Sunday, July 29, 2012

Made in USA pet supplies

Let's face it, labor is cheap in China and so many companies here in the US have outsourced their production to China.  That doesn't mean we have to give up on supporting our companies here in the United States that DO make their pet products here.

Most are small, family owned businesses and we need to remember in order to keep jobs here, we must pay a little more for our dog treats and dog toys.  The cost of labor is definitely higher, so the price of products will cost more.  It is only logical.
Consumers must be willing to pay more for made in USA pet products.

At Mickey's Pet Supplies we proudly support those small companies.

You will find dog toys from Doggie Styles and Kitty too.  They are a small company based out of Vermont.  They hire home sewers that make all their toys.  The dog and cat toys are all very well made and we can attest, they are very durable too.

West Paw Design makes great dog toys and they are based in Montana.  They have durable rubber dog toys made from their Zogoflex material and plush stuffed and unstuffed toys.
Planet Dog Toys are also a US company.  They make very durable rubber toys for dogs.
We also carry a toy called Henry's Toy, which is made in North Carolina, our home state. 

All of the companies we choose to represent on our website are all generous supporters of animal rescue organizations.  They give back with foundations to national and local non-profits for animals.

Mickey's Pet Supplies has natural and healthy dog treats, dog bones and dog chews made in the USA.
You will find only the highest quality treats from companies like K9 Granola Factory, Plato, Zukes, Kona's Chips, Sojos, Arctic Paws, Cloud Star, Sam's Yams, Whole Life Pet, Cocotherapy, Overby Farms, Wholesome Hide rawhides, Jones Natural Chews, Merrick and Smokehouse Pet.

We also have our own brand of made in USA, odorless bully sticks with different thicknesses to choose from.  We are the only company that grades our bully sticks by weight.  That means that you get a dense chew, thus a longer lasting bully stick. Our Monster bully sticks are very popular with bigger, more aggressive chewers.

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