Friday, March 20, 2009

Michigan Humane Society Valentine's Telethon Saves Dying Kitten Named Glenn

Dying Kitten Found In Mailbox Gets Second Chance at Life Thanks to Michigan Humane Society Supporters Funds Raised by MHS 2009 Valentine’s Telethon to Help 2,500 Additional Animals
Today, life springs anew for a young, playful kitten; yet, only recently, it appeared that he had used the last of his nine lives. Just a few weeks ago, staff at the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) Detroit Center for Animal Care came face-to-face with yet another tragic story of animal cruelty, something MHS faces far too often.
In late January, a Detroit mailman received the shock of his life when he opened a mailbox and found an abandoned 5-month-old kitten. Given the kitten’s severe wounds, it appeared he had been attacked by a dog and stuffed in the mailbox to die. Badly injured and suffering large puncture wounds, frostbite, and significant internal damage including a collapsed lung, Glenn, who received his name after the Glenn Street mailbox he was found in, underwent life-saving surgery.
Glenn’s heart stopped once during the surgery, and he lost his ear tips and paw pads due to frostbite. After being touch-and-go for quite a while, the little patient has finally rallied and will soon be ready for a permanent, loving home.
“Weeks later, he acts like nothing ever happened and is as sweet as can be,” said Dr. Amy Koppenhoefer, the MHS veterinarian who performed the surgery and provided foster care to Glenn as he recovered. “I call him my miracle cat.”
This incredible story is just one of the many that happen at the Michigan Humane Society miracles that are made possible by the generous support of the local community that enables the organization’s life-saving efforts.
On February 12, the Michigan Humane Society’s 2009 Telethon, which aired on WXYZ-TV Channel 7, raised enough support to provide care for more than 2,500 abused, neglected and abandoned animals in need. With no federal or state funding, it is these donations that are critical to changing lives and providing animals like Glenn another chance at life.
“Glenn is a single face, but representative of the tens of thousands of animals who depend on MHS each year,” said Mike Robbins, director of marketing and communications for the Michigan Humane Society. “It is why MHS must be relentless in the pursuit of our mission and why each person who picks up the phone, donates online or writes a check has literally become a life saver.”
To make a donation to help the Michigan Humane Society care for additional animals in need, visit or call 1-866-MHUMANE, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.