Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl-Slow Feeder & Puzzle

We found the coolest dog bowl ever! It is the Aïkiou bowl- (pronounced I.Q.)

This is not just another dog bowl. It is a feeding system and a Puzzle toy all in one.

It is completely dishwasher safe.

When using as a feeding system- There are seven separate sections under the center rotating panel and four sliding doors on the outside. The Aïkiou is approximately 14 inches in length and 12 inches at the widest area.

You fill the compartments with food and he will use his muzzle and paws to turn the center wheel and open the sliding doors to access the food that is hidden inside. The Aïkiou is suitable for all size dogs and cats. For those of you with big dogs, it has a 3 1/2 cup capacity.

The system adds a brain stimulating component to feeding, slowing down the rate at which your dog ingests and thereby reducing digestion problems.

Dogs need mental stimulation and this keeps your dog busy at mealtimes and working to get his food.

We personally have a Labrador Retriever, and left to it, she would gulp down her food every time, as if it was her last meal. That is just not healthy for their digestion and your dog could end up with bloat, a life-threatening condition.

Dogs have a need to "hunt" for their food, as their ancestors have done for centuries. The Aïkiou satisfies the natural instinct by having your dog seek and find his food or treats. The Aïkiou is the ideal tool to meet some of your dog's basic needs to search for his food and mental stimulation- necessary for his overall happiness.

As a Puzzle toy, simply put treats inside the 4 sliding outside cups and inside the rotating center disk and have your dog seek and find the treats. Increase the level of difficulty by putting treats maybe in every other of the 7 compartments in the center and then in only a few of the sliding doors on the "feet" of the bowl.
The Aïkiou is available in blue or pink.
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