Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dogs and Chewing-Dog Chews

Dogs have a natural desire and need to chew.
The question is: What can I give my dog that is safe and natural to chew on?

Natural parts from animals are the safest and most natural for your dog.
Bully sticks, Deer and elk antlers, cow ears, cow hooves, lamb ears, meaty bones and bare bones.
Rocky Mountain Elk Antlers 

We carry a large variety of odor free dog chews and all of our bully sticks and antlers are without any smell, chemicals or preservatives. 

Some people want an indestructible dog chew for their puppy or dog.
Unfortunately, ones that are indestructible are made of plastic or material that when chewed over time, accumulate in the intestinal tract. Veterinarians agree. Only give a natural dog chew.

You should ONLY give your dog a chew when you are there to constantly supervise- just like you would a small baby or infant.  You should never leave a puppy or dog alone with a dog chew or chew toy. 

Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection of dog chews of any store.
We choose only the highest quality dog chews. We are choosey pet parents and know that you are too.

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