Sunday, July 8, 2012

West Paw Design Dog Toys

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Choose from unstuffed dog toys and the super tough dog toys made from Zogoflex.
All their toys are made right here in the USA.

The floppy toys are very popular because they are a no stuffing dog toy and are available in bright and fun prints. Choose from the brand new floppy dog, floppy giraffe or floppy quack. All are-available as a mini size for small dogs and large size for dogs over 20 lbs.

The Zogoflex rubber dog toys are super tough- Choose from the Bumi, Jive ball, Tizzi (Twiz), Hurley or Zisc.
Tizzi spirals through the air giving the time-honored game of fetch a dynamic new spin. Twist Tizzi's handles together for maximum flight or untwist to hide dog treats inside. Whether doggie playtime is on land or in the water, this floatable dog toy is ready for takeoff. It is a super tough dog toy.
A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc is a must-have toy for active dogs. More pliable than a hard-shell frisbee and faster than those made from fabric, Zisc is a perfect pick for trips to the park, yard or water. Flexible material makes this dog frisbee gentle on soft mouths and easy to pick up. In the world of frisbee-style dog toys, Zisc flies to the top. 

The Grizzly bear, Sequoia squirrel, Fred the Buffalo, SS-Stretch Snake, Tango White or Brown and Salsa dog toys.  Salsa is an energetic squeaky dog toy that also offers a soft, furry shoulder to rest on when the day’s done.  Don't let the soft, furry fabric fool you - this is one strong fabric dog toy!
Salsa has one squeaker in the body and one too in the arm.  Tango is made of faux fur and filled with recycled polyfill, two robust squeakers and long, lanky arms and legs make this monkey the ideal toy for any toy box! Dogs go crazy over Tango’s unique feel, tug toy capabilities and added squeak, which will captivate their attention for hours of playtime. Tug, shake and swing (preferably to a funky tango beat).
 West Paw Design S-S-Stretch snake dog toy is designed to stretch! Its long cylindrical body springs into action with the slightest shake of your dogs head. Made with  faux fur, recycled polyfill and robust squeaker, this snake looking dog toy knows how to grab your dog’s attention and hold it! Great for interactive play - while playing tug, watch how far this snake will actually stretch!  Strong fabric is surprisingly soft. The large size measures 35 inches. Small is 20 inches.

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