Monday, July 30, 2012

Diamond Eye Tear Stain Remover- In Stock

We now have the Diamond Eye tear stain remover in stock at Mickey's Pet Supplies.
This is a wonderful and highly recommended tear stain remover, especially for dogs like Maltese, Pekingnese and Bichon Frise.
Vitacoat Diamond Eye tear stain remover removes those unsightly red tear stains like no other tear stain remover.
Vitacoat Diamond Eye is #1 recommended grooming aid by
breeders and groomers
for cleansing furrows around eyes
of dogs and cats
Direct from England and available for purchase now.
Call us at 877-863-5431 to place your order or visit us at
Use coupon code VTDIA for $1 off each Diamond Eye.  Coupon expires 8-05-12