Monday, March 19, 2012

Made in USA pet supplies

At Mickey's Pet Supplies we feel that supporting US workers is very important that is why most of our products are made in USA. 
Pet parents should understand that paying a little more for a product made here should be expected. After all, we must pay our workers a wage that will support them and their families. 
Planet Dog, West Paw Design, Doggie Styles, Animal Essentials, Arctic Paws, Cloudstar, Go Cat Toys, Happy Tails, John Paul Pet, Tomlyn, Kona's Chips, Overby Farms, Sam's Yams, Sojos, Zukes, Isle of Dogs, Jones, Smokehouse, Whole Life Pet treats, Wholesome Hide, some of Kong and JW pet are the companies that obtain all their products and manufacture all their products here in the United States.
Don't be fooled by companies that put stickers on their products that say manufactured in USA.  That doesn't always mean that their materials are sourced from the USA.  I have seen that many times on treats, especially.
We are always looking for more companies that produce their pet products here in the US.
There are a limited amount unfortunately.  It is definitely cheaper to pay workers overseas a very small daily wage to work in a factory than it is to employ a worker here in the US, so the biggest companies go that route. 
Support our country and buy made in USA pet products.
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