Sunday, November 23, 2014

Recommendations for The Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Tuffy Dog Toys
 Recommendations for indestructible dog toys for those of you with dogs that love to destroy plush toys doesn't come easy.
But, we do have a group of some of our favorites here at Mickey's Pet Supplies that we will recommend.
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West Paw Tux
The West Paw Zogoflex dog toys are all guaranteed to be super tough.  That means if your dog chews it up, we will replace or refund the toy. Their Zogoflex material feels more like a really tough rubber and their toys made of this really are tough!
They make the Hurley bone shaped toy, Tux treat dispenser, Toppl treat dispenser, Zisc frisbee, Tizzi bendable treat dispenser and Bumi stretchable toy. The great thing is that the Hurley's come in three different sizes to fit every size dog from the tiny ones to the big ones and they are made in USA dog toys!

Planet Dog Orbees have been tested and recommended for years by all the top dog trainers for their longevity in the tough toy category. They make their famous Planet Dog Orbee that has the world map on it, The Woof and Fetch Balls, Cosmos Luna and Sol, Diamond Plate Orbees and the Snowball ( which is very popular come Winter). Made in USA Dog Toys

The Megalast toys from JW Pet come in ball shapes and bones and these are all made in USA from non-toxic rubber. They are tough, colorful and have just the right amount of flexibility, meaning they are not too hard on the teeth and gums.
Made in USA Dog Toys

For Plush dog toys, we have found the Tuffy Dog Toys with their reinforced seams and 7 layers of stitching hold up nicely for a stuffed toy. Another great manufacturer is the Go Dog Toys.
Go Dog Toys- Penguins
They have toys that have a special tough layer underneath to help protect and save the squeaker.  Their squeakers are some of the best! They have a really great sound- strong and loud.

Kong durable rubber and plastic toys are fantastic.  We love the Extreme Kongs for those dogs that just love to gnaw. We carry the Extreme Kong in all sizes. Their Wobbler treat dispenser toy works great to keep any dog occupied. Just unscrew the bottom and fill with a tasty small size treat like Zuke's Mini Naturals or use as a Kibble Dispenser to slow down eating.

For dogs that love big balls, check out the Jolly Pets line. They make the Bounce and Play balls, Tug and Toss, and the Teaser Balls.

The Busy Buddy line of toys have been around for years and we first discovered them when they sent a Pogo Plush Ball.  It's really not a ball, but more like a flattened ball. Their Pogo Plush line have a bouncy, tough rubber frame
Busy Buddy Pogo Plush Inner Frame
buried beneath the fabric with the squeaker inside that.
We have had the Pogo Plush Ball for 4 years with our Lab, Nia and it has withstood the test of tugging, chewing and even machine washing! They make the Slap Happy with strands of faux wool for flapping around, a Beaver, Bunny and Ladybug- all with the same durability and even the Frizzle- a more furry version of the Pogo Plush Ball.
The Kibble Nibble, Tug-A-Jug and Magic Mushroom are treat dispensers that challenge and entertain. These also last almost forever because of the really heavy duty plastic they are made of.

Firehose dog toys are great for fetching and retrieving.  They stand up pretty well, unless you just leave the toy and let your dog chew forever on them. The Kyjen Hardcore Firehose Squeak and Fetch consists of a rubber lining underneath the firehose material. Katie's Bumpers has a made in USA line of firehose dog toys from Trainers to Double Tugs.  They have a huge following with the fetch and retrieval trainers because her toys are just the right weight, yet durable and very easy to spot.  They wash great and float!