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Rawhide bones-Made in USA-Free shipping

Wholesome Hide rawhides are the highest quality rawhides available.
They are the only brand that Whole Dog Journal has ever recommended.
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Wholesome Hide rawhides are actually made right here in the USA- Chicago. They are certified made in the USA. They are the only rawhide company that is certified by USA certification and the only company that makes 100% of its production in the USA. It is common practice in the industry to mix import product with USA made product because import products are cheaper and more readily available. Unlike other certification entities, USA-Certification actually audits the supply chain to make sure all products are USA sourced and USA made. So, why is made in the USA so important? In Mexico, Brazil and China, hides are often brought into the urban processing plants after lying around in piles on rural farms for several weeks-unrefrigerated. These hides require a great deal of chemical processing to whiten and stabilize the deteriorated hides.
Wholesome Hide uses fresh hides that arrive in refrigerated trucks. They are naturally processed with fresh water to the get them ready to be made into dog treats. The hides are kept cold until they are cut, tied and put in the drying ovens. There are a lot of ways to cut corners when making rawhide treats. One is to stuff rawhide scraps and starch in the the bone to add weight. A lot of bones labeled made in USA found in the big box stores are simply a good looking shell of a very white rawhide that has a nice looking outside, but in fact when you open it, will find scraps of rawhide stuffed inside.
The Wholesome Hide rawhides are much more flavorful. They use fresh hides and water-based processing produces a rawhide chew that still tastes like natural hide. They are the ONLY company that keeps the tasty collagen layer intact. Their treats last longer. Because the composition of fresh rawhide is tougher than hides that have been chemically stabilized or split to increase yield. These bones are a longer lasting and a safer chew for your dog.
Not all Wholesome Hide rawhides look the same. They range in color from near white to golden tan and use no harsh chemicals in processing. Because these rawhides are made with fresh beef hide that is naturally processed, the thickness, color and texture of the hides vary depending on the breed of the cow. It depends even on the gender and season of the year. Not every piece is identical.
The reason why some import products have a uniform shape and white color is because they have been chemically stabilized, chemically beached and treated with titanium dioxide (an ingredient in white paint!)
One rawhide chew that is made just for aggressive chewers is the super thick 9-10 inch retriever roll.
This company is the only one that makes this double thick rawhide.
Dogs consistently choose these rawhides over imported chews. Dogs can taste the difference.
Why choose rawhide for your dog? It is only natural for your dog to enjoy chewing rawhide. After all, for centuries wild canines chewed on hides of the hoofed prey. Not only does it just "feel right" to your dog, chewing hide provides a natural cleaning action for teeth, exercise for gums, source of sport for puppies and just plain soothing for older dogs. Chewing on rawhide bones will help improve dental health by scraping away plaque.
Rawhide is high in protein, low in fat and has fewer calories per ounce than a typical dog biscuit.
You can satisfy your dog with a healthy treat that has many benefits and will not add to their weight.
A lot of people have asked- "Is rawhide safe for my dog?" Rawhide is one of the most natural things your dog can chew on. Dogs really have been chewing on hides for thousands of years. Not all rawhide is the same. Rawhide chews made in the USA with high quality U.S.A. beef hide are cleaner, thicker and more durable. That means your dog can spend more time wetting it down and tearing off smaller pieces than with other rawhide. When dogs chew on the thinner, chemically processed rawhide treats they can break off larger pieces of dry rawhide which can occasionally cause problems if swallowed.
This made in USA Company is the only rawhide that Whole Dog Journal has chosen to recommend.
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