off some steam. Floppy dog toys, like those from West Paw Design, are especially fun and colorful, and will get the kids involved as well. 

7. Keep him distracted. Instead of having your dog whine and whimper through the Thanksgiving feast, give him something to do so that his mind and paws stay off your table. The Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug treat dispenser toy is a great way to stimulate your dog's mind and keep him satisfied.