Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Travel With A Dog

Summer is here and more pet parents are taking their dogs with them.  They are a part of our family.
Be sure you have all your necessities ready for your trip.
Some states do have laws about how your pet can travel with you.  New Jersey requires that your pet be harnessed or crated while traveling with you in the car.
If your dog does not have a microchip, consider having this done before you go.

Make sure you have a portable water bottle made just for your dog.  Mickey's Pet Supplies has a great stainless steel pet water bottle -This adorable puppy paw print bottle is the eco-friendly way to keep water handy for your pet.  The stainless steel bottle is BPA free and has a very unique stainless steel roller ball that releases water for your pet.
By inverting the water bottle, water will release when your pet licks the bottle.  The pet water bottle also comes with a handy caribbeener clip.  Recommended for cold water use only.
A folding food bowl is always a great item to have.  This is a stylish and convenient way to take your pets food and water with you wherever you go. It is collapsible and portable. Holds 24 oz of food or water. Colors are blue or green.
Make sure you have your dog's vaccination records with you.  Just in case you need to prove that your pooch is up to date on them.

If you are heading the beach, lake or river be sure to take some fun water toys for your friend.
Mickey's Pet Supplies has the largest selection of bright and colorful, floating dog toys from Kyjen, High Viz, Planet Dog and even the Clix training dumbbell.

If you are traveling with the airlines, call to find out what the weight restrictions are for in cabin travel. Delta requires a 10 day health certificate is required for International Flights; there is no cert required for domestic flights. The weight limit is 20  pounds including the kennel. Only 4 pets allowed per flight, so check ahead and confirm pet at reservation time.  There is no cert required for domestic flights. In February, Delta banned pets in the cabin in international business class. With the airline installing lie-flat seats in that section, space is limited for pet carriers under seats.
Southwest and AirTran Airways both allow crated pets in the cabin, but do not allow pets as checked baggage or cargo.
Note: Delta acquired Northwest Airlines.

America West/US Airways- The in-cabin weight limit is 20 pounds including the kennel that must be able to fit under the seat. Only 6 pets can be on board at one time. They are not allowed as cargo on any  flights. There are no reservations for dogs so they suggest arriving early.
Frontier Airlines-  Pets are allowed in cabins; they must fit comfortably in a 24 L”  X  15½” W  X  10” H; the fee is $75 each way in cabin –  The kennel in cabins must be able to fit under the seat, and be in either the aisle or center seats only.

Southwest- Dogs in cabin must fit in a carrier under the seat and be no heavier than 10 lbs. (not including kennel). Reservations with pets must be made by phone. The middle seats have the most room for pets at 19w x 8.25h x 19l

United/Continental-  Contact 800-575-3335 for the "PetSafe" desk; 30 day health certificate is required

American/American Eagle- Weight restriction is 20 lbs. A health certificate is required. No dogs are allowed on international flights or to Hawaii.
Jet Blue-  4 pets allowed per flight; 20 lbs or less (with kennel) in cabin. Pets cannot be booked online. Fee is $100 each way

Always call ahead at least one month in advance to find out more information with any airline you will be flying with.  Restrictions and information change frequently.