Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day today! 40 years and going strong!!
What are you doing to help our earth stay green?
Here are 10 ways you can do to help keep our earth green:
1. Change all your light bulbs to CFL -An ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) will save about $30 over its lifetime and pay for itself in about 6 months. It uses 75 percent less energy and lasts about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb.
2. Scoop up your doggie doo in biodegradable poop bags
3. Give your pet a toy that is made to be recycled or is made of a recycled product.
4. Run your dishwasher less often and don't use the heated dry cycle.
5. Ride your bike instead of driving, carpool or take public transportation.
6. Use earth-friendly reusable totes for groceries instead of plastic or paper bags every time.
7. Recycle your plastics, metals, soda bottles and cardboard- Always!--Don't just put them in the trash bin.
8. Plant a tree- Join and get 10 free trees
9. Switch from regular paper towels and toilet tissue to recycled brands like Seventh Generation.
10. Drive slow and steady-Depending on your car, for every five miles per hour over 60 you drive, you sacrifice between seven and 23 percent of your fuel efficiency, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. In monetary terms, slowing down can mean saving up to 24 cents per gallon. That’s like getting a free gallon of gas for every 12 gallons you use carefully.
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