Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free Range Moo bully sticks- Sale

Not all bully sticks are created equal. The Free Range Eco Naturals are far superior to any bully stick found anywhere.  These are the best bully sticks.
Free Range MOO Eco Naturals Braided bully stick
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Free Range Eco Naturals (MOO!) bully sticks come from the lush Pampas region of Argentina.
There the Angus cows naturally graze on the lush green grasses. They are not fed hormones, antibiotics or steroids, pesticides, animal by-products or anything artificial.
These bully sticks contain only one ingredient. Each of their products is individually sealed for freshness, not like other bully sticks that have been sitting in containers for months in unclean conditions.
You get what you pay for. The Free Range MOO dog chews are the best bully sticks available!

These cattle are humanely raised on ecologically responsible family ranches.

Caring pet parents choose these bully sticks because they are the most flavorful and natural of any bully stick.

Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection of all the Free Range Moo products and at the lowest prices.
You will find 5% and 10% discounts in bulk purchases on each of the bully sticks.
Choose from regular size (Select), thick size (Supreme) and the biggest stick on the market- The Super Monster bully sticks.

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