Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whole Life Pet Treats

We just started carrying the Whole Life Pet Treats at the recommendation of one of our customers. She and her friend have cats that just love them. We had some samples of these sitting on our counter in the kitchen.

This morning I woke up to find that the cats had chewed through the outside plastic and had dragged the bag onto the floor.

I have to tell you, my cats don't like most treats. I think the reason why these treats are so enticing is because they really are freeze-dried meats and fish and nothing else.

I've already opened up one bag of the chicken Whole Life treats and have been working on training with my dog, Nia. Cody, my ocicat will get right in Nia's face when I am rewarding her with these.

The Whole Life treats are Made in the USA and the meats used in our products are all raised in the United States. Their cod treats are from wild-caught fish. Their products are freeze-dried by the same facilities that freeze dry foods for human consumption and therefore under strict USDA inspection and supervision and each batch of product is submitted for micro testing prior to being used in production.

We are happy to carry the Whole Life pet products and know that your cats and dogs will love them too.

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