Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review

The Drinkwell pet fountain has proved a huge hit with my four cats. I purchased the Drinkwell 360 as a test to see how my cats would adapt to drinking from a fountain.
Here is what happened: The first night my alpha male ocicat, Cody approached it with his ears forward and watched. After about an hour he started to bat at the water flowing from the top.
Next, his sister Kyla went up to it, looking very curious and watched for a while, then started to play with the water. The most interested was my oldest, Boston. He is an indoor-outdoor cat and is the most "seasoned" soul of all of them. He is like a big "Garfield" cat. We call him "Big Boss". He did like the others at first, but then I caught a glimpse of him, licking the falling water. He then started to play with the falling water, batting at it and then licking. Everyone is completely drinking from the flowing waterfall and sometimes at the circular holding tray. I am ordering the tray and wheat grass next. I really think this is a great product and is a must for any cat owner that has had any urinary tract issues with their cats. I have a small 9 1/2 pound grey cat, Mischa, that has kidney disease and felt this may help her live a longer life by encouraging more drinking. You can find this at my store- http://www.mickeyspetsupplies.com/